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Salesforce Classic To Lightning Migration

Salesforce lighting launched three years ago. It is the ultimate software with a new robust feature that improves its productivity. The classic salesforce lighting helps to sell in a faster and easier way. It has been based on cloud technology so that it can make more important decisions. Salesforce lighting software gives you direction to improve your CRM into your company's future.

Though there is no limitation put on the migration; because it is axiomatic that Salesforce classic is never going to see anything happening on its new platform, along with new Salesforce, customers can put lighting on its own. It will be clear to say that those who are migrating and those who are coming new can have the most exceptional resource from the salesforce classic.

This article is for salesforce classic software users who desire to migrate to lighting but don’t know that it will be beneficial to them. This article gives you full in-depth detail about salesforce classic to lighting migration.

Following are some points that you should consider before you start migrating from salesforce classic to lighting.

Salesforce Classic To Lightning Migration

Classic To Lightning

Know Your Needs

The first step you should take is to calculate whether salesforce classic can fulfil all the requirement of your company. Check if it has made the task of workflow and processes more manageable for your company. Is there any improvement in productivity, and will it facilitate productivity amplification.

These are the essential questions you need to ask your company and its employees before migrating. If you get all answered with “yes,” then it is the right time to migrate from salesforce classic to lighting. Nevertheless, salesforce classic is not going to get any updates in the future, or you can say that you will get not any improvement and have to use the same thing always.

Therefore you can consider this reason for salesforce classic to lighting migration. Even that, if you are fed up with your current CRM system or if your CRM system is failing to meet your company’s needs, it is making your workflow and process hard and affecting your company’s growth. Then, it is the right time for gathering all the necessary information about Classic and lighting.

Defining And Analysis

In this phase, you will understand what characteristics of classic your company needs and what are the lightning’s new features that will change the mode of your organization and process of function. Your depth analysis should able to get the answer to these following questions.

  • Is any new lightning’s feature that classic software does not keep up with?
  • Without these new features, can your company go to its sales activity?
  • How much does your company grow in past years and is classic able to compete with the needs of regular growth of the organization?


If your analyzing process tells you that lightning would be better than Classic for your organization, then it is the right time to test the user interface of lightning.

You could do this by creating a group or team to work on lightning software for some days, and compare their feedback and information with the next team’s reaction.

Do a deep comparative examine between your analyzing process and their feedback. You can show them how it likes to work on lightning.

You Need To Check On Lightning Experience Assiduity

If the basic examine of lightning software does not give clear indication among you and your group of the team, or it shows any positivity, then you can take the step for lightning experience assiduity check. It is an appropriate tool to know whether your organization is ready to use the lightning instead of Classic.

The assiduity check tool is designed to offer you a simple and easy way to understand assiduity report such as you may know which users are ready to use lightning. You will know in which area there is need to pay attention to.

What great about assiduity check is that it is unveiled that if your organization is not ready to use lightning, then it will provide some option by which you can fix the problem. You can start to work on the issue immediately, and once it is solved, you can check again that you are prepared to use the lightning experience.

Gathering People Altogether

Gathering everyone together is a significant challenge. As when the users are told to move from an old user interface to a new one, they may feel discomfort or may not accept the changes in it. You should work as a leader to arrange the task and needed resources for the process of migration. Secondly, use the team of users that are using lightning from way before; this might help you to ease your task of migration. Use their personal experience and feedback of the time of test with lightning experience Assiduity. Show them how lightning is better than Classic in terms of company growth. Work till the time when all users start agreeing to go from Salesforce classic to lightning migration. During the time, pursue the work of educating and train them with complete support. And also create continuous familiarity and a similar feeling of comfort with the new user interface.

Use Power User TO Test Lightning

Before rolling out lightning to everybody, it is necessary to test it on power users. Start rolling out the lightning one at a time; this will let you know if there is any issue in classic to lightning migration. Your productivity will not drop, and you will understand what actually everybody needs from the new user interface.

Start collecting report from the power users, make changes, and launch out the updated lightning. Follow the process again, and again this will help you to Salesforce classic to lightning migration while maintaining the productivity of the company. If by mistake, you launch it to all the users together, then you may face the problem of causality and discomfort among its users.

Write Document Of Everything You Have Done

When you start the process of Salesforce classic to lightning migration, make sure that you have the necessary documentation for the steps with which you can undergo the task very smoothly. Don’t let the productivity stops you from finding a disapproving information piece.

Write down all the process and workflow that you have gone through while performing the task and start building detailed documents on it. These details will help other developers and users to make any necessary changes or to make an update in the migration process.

Everybody has his style of making documents, but for a legally approved certificate, it is mandatory to create a live report while the process is going on. This will help you not to forget any process of the workflow which you might forget while making the document afterward.


After analysis and training when you think all the users of the team are ready to accept the lightning over the Classic then start the process of Salesforce classic to lightning migration.

Also, it is mandatory to keep the contact details of Salesforce Expert with you so that when there is any case of emergency you can immediately call for the help and he/she take quick action to help you out of the issue or problem.

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What Is Salesforce Classic?

Salesforce Classic

Before everything, you need to know what is lightning in Salesforce. You know technology has modified in making and building. Today everyone can become a builder whether by using 3D modeling for physical products, homemade movies, or develop any website. So that is why application development is more approachable. Lightning software is an application development platform that creates building application more accessible, faster, and fun. The lightning empowers the new generation of application maker in the Business to join IT and twist their ideas into working application that change business. The lightning platform is that solution with which you can do better Business and make your company more productive. You can build a better application with lightning software.

Is The Lightning Platform Really Fast?

Lightning Platform

The lighting software is high-speed; create a building application incredibly fast at each stage of application development. They use too much quick process such as from designing to testing and then publishing. It is also fast in managing application after posting. If you think that is not enough for you, then have you ever heard about AppExchange software? It has the world’s fastest pre-built application ecosystem. Salesforce classic is so easy to use. They have reduced complexity in complicated application building technology service. So the question is, how do we use it, we need software for building automation, globalizing, process automation, reporting, and many more to scandalize. The lightning integration tool connects you to everything. Salesforce classic doesn’t just give the developer a canvas and also ensure them to use their imagination power to make an application. We plan everything before the physical process.

What types of application build on the lightning software platform?

Types of application

Here you can build any types of application for transforming your company. You can make an app for a company like sells, accounting, development process, and financial service. Lightning software is beneficial for your business growth. The Seagate is building their applications on lightning and making personalized journeys. We have reduced hundreds of spreadsheets in one app. And we have considered that we ensure you to drive the same productivity on desktop and mobile as well

Salesforce Classic Vs. Lightning

Salesforce Classic Vs. Lightning

You know that Salesforce has the world’s most prestigious name in CRM (customer relationship management). Salesforce offers the world’s most powerful customer relationship management software. Its application and customizability are perfectly excellent. Salesforce provides its customizing process to allow the customer to select from two user interfaces. As their name show, salesforce classic is the original version of Salesforce, and now it has become most up to date version of Salesforce. Lightning is the new version of UI that has been completely changed the experience of salesforce software. If you have not taken Salesforce yet, then you should check the new lightning version because it is offering you the best modern feature with the newer version. If you have been using Salesforce for a few long times, you will possibly upgrade your salesforce software from classic to lightning. It will give a smoother workflow. I know some may stick with the older version of Salesforce that is classic software; if it is working well, and then you don’t need to take the risk of losing your comfort zone. You can find all the new feature of Salesforce in lightning UI. Salesforce classic exists largely for people and companies those who cannot make the switch very quickly as these are a very large group of people and company or maybe due to some problem like customization, workflow, and just some general difficulty. It is not possible to make a big switch with thousands of user.

Salesforce Lighting VS Salesforce Classic: – Which One Is The Best For The User

Which One Is Best

If you have already used Salesforce and your team is most likely well-known with Classic, then it would be a great advantage for you and your team if you are coming back to Salesforce. Your team is focused on getting up soon. But you need to keep in mind that it is only a short term solution for using lightning UI quickly. Because you might find out that Salesforce automatically turns you to lightning after some weeks on Salesforce classic software.

For the enormous majority of the customer, lightning is the most effective to go, mainly if your company is new for salesforce software. The lightning interface is much more intelligible faster because it is the future of salesforce software. If you choose Classic, then be aware because there is a little determination about its future.

Salesforce did not announce an end date of classic support. The online rumors say that Classic will be available for around for few more years, you know that Salesforce always chooses to exit attribute gaps and it keeps continue to support big enterprises. There is no guarantee when what can happen, therefore you need to make your decision wisely. It would be difficult to get settled on classic software only for a few years and then migrate to a new platform.

Ultimately the new customer will stick with lightning software, but Classic have much more advantage. If you are working on Salesforce for a more extended period of time, then you should go to salesforce representative to know about all the features of new UI.

What is salesforce lightning

Though we have been talking about salesforce lightning software, it is much more than that. It is a framework that the software developer uses to make salesforce interface application. It is always available for the third party that is you can also build and customize the tool for CRM platform. The lightning UI is a modern web UI with accessible text. It has an icon and graphics that allows users to take a snapshot of the organization. You can find a dramatic difference between Home tap interfaces of the new UI. It is the most crucial advantage that it gives you several realistic charts and list to tell you what your company positioned in the market. Classic is focused on the importance of notification and a new style of home tap. That will show your company’s latest post and emails very easily and quickly.

Salesforce Lightning and Einstein Integration

Einstein AI is a vast selling function for the lightning software interface. The AI software is automatically tackling infrastructure, modeling, data interpretation update, which is needed to ensure that your company is updated to face real situation. It will integrate whole lightning interface software. The dominant application with abilities as image recognition, and it will tell you what next action for your company growth. Salesforce classic has some integration for Einstein AI software, but lightning software has more opportunity like sells, account interface, automatic contacts. It has a boot feature that gives the ability to boot the system.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud carries a sleek pre-built Einstein Analytics application about which both consultants and administrators wonder. Organizations can interpret their business books efficiently and immediately define actions to boost up AUM. It seems fabulous, right? In addition to being a data aggregator, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps in bringing everything into the correct setting, places the customer at the core of everything, and turns the things easily manageable for consultants to quickly take smart and active decisions. For a lot of financial management startups, we must say, “Of course this is the right path to go”; for others, there are a few due diligence that requires to be performed before moving ahead or choosing to create an entirely new org. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while making your mind to shift your existing financial infrastructure to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. We are here to make you aware of all these things to consider, let’s have a look at these all:

Salesforce lightning software benefits

Salesforce lightning software benefits

If you are comparing the most crucial feature between lightning and classic software, they are likely hitting moving target with new addition update all the time. There is a list of lightning benefits, and you should have a look at the list and clear yourself about lightning software.

Home Feature

It has an excellent interface providing software for customizing dashboard, event, calendar, but only lightning software has new news, keys point deals, and condition or performance charts on the home page screen.

Activity Timeline Feature

Lightning has one more great feature that is it maintains the timeline. It helps you to manage your event and account history of activity for every lead, but classic doesn’t support this feature..

Working Layout Feature

Lightning let allow new users to create a new type of page, and it is offering you easy maintenance of application page to home to record page customization. While classic software doesn’t give you all page but one basic page.

Is Salesforce Classic Lightning Software Inefficient?

Classic Lightning Software

Are you condused about what is lightning in Salesforce and how efficient it is? No, salesforce lightning software is not more expensive than classic software. Cost of both the interface software is the same, and there are other benefits that long-time customer of classic software can switch to salesforce lightning software without pay for the license.

The salesforce classic to lightning migration will increase due to some additional costs like the customer will require some other training program.

Now we will discuss some in and out of classic salesforce software and know-how the lightning software is much better than salesforce classic.

What Are The Top Challenges In Migration Salesforce Lightning

Top Challenges

The use of lightning software is on the rise these days because businesses are becoming possibly aware of the bigger benefit it provides. Salesforce lightning software can drive productivity faster in the market right now. But first, you have to consider that what are the big challenges faced while migrating from classic to lightning software.

As a Salesforce consultant, we are moving to have feedback from several companies about the new salesforce force software (lightning). This article highlights the top 6 challenges that you must consider before Salesforce classic to lighting migration. This article will also cover and provide recommendations for you. That will help to overcome these challenges.

High Customization In Classic Software Will Work Against The Benefits Of Lightning Software

Salesforce provides excellent flexible working to customize its service and fulfill the specific company’s needs. Classic is no exception. If you have very big-scale salesforce classic software development, then you have a great opportunity. You can do your high degree of customization by using its best features. You can customize the salesforce lightning software including objects, component to a visual page, and home screen also. You can customize all the things in the new lightning version according to your company’s needs.

It has a new option in the salesforce lightning, and you can take snapshots of various activities for your future consult. These profits of customization may lead you to get your desired achievements in the growth of your Business.

We recommend you to consider some point.

  • Check before migrating what the customization process in the classic software is.
  • Do you need all customization in the salesforce lightning software for your business growth.
  • Does salesforce lightning give some extra customization tool instead of Classic.
  • Does it perform and optimize well in working condition.

Salesforce Lightning Issues May Slow Down Its Performance And Efficiency

According to a recent survey, almost 60% of salesforce users voted that productivity is an only important aspect for them to switch to lightning software.

This might only lead to performance issues, like a weak response from the main home page, higher loading time, and difficult navigation system. These issues will have a direct impact on the customer experience, and also this may lead to a fall in productivity.

Recommendations: It is essential to run an analysis check from Salesforce ORG to investigate and identify all performance issues before getting lightning software.

It allows you to do a full assessment to know useful component, and this will help you to solve every problem regarding the performance.There is a list of some useful tool.

  • Tool report on ORG health
  • Data dashboard.
  • Code analysis tools for performance issues

Best Adoption Of Latest Features

Salesforce lightning is a future platform that gives you almost 850 ways to increased your productivity. You can use these entire new features or use the feature which is most relevant to your business or organization. It gets even difficult to find out which feature is most appropriate for your business industry. These all-new features will not slow down your productivity but also put a significant impact on user experience.

Recommendation: You can maximize your return by adopting low-up approach with a new design and thinking of a leading solution. This will help you to achieve your business goal and your desired experience. During the process, it is difficult to access to your sells and marketing. This salesforce lightning will make your Business’s productivity fast and light.

Business And End-User Policy

The success of any business platform is as good as its adoption and integration from salesforce classic to salesforce lightning.

But you have to keep in your mind that your team might be right about learning and performance issues.

This is the truth that sudden and vast change is likely to be uncomfortable for new customers.

Recommendation: Here you can look at the persona and thinking a design-led approach that will provide you to do the analysis that is most essential migration.

Slow In The Time Market

Several companies tend to make a vast hype on new lightning software once you make a decision of migration. The hype is the only the right thing to motivate the client to adapt big change. Actually, the main task implementation takes more time that discontinues whole enthusiasm.

Recommendation: Several companies tend to make a vast hype on new lightning software once you make a decision of migration. The hype is the only the right thing to motivate the client to adapt big change. Actually, the main task implementation takes more time that discontinues whole enthusiasm.

What is the salesforce classic software?

Salesforce classic software

Till the salesforce lightning software release, salesforce classic software was the addition of the CRM platform. When you visit the salesforce classic, you can find that it is not a web UI. It’s complexity with text, and graphic icon proves you that working with Classic is good but paid. The graphic of the Classic is typically smaller and doesn’t display in high resolution. The text of classic software is also very small as compared to lighting software. And modern monitor has a vast amount of unused space in the dashboard. During work, you will feel everything short and confined. The overall result is that Classic is not too easy to absorb all needy information speedily also the interface and navigation in Classic can be clunky.Salesforce classic mostly necessary for a long-time client who is not ready to move into new interface software, new users migrate with lightning by default option, which is established up right corner into the lightning software. Some companies are seemed to assume that Classic is a much better suite.

Migrating From Salesforce Classic To Salesforce Lightning Software Experience

Everybody knows that every software and vendor have to make and launch a successful application. No one wants to lose in the sea of competition where everyone gives their hard performance to see their comapny in the best version. We know that Salesforce is a big name in the CRM industry just because of its products and service.

Salesforce design its software and products in a very easy way with the best configuration. Recently Salesforce came up with its new software platform known as salesforce classic that many of us use right now. The classic interface looks easy to run and compatible with industry growth.

In 2015, Salesforce Company decided to launch a new version of Salesforce with name as salesforce lightning software. It has another name that is salesforce lightning experience. Lightning software is a new generation product that will give you a great design interface and help your sells team to make sell faster and quicker. It also supports your team to close case more quickly in comparison to the previous version. You can use several tools of lightning software to speed up your productivity.

The mobile influences many people in the way of their working. Also now salesforce user and representatives use mobile phones to handle customer. They can easily make a deal through mobile and connect to social customers. This is a fundamental reason that Salesforce synced with the mobile version.

Everything good in salesforce lightning

The salesforce lightning offers you much more natural customer experience rather than that of salesforce classic software, but it might take some time to adjust user experience in the lightning software. But the advantage of waiting in lightning software is worthwhile. Salesforce lightning experience is faster, quicker, easy to customize, and also easy to maintain.

With every release of new lightning, software updates its user experience is getting better day by day. For example, when it’s first launched, side navigation of lightning software can’t be customized. Now you can use drag and drop feature in the updated lightning platform. In this new update of salesforce lightning, you can customize the navigation bar and whole page infrastructure.

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