Use case/Requirements/Problem statement

  • Want to have a Quoting system for a subscription system,  
  • Volume upsells,  
  • contractual ramps,  
  • cross-selling new products. 
  • Generating various types/formats of quote documents for customers and Users 
  • Needed a security model for managing visibility over all users. 
  • Facing challenges to serve customers 


Managing the products in Zoura and installing Zoura app in salesforce 

  1. Generating a Purchase order of the Quote. 
  2. Customizing Zoura objects to accomplish the custom requirements. 
  3. Migrating the data from legacy system – Invoice IT to Zoura objects. 
  4. Customising product fields according to Infotrust Products 
  5. Configuring Zoura for sending the Quotes in various formats to various Users and Customers. 
  6. Setting up and customising Docusign App for getting the Quote digitally signed by the customer and Users. 
  7. Setup sharing of Objects and field visibility to show only relevant data to relevant users and hide sensitive data from specific users. 
  8. Configured Email to case for better service management.