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Salesforce Implementation 

Salesforce Implementation Services

Get rid of the stress of getting Salesforce implemented within your organization by opting for our end-to-end Salesforce implementation Services.

We know the importance of Salesforce implementation. At Techila Global Services, we take over the complete responsibility of setting up Salesforce within your organization based on your specific requirements.

Once you approach for Salesforce implementation, our experts will have a detailed meeting with you about developing the implementation plan. Here, we will ascertain specific details such as:

  • Your marketing and sales objectives
  • Key organizational goals
  • Composition of customers/clients you want to cater to
  • Your budget allocation
  • The business processes you want to automate
  • The degree of automation you require

As your trusted Salesforce Consulting Partners, we will ensure that you are able to make the best use of the CRM platform according to your needs and get the best possible return on your investment. Right from initial planning to final execution, we will assist you in getting Salesforce implemented to obtain the best possible results out of the platform.

Our Salesforce implementation services include complete assistance in performing each of the functions discussed hereafter with utmost transparency and sticking to your core business requirements.

Creating A Project Timeline

The Salesforce experts at Techila Global Services believe in taking the strategic and productive route to get Salesforce implemented within your organization. We will start by helping you create a complete project timeline for Salesforce implementation.

Always make sure that you are ready to devote a good amount of time to set up the CRM platform in your company. We will ensure that the project timeline does not overlap with any other important project going on within your organization.

Also, we ensure that the manpower we need for the implementation is available during the course of the timeline. Once all the resources to be allocated are defined, our experts will provide you with a detailed project timeline with the following key milestones:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Pilot Testing
  • Kickoff
  • Business Process Mapping

We will add these and all other relevant events and milestones to be achieved over a specific period of time. Before starting with your Salesforce implementation process, you can rest assured that you will be thorough with the manner in which it will finally be launched in your organization.

All the activities hereafter will be conducted according to the project timeline.

Defining Goals And Metrics

Once the project timeline is created, we will help you in defining all the important goals and metrics that would help you get a clear direction in which we will be heading.

Here, the major objectives discussed with you will play an important role. We will quantify the goals you want to attain to make it easier for you to measure your ROI once Salesforce implementation is carried out.

Our team helps you define all relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to focus on, helping you focus on the takeaways you are expecting once Salesforce is implemented.

Although different businesses have different requirements and priorities, here are some of the most common KPIs our clients want to focus on:

  • Follow-up contact rate
  • Lead response time
  • Average contract value
  • Average sales cycle length
  • Contract rate of outbound calls
  • Number of outbound calls
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Sales activity (revenue generated)
  • Number of demos
  • Lead-to-opportunity ratio
  • Opportunity-to-win ratio
  • Amount of inbound leads

These are the key factors on the basis of which the quality and success of your Salesforce implementation will be measured.

Building a Salesforce Implementation Team

We are not only a part of your Salesforce implementation team but will also provide you with a team that helps you set up the CRM platform. We will help you build an efficient team with clearly defined roles assigned to every individual for manifesting your goals and implementing Salesforce.

There are five major roles that will be played by different members of your Salesforce implementation team – Executive Sponsor, Project Owner, Project Manager, System Administrator, and Power User. Always remember that depending on specific business requirements, these roles might overlap:

Executive Sponsor

This role is assigned to the individual who is responsible for the strategic and business success of the Salesforce implementation. They are required to:

  • Ensure that all the implementation activities are in sync with the core strategy
  • Advocate for the implementation of the concerned stakeholders
  • Head the steering committee
  • Motivate the team members to get the work done on time

Project Owner

A project owner is essentially the leader of your Salesforce implementation project. They are vested with the responsibility of ensuring that the implementation project is in sync with the project timeline and defining the scope of your project according to the business processes of your company.

Also, a project owner is often the head of the business unit that receives your Salesforce implementation.

Project Manager

A project manager is a person responsible to ensure that the implementation stays on track throughout its course. They are expected to keep the Salesforce implementation team together, drive the project in the right direction, monitor the working for regular updates, and perform an array of other important functions.

The project manager will also be the single point of contact between your business and our team.

System Administrator

This is the individual with the responsibility of managing the daily operations of the system and taking care of the new functionalities during the implementation process.

A system administrator is supposed to have a complete understanding of all major business processes and the CRM system to be implemented. They are often required to juggle between technical and managerial tasks and have impeccable communication skills.

Power User

Power users are the individuals responsible to check the functioning of the platform and provide feedback to the senior management at every stage of Salesforce implementation.

They will ensure that the developed platform is suitable for the needs of the management and the end-users.

Defining Suitable Communication Channels

We believe that communication is the key to all marketing and sales processes. Our Salesforce implementation services involve appointing a skilled and experienced project manager who would overlook the entire implementation process.

It is the project manager who would overlook the communication between the implementers and constituents and within the implementation team. Effective communication is essential at every stage of Salesforce implementation.

We will help you set up suitable communication channels through which the implementation team can communicate with the client and amongst themselves. While ensuring a free flow of messages, we will ensure that there are a structure and flow in which communication is carried out.

Throughout the process of defining communication channels, we will make sure that that is 100% transparency in every step taken and every decision made. Our expert will always keep you in the loop and inform you about the smallest of details pertaining to Salesforce implementation.

Defining Your End Users

A CRM platform is only as good as its end users. It is important to define the users for whom you are implementing the CRM platform.

Our team will help you make this decision fairly early in the process of Salesforce implementation to configure the platform and conduct user adoption accordingly. We will implement the tools and features into your CRM platform on basis of the end users you choose.

Here are some of the most common CRM users for whom our team would help you implement Salesforce:

  • Your Sales Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on advanced lead management, tracking sales opportunities, sales forecasting, and other features relevant to sales.
  • Your Project Management Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus more on tracking the activities performed by your team and creating customized reports and dashboards.
  • Your Marketing Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on creating personalized marketing campaigns and communicating with the customers through various marketing channels.
  • Your Operations Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on the business process carried out in your organization and automating the same to help your operations team save their time and effort in performing their tasks.
  • Your Finance Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on handling business accounts, providing financial advice, and managing financial transactions for your business or the clients you cater to.
  • Your Customer Service Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on building and maintain healthy customer relations, providing efficient customer support, and routing the right customer cases to the right customer executives.
  • Your Development Team – Here, the CRM platform will focus on the more technical aspects such as developing applications, designing web pages, carrying out third party integrations, and other relevant activities.

Depending on your business needs and goals, your Salesforce implementation might be carried out for multiple end-users. Here, your CRM platform will have a blend of different features and tools.

Defining Individual Roles Within The User Teams

Simply defining the users of your CRM platform is never enough. It is important to understand who the individuals within these user teams are that are going to be benefitted from Salesforce implementation.

We help undertake this assessment and define all the individual roles within a specific constituent base. It is natural that the entire team will not be using the platform. This information will help us further customize the platform for your organization.

For example, if you are willing to get Salesforce implemented for your sales team, you can answer questions like these to determine the individual roles of users who would use the platform:

  • Does your company have a full in-house sales team?
  • Does your company currently have a sales function that is responsible for data quality?
  • How many sales managers in your company are responsible for different territories and/or sales representatives?
  • Do you have sales executives overlooking different sales teams?

All these questions will help us narrow down our answers and help us set up Salesforce in a way that it provides you and your team with maximum benefits.

Defining Process Requirements

At Techila Global Services, we believe in diving deep into client research to provide the best and the most reliable services to our clients. An important aspect of our Salesforce implementation services is that of defining your process requirements.

Here, we ascertain the exact processes for which you require the platform of Salesforce. Salesforce is an automated platform and provides a variety of features and tools to the users. However, it is not possible for a bunch of users to utilize every single tool while implementing the platform.

We will, therefore, conduct interviews of individuals within your core user team (across the hierarchy) to understand which processes they are willing to automate and make more effective through Salesforce.

For example, if you are willing to implement Salesforce for your sales team and we ascertain that your sales representatives are facing the issue of scoring leads base on their behaviors, we will take this into consideration while developing the CRM platform for you.

In this case, we will focus on providing an automated sales pipeline to your sales representatives and tools that facilitate the rule-based scoring of leads and provide a 360-degree view of their prospects.

This is how we aim at solving your specific issues by defining your process requirements and providing an exact solution.

Selecting The Right Salesforce Cloud(s)

Salesforce has grouped its services into distinct offerings and products called Salesforce Clouds. The Salesforce Cloud you choose to implement will serve very specific requirements and help your team focus on specific matters.

Based on your business requirements and all the information we receive in the prior research, our Salesforce experts help you choose one or more Salesforce cloud to go ahead with.

Along with the different Clouds, we also help you choose the most suitable Salesforce edition for your business. Salesforce editions are the different versions of Salesforce with varying degrees of advanced tools and features.

Depending on the size of your business, the complexity of your processes, and the need for automation, you can choose one of the following major Salesforce editions:

Salesforce Essentials


This is the most fundamental edition with basic tools and features; ideal for small businesses and startups.

Salesforce Professional


This is a slightly updated version suitable for small to medium businesses.

Salesforce Enterprise


This is a fairly advanced and automated platform with highly customizable tools; ideal for medium to large enterprises.

Salesforce Unlimited


Finally, it is the top-most and the most advanced Salesforce editions with the most advanced, automated, and customizable tools; ideal for large enterprises with complex business processes.

Coming back to Salesforce Clouds, here are some of the most common Clouds that we help you implement, based on your specific needs and preferences:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

A fully cloud-based CRM platform to automate your sales processes, manage your leads, build reports, and provide personalized services to your customers based on your CRM database.

Salesforce Service Cloud

A CRM platform designed especially for building healthy customer relationships, providing speed and automation in managing customer cases, and streamlining your customer services.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This is a marketing automation and analytics platform to create personalized B2C marketing campaigns and communicating with your customers through the most suitable marketing channels (web, email, phone, social media, etc).

Salesforce Pardot

Marketing automation and analytics platform for building personalized B2B client experiences through specialized email marketing and lead management.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

A CRM platform designed especially for companies operating in the finance, it helps you establish and maintain healthy relations with your clients, handle their financial issues, and provide them with valuable financial advice.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

An automated platform ideal for B2B and B2C digital marketers wanting to establish online marketplaces and promoting their products/services using the same, it helps you set up a portal for managing all your different online and offline stores from a centralized platform.

Salesforce CPQ

Abbreviation for “Configure, Price, and Quote,” it is a platform dedicated to helping you come up with the best price for your products, create suitable quotes for the same using automated tools, and deliver the quotes to your clients in a personalized manner.

There are several other Salesforce Clouds that we help you implement and integrate, the details of which you can find on our website.

Customizing Your Salesforce Cloud

Once you have decided on the Salesforce Cloud you are willing to go ahead with, our team will help you customize the platform according to the processes defined in one of the previous stages.

Here, our Salesforce experts go through your business processes again and ensure that none of them conflict with the Salesforce Cloud you have chosen to implement. If there is any such conflict, the project manager and system administrator will look into the matter and resolve the same to ensure seamless Salesforce implementation.

This is the first time you will require the services of a Salesforce Architect and/or a Salesforce Developer. This is when we help you design your CRM platform according to all the information gathered and research conducted in the previous steps.

Apart from getting the architect and developer on board, we will also loop your IT team to understand their process and take their advice on how to go ahead with the implementation.

Setting User Access And Permissions

The professionals at Techila Global Servies prefer providing a unified and centralized platform for multiple user groups for making sure that there are no data silos in your organization. This would make the same CRM platform available to multiple user teams, for example, sales and finance teams.

However, we help your constituents maintain the exclusivity and privacy of their operations by setting user access and permissions for Salesforce. It is an important part of our Salesforce implementation services as it involves the security of your CRM data.

Our Salesforce experts follow a constituent-based approach for setting user access and permissions, locking down your organization to the lowest common denominator. We prefer opening up specific aspects of the platform as they are necessary for specific individuals according to their requirements.

This ensures that all the users on your platform from different constituencies have access only to the information, tools, and features that are necessary for them. These permissions and user access can be altered according to special circumstances at any time.

Designing A Data Model

This is arguable the most complicated and specific aspect of our Salesforce implementation services. Here, we help you find the right mix of standard and custom Salesforce objects for storing the data needed to carry out your business processes.

Our data architects and platform developers help you create a data model that is in sync with your organizational goals and pre-defined business processes. For example, if you are willing to implement Salesforce for tracking your customer cases and managing them, your data model would include the standard Salesforce object of Cases. However, you will not require the object of “Leads” here as it is not in tune with your business process.

Further, if you are willing to keep a record of the time spent by your agents to solve customer cases, you can create a custom Salesforce object named “Timesheets” and add it to your data model.

Similarly, our experts will help you set up a complex but highly specific data model for all the business processes carried out by your team. This is when we establish suitable object relationships within your Salesforce org. Some of the major object relationships include:

  • Hierarchical Relationship
  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master-detail Relationship
  • Many-to-many Relationship

These relationships drive your data model and help you carry out a variety of business processes with the help of the data stored within your Salesforce objects.

Building A Working Prototype

Our team will provide you with an ideal working prototype of your Salesforce instance before going ahead with the final implementation. This is mainly to look at the key results of our Salesforce implementation services and to obtain valuable feedback from your side.

We will provide the prototype to the end-users for them to gauge its functioning and see whether it serves their needs and helps them carry out specific business processes.

Firstly, we will take care of your preliminary solutions and show you the preliminary architecture of your CRM platform. Once this is fully approved by your team and the constituents it was developed for, we will develop and add necessary custom objects for further managing your CRM data.

Our developers will build prototypes for your CRM platform in succession, following an iterative approach. We will develop and test multiple versions of the platform, namely alpha, beta, and gamma (if needed), adding specific functionality in each of the prototypes.

You can rest assured that we will not finalize Salesforce implementation until you are completely satisfied with all the prototypes we develop for you. You will always be kept in the loop regarding every change made, ensuring that you get the most refined and efficient version of your CRM platform, just as you had asked for.

Custom OOTB Configuration

Our Salesforce experts ensure that your CRM platform is built with all the out of the box (OOTB) configurations added and functionalities included. Although thee customizations are defined much earlier in the Salesforce implementation stage, we will put the work in action towards the final stages.

We ensure that all the OOTB configurations made by our developers are in sync with the latest Salesforce feature releases. We will keep enhancing these configurations and updating the same even after the implementation is completed.

Making Your CRM Platform Live

Once all the changes are finalized and all configurations added according to your business requirements, we would make your CRM platform live, technically ending your Salesforce implementation.

All of our team members will make sure that we stick to the project timeline created right at the beginning of the implementation and complete the setup on time.

Carrying Out User Adoption

Once your Salesforce org is implemented and made live, we will help you ensure that all the intended users start using the CRM platform and get well-versed in operating on the same.

Our Salesforce experts do not believe in rushing the adoption process. We will make sure that your constituents take things one at a time instead of a sudden shift to the new platform.

We help you conduct extensive workshops, training sessions, and other relevant user adoption programs to make your team members start using Salesforce. It is advisable to devote a good amount of time in user adoption, especially if the users have never worked on Salesforce before.

Checkups And Upgrades

Our Salesforce implementation services do not end at helping you in user adoption. We will keep engaging with you for making necessary checkups, audits, and upgrades to your CRM platform. It is important to check system functionality and keep the Salesforce instance in sync with the latest updates to make the most of the platform.

Offering Salesforce Support And Assistance

In case you face any confusion, queries, doubts, complaints, or irregularities on the platform, our Salesforce experts will provide you with personalized Salesforce support services and assistance in dealing with your problems.

Once your CRM platform has been implemented, you can reach out to us anytime to obtain Salesforce help regarding any issue faced by your organization. We assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Salesforce implementation?

Salesforce implementation is the process of setting up Salesforce within an organization according to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Although there is no set procedure to be followed for the implementation, it ideally starts with defining the core organizational goals and ends with the platform going live and users adopting the same.

How do I know which Salesforce features and tools are best for me?

The Salesforce features and tools best for your business can be ascertained by defining the goals you want to achieve and the business processes you want to automate.

For example, if you want to improve your lead management process and leverage your sales, it is advisable to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud with tools that help you acquire, score, and nurture sales lead.

Is Salesforce ideal for smaller businesses?

There are no restrictions on the type and size of businesses that can get Salesforce implemented. Whether you own a small startup or a giant multinational enterprise, you can avail of Salesforce implementation services.

Salesforce comes with four major versions that can be subscribed to based on the size of your business. Here are the different Salesforce editions in the ascending order of their pricing:

  • Salesforce Essentials ($25/user/month)
  • Salesforce Professional ($75/user/month)
  • Salesforce Enterprise ($150/user/month)
  • Salesforce Unlimited ($300/user/month)

Also, it is important to remember that you can upgrade or downgrade to a different Salesforce edition based on the specific requirements of your organization.

What is the cost of your Salesforce implementation services?

The cost of our Salesforce implementation services would depend on your business requirements. We will incorporate the tools and features within the CRM platform based on the objectives you want to attain, the customers you want to cater to, the business processes you want to carry out, and many other factors.

Based on your budget considerations, we will chart out a suitable implementation plan with the right mix of tools suitable for your organization.

How much time does it take to get Salesforce implemented?

There is no fixed time it would take for you to get Salesforce implemented within your organization. This time depends on several factors, including:

  • The tools you want to implement
  • The OOTB configurations you want to make
  • The processes you want to automate/customize
  • The degree of automation/customization you require
  • The number of Salesforce Clouds you are willing to implement
  • The number and types of add-ons you want to include

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We believe in working together rather than for anyone because we all know together we always achieve more. Hence we act as your partners who are responsible for making you and your business successful with the implementation.


We strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection. Hence we listen to your feedback and according to that, we focus on making improvements continuously within each milestone, sprint, and release.

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Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.


I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.


Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.

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