Problem Statement

Star Plus was using a paid Franchise Recruitment App which was not affordable and they wanted to create their own solution similar to Franchise Cloud Management Application. 

They were having different systems for different franchises and there was no automation and it was difficult to identify where the new franchise was opened. 


A Salesforce solution was proposed to Star Plus where they would be able to manage the franchise operations, Franchisee Relationship, and job allocation and management.

This solution would provide them with franchise operations like onboarding, training and compliance, simplify territory management to support the selling of new franchises and restructure territories as they change over time

This solution will provide them with managing the franchisor and franchisee relationships  by making it easy to keep in touch with franchisees , track communications and monitor franchisee performance.

This solution will also simplify the job management process for franchisees, while providing full transparency to the franchisor along with automating the process of allocating jobs, reducing manual handling and saving the time.