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Data is rightly considered to be the digital gold in the age of digitization and automation. Organizations belonging to all scales of operation and almost every industry depend on their valuable database for making calculated decisions, valid predictions, and thorough assessment of business processes. Our team at Techila Global Services helps you analyze the huge and seemingly complicated database of your organization and facilitate in-depth analytics for making the right decisions. Our big data services are aimed at ensuring that you make sense of your big data and drive all your processes based on the insights obtained from our services. Before going ahead into the details of our services, let us briefly introduce you to the concept of big data to get you started.

What Is Big Data

What Is Big Data?

As the name suggests, big data is a term used for a large volume of a structured or unstructured database stored within an organization. This is the data required for businesses to carry out their daily processes and cater to their customers and employees in the best way possible. With a steady increase in the digitization of businesses, big data has always been in the news. All major industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and even Government have been leveraging their big data to obtain valuable insights about their business processes and leverage their functioning. Big data essentially comprises datasets that are too complex and large to be processed by traditional data processing applications such as the ETL tools. Big data can be characterized by three key features – high velocity, high volume, and high variety. If your business is dealing with data that consists of a large number of records, is generated at a rapid speed, and comprises a variety of records serving different purposes, you are dealing with big data.

The need for efficient big data services is now more than it has ever been. Organizations across the board have been adopting disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and many more. Companies are dealing with rapidly growing mobile and internet traffic on a daily basis. The use of cloud-computing software platforms and services is at its peak. All these situations lead to the generation of big datasets that need to be handled effectively to stay ahead of the curve and streamline a number of business processes. This is what drives big data service providers like us to help organizations across different industries analyze their databases and allow them to perform their processes better.

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How Services Work

How Our Big Data Services Work

We follow a structured approach in providing big data services to our clients. We understand the sensitive nature of the datasets that we deal in and the importance they hold for the organizations. We make sure that follow a streamlined procedure to help you manage your big data.

The major steps involved in our big data services include:

1. Setting a big data strategy
2. Ascertaining the big data sources
3. Accessing, managing, and storing big data
4. Analyzing the big datasets
5. Making calculated and data-driven decisions

1. Setting A Big Data Strategy

We start by developing a big data implementation strategy and implementation plan to oversee the process of acquiring, storing, managing, assessing, and sharing data. This strategy forms the basis of our big data services and gives us a sense of direction for designing personalized solutions based on your organizational objectives.

The big data strategy would be developed based on thorough research conducted on your business’ needs, preferences, and opportunities you want to win. We will set the strategy in mind the goals you want to achieve and the return you are expecting on the investment.

2. Ascertaining Big Data Sources

Once we have set the stage by developing a broad big data strategy, we would move on to identifying the key sources of big data for your organization. The sources from which you generate big datasets would affect the solutions we design, the analytics we carry out, and the decisions we help you make. Here are some of the major big data sources an organization has to deal with:

  • Streaming Data: This is the data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other relevant sources that lead to the inflow of data to your IT systems, such as digital medical devices, wearable, industrial equipment, etc. You can take the call for which streaming data to keep, which data to pass on, and which data to store for analyzing in the future.
  • Publicly Available Data: This is the data that usually comes from Government sources and other relevant platforms that make specific datasets available for public consumption.
  • Social Media: This is arguably the biggest source of big data for an organization. It consists of data generated out of the interactions and engagements on social media platforms. This data consists of a load of images, videos, sound, text, and voice important for an organization to manage and assess.
  • Other Sources: These sources include customers, suppliers, cloud data sources, data lakes, and other relevant data sources.

3. Accessing, Managing, And Storing Big Data

After identifying all the major sources of big data for your organization, we move on to storing and managing the data using modern computing techniques. You can rest assured that your data will be accessed and managed using platforms that are highly secure, accurate, and effective. Along with providing you with reliable access to your datasets, our big data services also include helping you with the best methods for data integration, ensuring data quality, providing effective data governance, and preparing your big data for analytics. While some of your data will be stored within an on-premise traditional data warehouse, the other datasets will be accessed, stored, and manages using effective cloud platforms.

4. Analyzing The Big Datasets

We would come to the mammoth task of analyzing your big datasets after helping you store and manage your database.

You can choose to analyze specific portions of your big data or the entire database using robust technologies like grid computing.

You can also go ahead with data analytics by analyzing the most relevant datasets first.

5. Making Calculated And Data-driven Decisions

Finally, our big data analytics services help you make calculated decisions based on the analytics carried out and the results obtained.

We help you put the different parameters into perspective and provide you with valuable insights regarding your customers, your employees, your processes, and everything that your big datasets represent.

Our big data services make sure that you rely on data-driven analytics and not vague thumb rules when it comes to making decisions that affect the functioning of your organization.


Why Choose Our Big Data Services?

Improved Cost Management

Managing costs holds high importance for an organization. You need to allocate the right amount of costs to carry out the right processes so that you get the return you desire. Our big data services provide you with important analytics that allows you to manage your expenses better. On the basis of the insights obtained and the assessments made, you can choose the most cost-effective ways of doing business. For example, if you work in the logistics industry and want to save money on product returns, big data analytics will help you ascertain the products that are most likely to be returned. This helps you take important logistical decisions for minimizing the losses caused by product returns.

Better Customer Experience

As your big data service providers, we help you gather important information about the likes, dislikes, needs, and preferences of your customers. This data helps you in manufacturing products, designing services, and reaching out to your customers in the most suitable manner. We also help you in predicting customer behavior and tracking the individual engagement of all your customers to help you provide them with personalized services. When you tailor your services to suit the specific needs of your customers, you are bound to get the desired traction.

Keeping Your Prices Competitive

Our big data services help you monitor the prices set by your competitors in the market on a real-time basis. Moreover, advanced analytics allows you to keep a track of the pricing strategies currently adopted by your competitors. With this data, you can measure the impact of price changes on the market, implement competitive positioning of your business to increase profits, implement robust pricing strategies to cater to the desired audience, and evaluate your finances to see where your business stands.

Driving More Sales

Big data analytics provides you with valuable insights pertaining to the leads generated, catered, and converted by your sales reps. Looking at the sales processes that failed and the ones that gave you maximum traction, you can allocate your resources to drive more sales. When you make calculated sales decisions, you can increase your profits and minimize losses. All our big data services are designed to provide our clients with personalized support and guiding them every step of the way in making data-driven decisions.

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Why TECHILA Global Services ?

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