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Streamline your healthcare services by obtaining a 360-degree view of all your patients and giving them personalized attention via Salesforce Health Cloud. The healthcare industry across the world has diversified significantly over time. Hospitals and medical centers are facing the need to handle multiple patients, employees, donors, and partners at the same time. Owing to the increased sensitivity of the processes carried out at a healthcare center, it is important for the management to take the right steps at the right time.

Techila Global Services helps you manage a variety of your healthcare processes and tend to all your patients simultaneously

with the help of extensive Salesforce Health Cloud services. Our Health Cloud services are aimed at helping medical professionals develop a single connected patient experience and ensure utmost speed, precision, efficacy, and personalization throughout the organization.

Salesforce Health Cloud

What Is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based patient relationship platform designed to streamline the care coordination processes carried out by a medical institution. The ultimate goal of implementing Health Cloud Salesforce is to put every patient at the center of the care system and serve them in the best way possible. Just like business enterprises use Salesforce for tracking customer journeys and providing them with personalized services according to their needs, Salesforce Health Cloud allows healthcare centers to keep a centralized database with all relevant details about their patients and use the same to tailor their services for best results.

The Health Cloud provides you with a complete view of the patient, smart patient management, and a connected patient engagement experience right from the moment a patient is admitted until they are finally discharged.


Our Offerings

Extending The EHR For 1-to-1 Patient Relationships

Our Salesforce Health Cloud services help you in creating an integrated 1-to-1 patient experience by extending the functionality of EHR (electronic health record). By storing all patient data on a unified CRM platform, we allow health professionals to understand the entire patient story, track their medical history, have a look at their current care plans, and engage with them accordingly. Our services ensure that a single database provides you with all the required information about every patient on a real-time basis, helping you take quick and effective actions. This allows your health professionals to develop a healthy bond with the patients and improving their overall experience with your institution.

Connected Patient Journeys

Our Salesforce Health Cloud services help you create connected patient journeys, from their admission to their discharge. The CRM functionality of the platform allows you to have a unified view of every patient’s journey and providing them with personalized services at every touchpoint.

The Health Cloud helps you in creating connected patient journeys by helping you attract the patients, serve them in the best possible manner, and ensure ongoing engagement and support.

Attracting Prospective Patients

Naturally, it is important to attract patients and make them choose to avail of your medical services to serve them effectively. Today, patients have a variety of healthcare alternatives at their disposal and a quick Google search would provide an answer to all their questions. In such a scenario, we help you persuade prospective patients to choose your healthcare services. Most healthcare providers often rely on physician-led referrals to get new patients on board. With in-build Salesforce dashboards, you can track your referring accounts, identify the ones that are most likely to be on board, and nurture them until they start availing of your services.


Further, you can streamline liaison activities while they are on the go by providing them with relevant information through the cloud platform. This will make them spend less time filling tedious forms and more time in meeting the right physicians. Moreover, medical centers wanting to market their services can use the CRM platform for tracking the prospects as they go from awareness to consideration to finally engaging with your institution. Salesforce Health Cloud provides you with a single view of all your prospects, irrespective of the channel through which they come in (phone, digital ad, web forms, direct referrals, etc).

Streamlining The Serving Processes

Once you are successful in getting the prospects on board, you need to serve them in the best way possible to improve patient engagement and their overall experience. Today, the most pressing challenge faced by healthcare centers is that of coordinating their serving processes. Through our Salesforce Health Cloud services, we help your care managers obtain a complete 360-degree view of every patient at their fingertips. Instead of visiting every patient physically and keeping manual records of their progress, the CRM functionality of the Health Cloud allows you to have all the necessary information about all your patients on a real-time basis.

This helps the healthcare professionals to understand the complete patient story and provide context-based support to every patient based on their specific needs. From keeping a track of routine check-ups to handling follow-ups with the patients, the Health Cloud helps you streamline all necessary healthcare processes. The seamless CRM experience helps you integrate your existing systems into a unified console that can be used for storing patient data, scheduling appointments, monitoring patients’ health, and making important assessments using the database.

Use Of Predictive Intelligence

The use of predictive intelligence is not limited to business forecasts and predicting customer behavior. Salesforce Health Cloud employs machine learning tools to make sense of your database and make valuable suggestions, recommend services or suggest wellness programs based on their current condition and medical history.

This seemingly trivial process makes your patients feel special and cared for by the healthcare professionals, ultimately leading to improved engagement.

Ongoing Patient Engagement

Our Salesforce Health Cloud services are designed to increase patient engagement. We ensure ongoing patient engagement through personalized attention to the patients and real-time support before, during, and after the care episodes.

Right from sending appointment reminders through different channels to informing the patients about the pre-work to be done before every check-up, we help you carry out seamless and effective communication with your patient throughout their journey with your institution.

The Health Cloud allows you to use the same communication channels to keep your patients informed about their health, provide them with valuable health-related insights, and recommend suitable medication or care plans to the patients. A single unified platform takes makes sure that the right information is conveyed to the right patient at the right time. When you provide value-based care to your patients, it makes them feel special and understood well by the management, leading to an increase in patient engagement. If your patients are happy with your services, they are likely to come for regular checkups, subscribe to your emails, and refer your services to other potential prospects. This completes the circle of creating connected patient journeys with the help of Salesforce Health Cloud.

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Seamless Collaboration And Communication

By establishing a care team network, we help your entire team of medical experts to work in complete coordination with each other while catering to the patients. Similar to a Salesforce Community Cloud, the care team network allows everyone on the network to assign tasks, collaborate, and send secure messages on a centralized platform.

Our Salesforce Health Cloud services provide you with an array of suitable collaborative tools that help your care teams to share important data and communicate with the members on a real-time basis.

Empowering The Patients

Patients today hate being treated as mere passive products being treated by healthcare professionals. They like to be actively involved in the processes carried out for improving their well-being and consulted before making important decisions.

The Health Cloud empowers the patients by making them collaborative partners on the platform. We allow your patients to have all relevant details about their cases, communicate with the experts, share educational content, obtain relevant medical resources, and drive their own care by effortlessly collaborating with your healthcare team.

Creating Customizable Salesforce Applications

Being a highly customizable platform, Salesforce allows users to create powerful applications using their CRM database via Salesforce AppExchange. We help you develop and deploy Salesforce applications that are unique to your institution and help you provide any of the services discussed above (and many more). Whether you want your patients to keep a track of their journey with you, access specific notes and recommendations made for them, make appointments from anywhere, get treated from home, or obtain their reports without having to leave their houses, you can develop applications that serve multiple healthcare purposes.

Being a highly customizable platform, Salesforce allows users to create powerful applications using their CRM database via Salesforce AppExchange. We help you develop and deploy Salesforce applications that are unique to your institution and help you provide any of the services discussed above (and many more). Whether you want your patients to keep a track of their journey with you, access specific notes and recommendations made for them, make appointments from anywhere, get treated from home, or obtain their reports without having to leave their houses, you can develop applications that serve multiple healthcare purposes. With Techila Global Services, you can rest assured that your healthcare apps are developed easily and effectively.

Here are the major steps involved in developing an application (or any relevant solution) for handling a specific use case for your healthcare center:

  1. Identifying the use case
  2. Identifying the data required for handling the use case
  3. Determining the source of the data (HER, laboratory, pharmacy information systems, etc.)
  4. Ascertaining the directionality of data (one-way or two-way flow)

Determining the timeliness of data (real-time or scheduled)

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