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Mean Stack Development Services


In the recent years, MEAN Stack has been quickly picking up prominence because of its characteristic adaptability and the straightforwardness it conveys to the JavaScript advancement. Today, it is one of the quickest developing JavaScript frameworks and is being utilized by a great by many engineers to make top-notch web applications.

As the cutting-edge technology, Mean stack, a java based platform enables you to build high functionality web apps without any hassle. It helps you to develop robust industry-specific applications.

At Techila Global Services, our group of MEAN designers is putting its broad JavaScript expertise to use by building adaptable and proficient web applications that utilization JS on both the customer and the server side. Utilizing this cutting edge technology, we have assembled an assortment of uses running from mobile and web portals to interactive social networking portals. By utilizing our development services, our worldwide customers have possessed the capacity to definitely diminish their time to Market.

Our MEAN Application Development Services and Our MEAN Stack improvement administrations are a mix of powerful, yet adaptable and adaptable dynamic JS based advances, including –


MongoDB is a powerful, document oriented NoSQL database which facilitates rapid development and flexibility. MongoDB not only supports JSON natively, but also represents data in a fashion which ensures any JavaScript can detect it easily.


ExpressJS is a stable online and web application development NodeJS framework. It allows us to craft beautiful and responsive web interfaces which are not only user-friendly but also provide robust feature sets for single-page and multi-page hybrid web apps.


AngularJS, intitally developed by Google, enables us to extend complete HTML vocabulary support for your web apps, thereby facilitating fast front-end development.


NodeJS, a highly efficient platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, is more than a simple web server equipped with integrated features. NPM, the NodeJS package manager, is fast, robust, and highly flexible, ensuring our developers can easily specify and install project dependencies.


  • Web Services and API Development
  • Android Application Development for Enterprise
  • CMS Development
  • Personalized Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • MEAN Stack Web Development
  • Migration and Porting using MEAN stack
  • ERP Development
  • Personalized Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • eCommerce Development

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