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Reach out to your B2C prospects, convert leads, and create seamless marketing campaigns by hiring the best Marketing Cloud Consultants in the industry. Marketing Cloud is a platform that helps organizations market their offerings to their business clients and establish healthy B2C relationships. It provides users with advanced and automated tools to create robust marketing campaigns across channels and manage sales leads with ease and efficiency. A Marketing Cloud Consultant helps you optimize the Marketing Automation platform to obtain the best results out of the same. Right from implementation to

operation, a Marketing Cloud expert guides users in navigating through the platform and attaining their marketing goals in the best way possible.

Marketing Cloud Consultants are the all-rounders when it comes to providing their services. They possess both technical and managerial expertise to help their clients make the most of the automated platform and utilize its tools to obtain the desired results. If you are looking for a certified Marketing Cloud specialist who could serve as your single-point contact whenever you need any help regarding the platform, you have landed just the right page! We help you hire a skilled and dedicated Marketing Cloud on an immediate basis with a few simple clicks.

Important Considerations Before Hiring A Marketing Cloud Consultant


Usage Of The Platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fairly vast and elaborate platform with a number of tools. Its usage is often different for different organizations. Before you go ahead with hiring a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, it is important to clearly define its usage for your company, taking into consideration the different studios, integrations, data models, and automation

Competency Of Your In-house Team

The decision of hiring a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant depends a lot on how competent your in-house team is. If your employees are not capable to handle the marketing automation platform in an optimum manner, you need a consultant who is capable of multitasking and handling several processes simultaneously.

Your Expectations From The Professional

Different Marketing Cloud professionals have different areas of expertise. Your decision of hiring a Marketing Cloud Consultant should be based on what you expect them to contribute to your company. It is advisable to clearly define which areas you need them to excel at technical proficiency, managerial skills, effective communication, etc.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Marketing Cloud Consultant

Roles And Responsibilities

Working With Salesforce Connector

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant works effectively with Salesforce Connector to help you implement and/or configure the marketing automation platform.

Lead Management

A Marketing Cloud Consultant helps you in gathering, scoring, and nurturing sales leads gathered from various sources on a single unified platform. Their responsibilities also include designing personalized solutions revolving around streamlined lead management.

Selecting The Right Tools For The Right Marketing Processes

A Marketing Cloud Consultant is required to help users select the right tools or studios for carrying out the right processes. Essentially, this depends on the kind of marketing campaign the organization is willing to create.

Communicating Project Outcomes

Marketing Cloud Specialists assist you and your team in communicating relevant project outcomes to the client-side stakeholders. The expertise of a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant ensures effective and professional communication within the organization.

Optimizing Solutions In Email Studio

A skilled and dedicated Marketing Cloud Consultant is required to design and implement solitons in Email Studio based on the specific needs and requirements of the organization.

Designing Automated Customer Journeys

The Marketing Cloud professionals are required to design automate and personalized customer journeys across multiple platforms, including web, email, mobile, and social media. They also shoulder the responsibility of helping their clients make the right decisions in creating the buying journeys of their customers.

Discussing KPIs And Performance Metrics

On the basis of your marketing campaigns, a Marketing Cloud Consultant discusses all relevant KPIs and performance metrics your team should focus on. This provides you with a sense of direction and kickstarts your marketing campaign across multiple channels.

Analyzing Email Studio Reports

Based on the email marketing campaigns designed and implemented by the users, a Marketing Cloud Consultant analyzes the reports created using Email Studio. These reports help the sales/marketing reps and the management make sense of the processes undertaken by the company and match the same with their initial marketing plans.

Undertaking Third-party Integrations

Marketing Cloud Consultants play an important role in carrying out third-party integrations between the marketing automation platform and a range of suitable applications.

Participating In User Adoption

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant takes an active part in helping new users adopt the platform. They conduct extensive user training and help your team members in getting on board in a systematic manner.

Keeping A Track Of Project Deliveries

A Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant is responsible for tracking the deliveries of all your marketing automation projects within a fast-paced environment. They make sure that the projects are delivered on time and implemented in the desired manner.

What Should You Look For In A Marketing Cloud Consultant?

What Should You Look

Although there are no standard qualification requirements for the position, here are some of the key criteria that you should focus on for hiring a Marketing Cloud Consultant:

  • Proficiency in working with a range of clients for creating personalized customer journeys and data models.
  • Hands-on experience in working on different Marketing Cloud Studios, especially Journey Builder, Content Builder, Email Studio, Automation Studio, and Mobile Studio
  • Being well-versed with building a custom preference center
  • Understand of and the ability to create relevant data models
  • Ability to work with APIs and configurations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • A thorough understanding of more than one of the six programming languages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud HTML and CSS, AMPScript, SSJS and/or JavaScript, SQL, and Guide Template Language
  • Hands-on experience of working with other Salesforce offerings, especially Sales/Service Cloud and Salesforce Communities
  • A can-do attitude and the ability to become a good team leader
  • Effective communication skills for explaining complicated aspects to the clients in a simplified and understandable manner
  • Experience in advanced platforms such as Informatica, Datorama, Jitterbit, Talend, Dell Boomi, Interaction Studio, Advertising Studio, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, etc.
  • Experience in using Google Analytics 360 and PPC Advertising
  • Being an active member of the Salesforce Trailblazer Community
Major Industries For Hiring A Marketing Cloud Consultant

Major Industries

Real Estate

A capable Marketing Cloud Consultant allows real estate developers to market their projects and acquire leads across different platforms. They help businesses in tracking the journeys of their clients from being prospects to loyal customers.


eCommerce ventures can take the help of a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant in promoting their offerings across multiple platforms. They help businesses in obtaining valuable insights by keeping a track of their customers/prospects behavior.

Retail And Manufacturing

A Marketing Cloud Consultant helps businesses in the Retail and Manufacturing sector reach out to their end customers across different channels. They help organizations in creating powerful and targeted marketing campaigns based on the needs and preferences of their potential customers.

IT And Telecom

Marketing Cloud Specialists assist you and your team in communicating relevant project outcomes to the client-side stakeholders. The expertise of a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant ensures effective and professional communication within the organization.

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