About Nexeo Plastics

“Nexeo Plastics” is a leading plastic resin distributor for customers and suppliers. Our team works every day to ensure you have the services you need, including a centralized business platform that provides material selection support, end-market expertise, technical assistance, 3D Printing services and supply chain solutions that can optimize your business. Explore our website to find the services that fit your needs.

“Nexeo Plastics” is a leader in global distribution of Plastics, Thermoplastic Resins. Also provide Plastic Resin Technical Services, Plastic Material Selection Support, Plastic OEM Services, Parts & Components, Plastic Application Development Engineering Services, Plastic Supply Chain Solutions, Plastics Transportation Services, etc. 


As “Nexeo Plastics” is spread across the world. EMEA, US, China, etc.  Hence approached  us to architect and work on some projects which business expected. As there are many business users spread across the world, Nexeo needed a support team to handle the Enhancements and issues in the system. Some of the major challenges are mentioned below.

  1. Nexeo is using the Classic UI of Salesforce which is not so scalable and robust.
  2. Nexeo was separated from Univar solutions and hence wanted the establish separate instances of all the systems the business is using.
  3. Nexeo Marketing users were facing challenges on recording, auditing and managing Marketing data across the organisation due to accessibility issue.
  4. In Summer ‘20 release Salesforce was to modify the guest user access and hence Nexeo was worried about the impact.
  5. Nexeo is still using old version of B2B web portal i.e Cloud craze(4.8). 
  6. Nexeo wanted to enhance some calculation algorithm for the Nexeo native tool – Nexprice, Target price calculator.
  7. Apex flash is being used in Nexeo Salesforce org and is to be deprecated soon.


Based on the many challenges  Nexeo is/was facing, we prioritized and categorized the list into Projects, Enhancements and support tickets. And accordingly architect them to scope the projects.Below are some of the solutions we worked and are working on against the challenges they faced.

  1. As Nexeo is using the Classic UI of Salesforce which is not so scalable and robust, we scoped to first move 1 geographical regioni.eEMEA to lightning as first step and Pilot project. For this we 
  • Updated all the VF pages used by EMEA business users to have lightning UX.
  • Migrated from the use of Attachment object to Files.
  • Created all the buttons as Quick Action as well.
  • Configured lightning record Pages.
  • Created utility Bar for all the options available in side bar component.
  1. Started with a Project Eagle to migrate all the integration of Salesforce to external system to new instances of Nexeo solutions. Both outbound and inboundconnections/ integration.
  2. Migrated the domain of the B2B web portal to new domain by updating domain setting and certificates.
  3. For Market intelligence, we created a custom object and configured the access using permission set so that by keeping the profile as is the users can have theneeded access. Like only authorized users will be able to add and update the data. And some other users will be able to only update few fields and cannotupdate all fields or create fields of this object.


  1. We consulted cloud craze and installed a B2B patch for B2B Cloud craze(4.8). And for other custom development wherever the guest user is accessing thedata, we updated it by introducing some sharing setting.
  2. We planned to upgrade B2B portal from 4.8(Cloud Craze)to 4.12(Commerce Cloud) and follow all the post installation steps to get to latest version of B2Bportal. Resulting we will get some more features like coupons, address pick-lists, Google Analytics, Reorder widget,etc
  3. Discussed and proposed most scalable and robust algorithm for the new calculations involving integration with SAP and implemented it.
  4. Updated references of flash tag to a workaround tostill keepit working in the desired way.




  • Turn around time cut down by 50% on every deal.
  • Revenue growth by 30%.
  • 360 degree visibility on every single transaction due to integration algorithm update.
  • Escalation rate went down by 40%.
  • Improved performance of  EMEA Lightning business users by 20%.
  • Started saving around 260 hours per week of tracking data on multiple systems.
  • Report helped in tracking the SLAs, Sales figures, competitor impact, etc. Hence decision making

Integrations with Salesforce.com

  • SAP
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Qlikview
  • Zilliant
  • Connixiom
  • AWS

Reviews Client received after Cloufi designed the solution to address all the bottle necks were very positive, creating repeat customers.

I had a five sided box created by Nexeo with very specific dimensions and all inside joints reinforced with 1/4″ square rods for added strength and durability. I met Nexeo Rep to discuss all requirements beforehand. The piece was ready on time as promised and is performing perfectly for it’s intended purpose. If you have custom designed requirements for your plastic needs, meet with the staff at Nexeo Plastics!” Phyllis M

I purchase all types of plastic from Nexeo for my glass shop. They do great work, their customer specific prices are very fair, and they are very accommodating. They are definitely my go to place for projects big and small.” – Bruce Macin

All I have to say is that these guys got it together. I had this little problem to take care of, and these guys just took care of it with class and respect. Everything’s now back to normal and things are almost back to normal. – Paul Candy

I have done business with Nexeo for past many years. They do great work. They are reasonable people. And they are a pleasure to work with because they are knowledgeable, competent and most importantly, cooperative. ” – Randy Epner

Nexeo helped procure the best plastic for my product which was meant to operate under volatile temperatures. Nexeo also had this covered and even helped me understand the basic principles and properties I should be looking for. Although they cost more than using an overseas supplier, I’m really happy to work with these guys.” Michael Sweigart