Problem Statement

It’s a CheckMate is a Point of Sale system which integrates various ordering platforms directly to the customers POS.

It was been observed that having a huge pull of customer there was huge data coming in for more business and there was not any defined process for Lead capturing and connecting with the leads through any channel, and no process for connecting with customers who had an installations of the system, this was creating issues to maintain a happy customer relationship. 


It was proposed to have a Salesforce Solution implementation, which will serve the purpose of storing data and operating different subsidiaries of the franchise in a very sophisticated manner. 

The system was then automated which helped clients to take follow ups with their customers who needed renewal of the service from time to time automatically. 

Automatic follow ups were performed for the Lead in the pipeline, which was scheduled as per the client requirement which caused a huge cost saving as it turned down the human hours and the human error coming with it. 

A successful solution was implemented for the major issue of bouncing of emails which was causing pain in the process to the client, which helped them to reduce the manual efforts and costs. 

Automation was written to minimize the need to create and maintain the various forms of integration credentials for every Account. Like generating the endpoint url for each Account for integration. 

Bulk lead conversion was developed for ease of managing Leads and to save major time. 

Automated tasks were created for business users to nurture and manage the Accounts timely. 

Various reports and dashboard helped in having a 360 degree view of the whole system.