Salesforce With Jitterbit

Salesforce Jitterbit Integration

When it comes to handling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in any business enterprise, the role of CRM software has now increased more than ever. Owing to the constantly changing technology, cut-throat market competition and always volatile nature of the market, it is difficult for a firm to undergo CRM without using competent software.

Salesforce has cornered the CRM software market for a long time and gained maximum share for itself. It offers its customers with an array of services that range from handling their leads and segregating the same to help them clean their sales pipeline to analysing their activities and giving them appropriate suggestions as to what steps they should take for the betterment of their business. One of the major services provided by Salesforce is that of partering with third-party

platforms to increase the efficiency of their clients. Be it an application, website or different software altogether, Salesforce would help you work in compliance with the concerned entity in a way that is beneficial to both the parties. One of such brilliant collaborations is that of Jitterbit Salesforce.


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Why Integrate Salesforce Jitterbit?

One of the major advantages of Salesforce Jitterbit is the fact that the integrated platform is designed to offer the best services to the ultimate customers.

Owing to the modern, intelligent and wholesome platform of Salesforce that combines with the high efficiency of Jitterbit, you can avail the best of both worlds when it comes to providing personalised and tailor-made services for your customers.

The system also filters through the customer needs, priorities the same and addresses the issues that need to be addressed on an urgent basis.

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Solving Complicated Issues Simply

As the core belief that guides Salesforce Jitterbit is that of making sure that complex issues can be solved using simpler solutions, this integrated platform eases the complex issues faced by the business enterprises arising out of handling complex customer data and analysing the same to make sense of it all.

Opportunity and Product Management

Also, Salesforce Jitterbit is not only for businesses that are experts in the field of information technology.

Even if you are not too tech savvy and your personnel is not well-versed with the world of coding and programming, you can effectively use the platform and make the most of its services.


Step Up Your Goal -setting Game

This integrated platform would also help you in setting and fulfilling your short-term as well as long-term goals.

As the interface here is loaded with measures that would help you in quantifying the success of your activities, you can use it as a tool to motivate your employees and yourself, thereby keeping a track of how well you have been performing and how closer your team is to fulfilling your goals.

Speeding Up Your Business Activities

With the help of Jitterbit Salesforce, you can increase the speed of almost every activity performed by your team and get the work done in days that earlier used to take months to get completed! As the online platform helps you in connecting Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-premises and tools such as Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader , it is definitely going to make you feel more empowered as a business entity when you are able to reuse applications that you trust and are being able to extend them using relevant APIs.

Coupled with high-tech user interface and getting an added supporting hand of artificial intelligence, there is nothing that can stop you from increasing the speed in which you will be able to meet your desired targets. Out of all the benefits you can avail out of this integration, the best and the simplest one would be Jitterbit Data Loader .


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What Is Jitterbit?


It is important to answer the question of what is Jitterbit in order to understand its integration with Salesforce. Jitterbit is a software company functioning as an integrated product that helps in making important transfer across platforms between certain legal entities, business houses and/or computing applications that work on an on-demand basis. Jitterbit provides their users with a highly interactive graphical user interface and works in integration with a variety of applications, some of which are listed here:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms
  • Extract-transport-load (ETL) Applications
  • Service Owned Architecture (SOA)

Jitterbit comes with a limited open version of their software that allows their users to use certain default templates in order to make integrations with web services, databases and Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Apart from being made exclusively by Amazon, Jitterbit is available for processors like Windows and Linux.

Salesforce and Jitterbit

Salesforcer has always believed in the philosophy of keeping their customers in the centre of their universe and provide services that are specially customised for them. Integrating with Salesforce has only made the new collaboration, namely Jitterbit Salesforce – a platform that would help a business enterprise do all they can to cater to the needs of their valuable customers.

Along with providing high-tech services, Jitterbit Salesforce also ensures that their client gets full transparency of their activities. If you are buying their services, you will be notified for every action being performed and suggested for every action you are supposed to perform in order to function better as an organisation!
Here is a list comprising some of the key features and benefits you can avail from this integrated platform:

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The platform helps you in extracting important and sensitive data from your system to external reporting systems and certain virtual warehouses built for storing data

  • You can add your supply chain information in the software as well as the forecasts you are estimating relating to your demands through Salesforce integration
  • You can make the best use of order management system by automating your quote-to-cash activities
  • You can also ensure full transparency with your front office in matters regarding disclosing information related to logistics, your shipment and tracking of the same
Data loader

What Is Data Loader?

Data Loader is a boon to businesses when it comes to managing the database of their customers. It is basically a data migration tool that enables users of Salesforce to transfer their data across various platforms.

This platform can be used to transfer flat files as well as other relevant forms of electronic data stored in your systems that may or may not be sensitive in nature.

When it comes to digital marketing, more than half of the crucial marketing functions and almost all the sales-driven activities are based on the customer data a business house possesses.

This data may be regarding the leads generated, leads scored and qualified by the business/software, contacts of the important customers, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries of the

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customers, data regarding the dates of time period for which a particular customer has availed a respective service/product, data regarding the Accounts a firm is handling, documents pertaining to the marketing campaigns and their crucial components, templates of emails/text messages and other such information that is of utmost information to an enterprise. This information is supposed to be handled carefully and needs to be transferred at high frequencies on a daily basis.

Salesforce Data Loader helps ease this issue by providing an integrated platform that can also function without requiring any coding for various SFDC Admins. Also, the user interface provided by the platform is so easy to use that business houses with little to no knowledge regarding programming and coding can also use the software and avail its benefits.


What Makes Data Loader A Useful Platform?

Just like the easy to use platform that Jitterbit offers through their Cloud Integration platform, Data Loader is also designed and developed using Harmony Cloud integration platform, especially keeping in mind the need for an ease with which businesses can work with this tool. This ease of use would also save a lot of time and money by the organisations that they would otherwise spend in user adoption and training their employees regarding the use of new software of user tool.

Though it is beneficial to the organisation as a whole, Data Loader is exclusively designed for the use of Salesforce administrator as it helps them in speeding up their activities and offering them utmost ease in operations. Data Loader is suitable for all your data and it doesn’t really matter whether the data is stored on your premises and devices or on any of the cloud platforms used by you.


The platform also offers speedy services irrespective of the size and bulk of the data to be transferred. Once you have installed Data Loader in your system, you can be absolutely relieved about creating data, inserting the same, upserting, deleting or hard deleting or querying the critical data stored in your systems.


Cost Of Data Loader

One of the most important advantages of getting Data Loader installed in your systems is the fact that it is independent of the Jitterbit pricing you might be concerned about. The system is absolutely free with all the features available to all the users that choose to avail its services. It also the most feature-rich tool you would get an access to without paying any extra money for the same.

Apart from making the best use of the services provided by Data Loader, you can also update to Jitterbit Harmony with only a few clicks from the interface of Data Loader itself, provided you are ready to jump into a new world of increased business automation and if you are willing to go all out with complete application integration.


Key Features Provided By Data Loader

Here is a brief outlook into some of the most important features provided by Jitterbit Data Loader in integration with Salesforce:

  • Providing connectivity with regards to local files
  • Enabling Fileshare
  • Use of File Transfer Protocol
  • Transfer of any flat file
  • Transferring complicated Excel files
  • Files pertaining to any JDBC or ODBC database
  • Deleting or hard deleting your files
  • Inserting and/or updating your files
  • Handling queries and bulk load with utmost speed
  • Mapping your complex data in a simplified manner
  • Performing important functions such as formatting, cryptography, carrying out string, dating and math of your data
  • Saving and editing your operations
  • Carrying out essential re-runs of your operations
  • Reusing important connections, targets as well as sources pertaining to your business
  • Scheduling important operations and notifying you regarding the same
  • Maintaining and transferring unlimited records stored in your system
  • Performing functions such as parallel processing of data and handling bulk load effectively
  • Taking efficient care of the admin load
  • Keeping a track of data and logging history pertaining to your system

The integration of Salesforce and Jitterbit is therefore highly beneficial for a business enterprise and is advisable to you if you are concerned with effectively managing your complex data. Jitterbit Salesforce is also the need of the hour as it makes the best possible use of the latest technology, providing you with exclusive features.

This integrated platform would also ensure the fact that your customers are taken care of the best possible manners and the services directed towards them are personalised and customised, adding to your loyal base of customers. If you need to centre most of your attention to the customers who are certainly the “kings” of any business organisation and want to make them feel like your services are tailored for them and no one else, Jitterbit Salesforce is the way to choose as it would take equal care of your customers as well as your hardworking personnel!


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