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Salesforce Admin Workshops

Jan 9th, 2021



8:30PM IST

11:00AM EST | 8:00AM PST 


If you’re looking to build a prosperous career in the Salesforce ecosystem, becoming a Certified Salesforce Administrator is one of the most tried-and-true first steps. But, before you embark on this journey, it’s important to know what to expect, where to begin. This infomation will serve as an overview for those curious about becoming a Salesforce Admin.

What are their Core Responsibilities

Salesforce is a dynamic tool that requires a skilled and versatile Salesforce Admin to manage it – especially for enterprise companies. Salesforce Admins are the lead for several core business processes, including running reports, implementing integrated technologies, managing and setting permissions and maybe even training new end-users.

Skills Salesforce Administrators Need to Succeed :

  • Salesforce Skills
    It’s no surprise that being a Salesforce Admin requires Salesforce skills! In order to excel in this role, there are four core responsibilities that Salesforce Admins need to learn and master :
    • User Management
    • Data Management
    • Security
    • Actionable Reporting
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Industry Skills

The role of a Salesforce Admin is the most important in any Salesforce project.

Naturally, the importance of the role leads to an equally important Salesforce course for training on Techila Academy. If you are willing to flex your leadership skills and create a balance between creativity and technical know-how, this is just the course for you.

The Salesforce Admin workshops are aimed at training aspirants in assuming the role of an administrator, which is an all-rounder in an organization. This Salesforce course would prepare you to obtain a Salesforce Admin Certification.

By opting for this Salesforce training course, you will be trained in developing a range of skills, including:

This course is currently live on Techila Academy which started from the 5th of September, 2020 (8:30 PM IST/11:00 AM PST), and contains 10 sessions.

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Salesforce Admin 1st Session

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Chitiz Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Ajai Kumar

Salesforce Admin Specialist

Ongoing Courses



Salesforce LWC Development Workshops

Sept 12th, 2020



10 Sessions


8:30PM IST

11:00AM EST | 8:00AM PST 


Live Class (Online)


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