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Tenants and clients today are mobile, social, and connected, and they anticipate responsive 1:1 connections. Salesforce For Real Estate is intended for property managers, developers, and investors who look forward to automating their association with tenants and clients.

Salesforce Property Management, a cloud-based CRM tool helps varied real estate agents businesses in tracking different information about residential and commercial properties.

Real Estate

Salesforce Property Management has powerful tools to remain associated with clients and tenants continuously, support further connections, track key data about business and residential properties, including occupancy rates, essential tenants, and revenue and take your productivity, and business growth, to the next level.

Techila Global Services Is The Pioneer In Offering Salesforce For Real Estate, A Solution Tweaked For The GCC And Based On The World’s #1 CRM Stage,, Permitting Your Group To Associate With Their Clients In a Radically New Manner.


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Our Offerings

Lease Management

Keep up a solid association with tenants and clients with coverage of all perspectives of their tenure contracts, units, and other data. Monitor client communications and renting administrator’s exercises and work status continuously,salesforce lease management.

  • Keep track of tenancy contracts.
  • Full inventory administration by unit, floor, building, and any chain of command.
  • Capture and oversee client demands.
  • Track well ordered activities in light of inner and outer SLAs.
  • Notifying clients.

Receivables Management

Never miss an installment due with the Receivables Management Module. Create invoices and also track installments in light of predetermined or individual tailored installment plans.

  • compute installments all through the client lifecycle automatically.
  • Track installments and overdue progressively and Generate invoices.
  • Send clients automated payment notifications.

Sales And Marketing

Moreover, it allows catching and tracking prospects through the Sales cycle. Get to alarms, allot work and collaborate together with colleagues all from the Salesforce Development platform. Followed by the point that we can sustain further connections by remaining in contact with proactive tracking and occasion alerts that remind you to connect when clients require you most.

  • Full client profile and categorization by size and different properties.
  • Legal formalities such as document generation similar to offers and reservation form from a single click.
  • With Outlook and Google Mail, synchronized Activity administration and email track.
  • Rich, real time reports and dashboards.


Assessments of facilities continuously with a devoted application for Android and iOS tablets, comprising of GPS coordinates camera integration, and offline or online synchronization through GPRS or Wifi.

  •  Statement generation of Client’s account automatically.
  •  Grant access to data on tablets and phone to field investigation staff.
  •  Capture investigation data in light of pre-outlined agendas.
  •  Track areas, times, and length of assessment through GPS.
  •  Issue fines, notification, or notices on the spot utilizing compact Bluetooth printers.


Remain consistent with full KYC data and legitimacy, inclusive of point by point data yearly or more several times. With the usage of automated conditional approvals and workflows, accelerate the new and existing client’s approvals.

  • Information about submission, approval and renewal process of client.
  • Adequate audit trail On Every client action and information.

Customer Portal

Enhance website with customer portal consisting with request, client profile, account statement, etc.

  • Use of mobile app credentials for robust and secure client access.
  • Anytime access from anyplace.
  • Tailored and appropriately branded.

Why Real Estate Company Use Salesforce Property Management


Salesforce For Real Estate CRM Assists You In Concentrating Your Follow-up Attempts

Deficiency of proper follow up to the contacts could be a significant cause behind the failures in converting referrals into conversions. References are the backbone for any industry, and organizations must understand how & when you should handle these references to turn them into sales, real estate crm salesforce.
Using salesforce for property management CRM, you can get to the point of when & how you should interact with the recommendations. It could be either by messaging them or by sending an email or contacting them through social platforms in practice to convert it into a lead,salesforce for real estate demo

Generating An Everyday Five Routine

It is essential because in case you are not serious while following this, then possibly you may drop a highly productive real-estate business growth hack.
Every day five can combine the domain to your method of communicating your customers, whose details are stored in your database. Choose any of the five customers from your schedule and focus entire your dedication in calling them and generate leads, salesforce crm for real estate all the 12 months a year.

By following this approach, you will be able to reach 25 clients every week and will contribute twenty-five minutes communicating to them.


By the year-end, you will be able to call 1250 people if you continuously follow this process daily.
On average if we can convert a minimum 5 percent of these contacts into leads,salesforce for real estate agents then you may have 62 conversions annually that can add great value to your business.


Get Connected With Current Customers

It is pretty natural that because of high engagement in modern marketing, you can overlook those clients because of whom you have turned out to be a famous name. real estate salesforce It is correspondingly necessary to maintain a connection with your current customers. Well, the Salesforce For Real Estate that we offer services can assist you in automatically managing your association with your former customers. Using the CRM tool, as early as you reach new customers, you can start a plan for following them up in practice to assist you in always be in contact.

Social Media Utilization In A More Effective Approach

In this world of digitalization, everyone uses social platforms, and this could be a great advantage for businesses. It helps in tracking potential clients through Salesforce For Real Estate crm for real estate, salesforce real estate Lots of analysis have explored that a majority of population use one or the other social platform for messaging and sending emails instead of preferring calling.
By connecting social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter with your salesforce real estate CRM, salesforce for property management social media utilization becomes easy, effective, and help in staying associated with your customers.base property The number of clients and possibilities can arise, and a healthy connection can be made with time.


CRM Utilization For Digital Advertising Automation

Earlier the advertising of salesforce real estate management was just limited to sending postcards. But, base property as of now, in the era of digitalization, sending emails to clients are preferred for lead generation. These emails can be either for your personalized advertising reports or a month-to-month newsletter to each database client, propertybase salesforce.
Salesforce Property Management CRM can pull offline & online advertising campaigns and conceivably keep a follow up to the leads. It could be a robust tool for any of the contemporary sales executive.

Stronger Customer Relationship

Authenticity is the fundamental determinant to sustain and build a healthy client relationship. Yet in your hectic calendar, you will never miss the urgent emails & calls. The accountability & tracking features of crm for property management system remind you of updated and postponed schedule.
Let us understand this by an example; if you mark any client to be called on Saturday, then the crm for real estate feature of call reminder will undoubtedly suggest you to call them on Saturday. propertybase salesforce This feature enables you to track your communication. While starting the conversation again in the future, this feature helps you in continuing the last conversation.


Salesforce Property Management

Today’s conglomerates are yesterday’s startups. Many topmost salesforce for real estate brokers companies have started their business as startups and scaled great heights. Startups are a journey into the unknown, and only the prudent succeed. Winning the trust of customers could be a critical factor for successful startups. Property Management enables the Salesforce For Real Estate companies to keep a track of crucial data about financial & household properties incorporating associated cash flow, primary tenants, and occupancy rates.


Startups depend on the theory of “survival of the fittest” and also that of “A smooth sea does not make good sailors.” The bad news is 9 out of 10 startups go out of business, and the good news is that the one which succeeds makes it big. They survive the violent wave of changes with a paradigm shift in the overall functionality of startups.

Every day on an average, more than 137,000 startups are started around the world. As of today, there are more than 150 million startups in the world today. Every year an additional of 50 million startups are launched. But the big question is how to survive with the myriad changes in today’s world.

We as a leading Salesforce Property Management services company are in the business for over a decade. We aim at delivering superior and top-notch quality services to the clients all around the world. Instead of focusing just on making money from our clients, we dedicate our efforts on delivering them the perfection and maximum satisfaction.

A majority of real-estate startups fail not because of a lack of funding but due to lack of customers. Startups that understand how to thrive in today’s sales climate only will make it in the long run. Salesforce For Real Estate companies needs to be ready to take on the ambiguity, uncertainty, and multiple challenges of the startups and sail through the rough weather with technology support.

Among many reasons for making or breaking startups, two primary goals are as follows:


1. Winning the customers trust
2. Neglecting marketing and sales

These two factors play an essential role in any startup. Either it could be of a product of sales, or both need confidence and proper marketing.


Winning The Trust Of Customer

“Get more familiar than ever to your clients. So resembling that you notify them what they require well prior to realizing it by their own” This is the version of Steve Jobs of getting the trust of customers. With the evolving technological changes with IoT and AI, it is now more possible than before.
For any Salesforce Property Management Services provider, the customer is the king, and the biggest challenge for any new startup is to gain their trust and confidence. Being a new entry and maybe with a new kind of product or service needs patience and perseverance to achieve it. Only with the latest technological tools and proper functioning, this trust can be earned from the customers.

Creating a highly satisfied and loyal customer base with the necessary data could enable startups to scale and progress towards excellence. Since customers are the real force behind the startup’s success, their word of mouth effect and presence on social media could be beneficial in the long run.

To have cutting edge tools to provide the best of service to win the customers’ trust is the need of the hour for all startups. They have to work sincerely and aggressively to implement a customer-centric practical philosophy. Only this could enable them to succeed in the pursuit of success of the startups.

Only a proper marketing team supported by the latest technologies could make startups successful. Without which there is every possibility of being left high and dry in this highly competitive market. A perfect structured plan with essential technological products to facilitate the sales team could promote and develop the startups,propertybase salesforce, crm for property management.


How Can A Startup Succeed In This Competitive, Hi-Fi, And Tech-Savvy World?


The digitalized business world is growing at a rapid pace in terms of technology. To keep up with speed and utilizing them for promoting sales and other functions will help startups to succeed. If it is not done, they could be one among the failures of every day. The following are some steps for the success of startups:

  •  Learn from mistakes and mostly from the errors of thousands who have failed for various reasons
  •  Find the difference of the approach of the successful startups and those that failed within your business niche
  •  Utilize the proper technology, Salesforce Property Management tools and strategies to satisfy customers and boost sales
  •  Use the appropriate sales & marketing funnel to identify the customers’ journey for successful sales and services
  •  Reduce the operational costs
  •  Have the right team of professionals with energy and enthusiasm

Today’s Startups Are Faced With The Following Challenges

  • Tight budget
  • Inefficient task management
  • Lack of human resources
  • Team with lesser personnel and also with not enough required skills
  • Management tools

To overcome these challenges, the entrepreneurs have a wide range of the latest technological tools to choose the right one for their startups. But deciding the correct device as per the resources and goals is a daunting task. The flourishing of an idea to a viable company of startups is made more comfortable with the right tool.


Salesforce Property Management Companies should be crystal clear of what tools and solutions can afford to wait and what are imminent to be implemented as early as possible. Also, as the business expands, it is pertinent to deploy proper tools to manage the daily workflow. Failing which it makes the startups to crumble like a pack of cards

The perfect solution to succeed with the startups is in the form of automation tools. Since startups are only in the embryonic stage, they cannot go for in-house tools. It is where the salesforce rental management comes into play in a big way for the big success of startups. salesforce real estate management They offer an excellent platform to build customized automation tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Salesforce for property management?

Being a cloud-based CRM platform, salesforce rental management helps you keep a track of all your tenants and buyers on a single platform. Real estate deals over take a considerably long time to close and it is important to keep a track of all transactions in a precise manner. Since you acquire a prospect and start your relationship with them, Salesforce property management provides you with a unified platform to manage all your contacts effectively.

What is the price of your services?

There is no fixed price for the services we provide as they are customized according to the needs of our clients. You can book an appointment with our sales team and discuss your requirements to get an ideal quote for our services.

Are your Salesforce property management applicable in case of leases?

Yes, our services are applicable for leases and outright purchase of residential or commercial properties.

is Salesforce property management helpful if I have dedicated channel partners?

Absolutely. Salesforce property management helps you stay connected with all your channel partners and allows you to update all their activities within your system in real-time. This makes it easier for you to keep a track of all the property deals managed by your channel partners without having to get individual updates from everyone.


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