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Snowflake Data Warehouse Implementation Services

Manage your valuable data on a secure, reliable, dynamic, and automated platform by integrating Salesforce with Snowflake Data Warehouse. At Techila Global Services, we help you in carrying out the productive integration between Salesforce CRM and Snowflake Data warehouse. This integration aims at helping you record, store, assess, and manage all your data on a unified platform for performing an array of business processes. We help you avail of the best mix of CRM and data management platforms by implementing advanced and automated tools.


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Our Offerings

Our Snowflake Data Warehouse implementation services are dedicated to leveraging the overall functionality of your CRM platform by adding valuable data management tools to the integrated platform. This helps you track all your data and provide personalized services to your clients.

Centralized Data Management Platform

This integration prevents you from switching platforms and resorting to using different tools for managing your database. We ensure that you are provided with a centralized platform where you and your team can avail of all necessary tools and features for effective data management.

This integrated platform will offer you a unified and immediately queryable source for all your data with cost-effective storage facilities and advanced features for faster and more reliable handling of data. Whether you are a native Salesforce of Snowflake user, you can bring all your data on a single platform for ease of management.

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Advanced Business Intelligence And Analytics

The BI and AI tools of Salesforce are known by all players in the industry. Integration with Snowflake Data Warehouse takes business intelligence and analytics a notch higher by querying semi-structured data directly with SQL and leveraging a variety of marketing and sales processes.

Business intelligence and machine learning tools help you make sense of the data stored within your system, thoroughly analyze the same and provide you with valuable insights into the data sets to help you make important business decisions.

Snowflake readily integrates with Einstein Analytics, the AI component of Salesforce to help you carry out improved forecasts and marketing/sales analytics. The platform supports virtually unlimited concurrent users and queries with advanced resources.

Low Maintenance And Administration

The robust infrastructure of the integrated platform facilitates the utmost maintenance and administration of your data at highly cost-effective rates.
Provide your users with a unified experience across multiple cloud platforms without the need for spending much on undertaking checkups and maintenance.

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Security, Privacy, And Governance

We give utmost priority to the security of your data and ensure that the Snowflake Data Warehouse integration keeps all your data safe from unauthorized access and a variety of other security threats. With the combined security of Salesforce and Snowflake, you can provide governed access to authorized users according to your specific requirements.

At rest and in transit, the platform has a provision for automatic data encryption to maintain the security of your valuable data sets. Features of dynamic data masking and tokenization further ensure the safety of your data.


Improved SQL Analytics

Snowflake Data Warehouse integration helps you avoid service interruptions by providing you with resources for every user in your team and their workload through improved SQL analytics.

The automated platform helps you compute clusters ranging from the extra-small size to 6XL for matching the required demand. It offers you a provision for multi-cluster computing resources for suitable concurrency. Moreover, you get access to charts and SQL analytics via Snowsight – the visualization user interface for Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Managed Services

All our services are aimed at providing you with a seamless cross-cloud experience by integrating two powerful platforms for automating data maintenance and administration.

Get complete automation in data query caching, parsing, planning, and optimization according to your business needs. Receive automated updates on a periodic basis without any scheduled downtime.


Direct Access To Data Cloud

We have a wide range of services plans, you are free to choose any of these, and we are assuring you to deliver much better than your expectations.

We are not just promising to provide you best; we have satisfied hundreds of global clients throughout our service journey.

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Einstein Analytics Output Connector For Snowflake

This is one of the two major tools coming out of the integration between Salesforce and Snowflake. This tool helps you in seamlessly moving your data from Salesforce to Snowflake and combining it with Snowflake Data Warehouse.

This data can then be queried using the AI tools of Salesforce Einstein Analytics and viewed using the software of Tableau data visualization. This brings together a CRM platform and a data management platform in a productive integration, providing a unified experience to the joint users.

Einstein Analytics Direct Data For Snowflake

As another important tool born out of the integration between Salesforce and Snowflake Data Warehouse, it helps Salesforce Einstein users in querying their data stored within Snowflake simply and seamlessly.

The tool also allows users to query their Salesforce CRM data and the data generated by multiple other channels like business applications, mobile applications, IoT devices, web activities, etc.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

Snowflake Data Marketplace is a new platform that helps the users connect data providers with the consumers using Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. Using this platform, users can access a variety of datasets from external platforms and include them in their Snowflake Data Warehouse for querying without the need for transformation.

Data Marketplace provides you with a single location for sourcing all your data if you tend to use different vendors for sourcing, allowing you to obtain data from suitable data providers and from the software vendors you already use.

Snowsight – A Replacement For SQL Worksheets

This is another new platform launched by Snowflake that helps the users in carrying out effective data analysis. It comes with a variety of features and tools for improved data management.

The Schema Browser helps you instantly search across multiple schemas and databases for the required tables, views, and columns having a specific string. Some of the other major tools and features of Snowsight include:

  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Data Filters
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Charts
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Sharing and Collaboration Features

If you have been using the classic web interface and have worksheets saved within the same, you can import these worksheets into the new platform of Snowsight without any hassle.

Search Optimization Service

This new feature of Snowflake Data Warehouse helps the users in improving the overall functionality of the specific point lookup queries on larger data tables.

Once you enable this feature on a table, it speeds up equality searches, filtering on any specific columns having large numbers of distinct values. As of now, the search optimization service supports these data types:

  • VARCHAR (for exact match)
  • BINARY (for exact match)
  • Fixed-point numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snowflake Data Warehouse?

Snowflake Data Warehouse is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps the users in automated, secure, and organized data management. It used a new SQL database engine with a unique cloud-based architecture for storing, processing, tracking, and analyzing valuable business data.

Snowflake is built using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture without hardware for the users to manage, install, select, or configure. It is an automated and advanced platform with several tools that improve the flexibility, efficiency, and security of your business data.

What is the importance of Salesforce Snowflake integration?

The integration between Salesforce and Snowflake provides the joint users with the best mix of services from both the cloud-based entities. It helps you bring all your data onto a centralized platform, getting rid of unwanted data silos and the need for switching platforms.

The integration helps users in combining CRM functionality from the best in the market (Salesforce) with an advanced data management platform (Snowflake) to undertake an array of business processes with ease, speed, and efficiency.

How much does Snowflake Data Warehouse cost?

For using Snowflake Data Warehouse, you will be charged only for the tools you used on a per-second basis. Such usage-based pricing starts with a minimum of 60 seconds with an option for a free trial of the service.

You can select the Snowflake pricing for your organization based on the geographical region you belong to and the platform you want to incorporate the service on. There are four major editions you can choose from:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Business Critical
  • Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS)

In addition to this, you can pay for on-demand storage on a monthly basis and additional capacity storage by paying an upfront cost.

What are the new features and tools launched by Snowflake Data Warehouse?

Some of the new features and tools launched by Snowflake Data Warehouse include:

  • Salesforce Einstein Output Connector for Snowflake
  • Salesforce Einstein Direct Data for Snowflake
  • Snowflake Data Marketplace
  • Snowsight
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • External Tokenization
  • Search Optimization Service

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