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Although the primary motive of Salesforce is to ease the business processes undertaken by its users, the platform itself can be pretty complicated to understand. Salesforce comes with an array of specific tools, platforms, components, and add-ons, each of which serves a particular purpose and should not be confused with the other. This makes Salesforce Development critically important for an organization. At Techila Global Services, we provide complete support to our clients when it comes to Salesforce Development. The development and deployment of Salesforce CRM are carried out on the platform of This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is used by our team to use Salesforce Developer org and help you build a personalized and customizable platform.


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What Is The Need For A Salesforce Developer Org?

A Salesforce Developer org allows you to develop and test various applications built within the Salesforce environment. Our services help you in building a development organization that strictly consists of the test data that is not critical to the business being conducted in the production environment.

Development using can be undertaken either inside the browser itself or using the IDE. It is important for a business to have a Salesforce organization to facilitate the development of robust Salesforce tools and applications. Using this platform, you can also test these tools and applications before they are officially deployed within your system.

What Do You Mean By Salesforce Developer?

In simple and layman terms, Salesforce Developer is anyone that designs and develops the platform of Salesforce for an organization. A Salesforce Developer is responsible for the building and deployment of all the specific tools and platforms available in Salesforce CRM according to the requirements of the clients.

However, the Salesforce Developer organization is a platform by which can be utilized to extend, integrate and develop Salesforce tools without affecting the production environment (where the active paying users are accessing business data). Our services are dedicated to helping you build your Salesforce Developer account, which can be used to leverage the overall functionality of the CRM platform.


Types Of Salesforce Developer Organisations

Our team at Techila Global Services helps you implement the three major Salesforce Developer organizations – Developer Edition, Partner Developer Edition, and Sandbox.


Salesforce DeveloperEdition

This is a Salesforce edition that is essentially a fully-featured copy of the Enterprise edition org with lesser users and storage. As a free Salesforce Developer org, Developer Edition is technically a separate development environment that can help you in the initial stages of Salesforce Development.

There is no limit to the number of Developer Editions you can sign-up for. With a single Salesforce Developer login, the platform allows users to design and develop applications for any of the Salesforce Production environment according to your requirements.

Salesforce Developer Edition is an API enabled platform having a data storage capacity of 5MB that comes with 2 full CRM licenses and 3 licenses to operate. We would recommend you to go ahead with the Developer Edition is you are a partner willing to use the platform of Salesforce AppExchange and/or Trialforce to create a managed package for distribution. You can also subscribe to this Salesforce Developer org if you possess Salesforce Professional, Group, or Personal edition but do not have access to Sandbox.

Salesforce Partner Developer Edition

This is essentially a type of Developer Edition having greater storage capacity, licenses, and features. It is an API enabled platform that is free for the enrolled Salesforce Partners. With the data storage capacity of 250 MB that can manage 125,000 records, Partner Developer Edition comes with 20 full CRM licenses and 20 Platform licenses.

Salesforce Partner Developer edition is recommended in case you are developing a team and require a master developer to manage the entire source code.


It is also an ideal option to go for if you are not expecting a single Salesforce Developer login, but two of them for development and testing purposes. If the operational scale of your enterprise is sufficiently large and you require a large environment allowing more users to run tests against larger data sets, Partner Developer edition is the best option to choose.


Salesforce Sandbox

Salesforce Sandbox is nothing but an almost identical copy of your production organisation that is essentially available to the Enterprise or Unlimited edition users. Sandboxes may include data sets, configurations, or both, according to your requirements.

Depending on your development and testing requirements, you can create multiple Sandboxes in your Salesforce Developer org without affecting the data and applications present in your production environment. There are three major types of Salesforce Sandboxes you can create:

Full Sandbox – This is a complete copy of your production organization that includes all data and configurations. A user can order a maximum of 3 Full Sandboxes. The data storage and licenses pertaining to this Sandbox is also identical to those of the production environment.

Partial Copy Sandbox – This is a near-identical copy that allows you to copy the customization and a specific sample of that data belonging to your production environment. A user can order a maximum of 6 Partial Copy Sandboxes that come with the licenses that are identical to those of the production environment. The storage capacity of this Sandbox is up to 5GB data and 5GB file storage, facilitating the management of 2.5 million Salesforce records.

Developer Pro Sandbox – This is the Salesforce Sandbox that allows you to copy all the customizations but does not copy the production data from your production organization. It comes with the same licenses as the production environment, with the storage capacity of 1GB data and 1GB file storage, facilitating management of around 500,000 Salesforce records.

We will help you decide which Sandbox is ideal for your organization. In general, it is advisable to go for a Salesforce Sandbox if you are a Salesforce user having the Enterprise, Unlimited or edition that includes the provision for Sandbox. You can also opt for a Sandbox if you are developing a application particularly for your production organization and want to test it thoroughly before deployment.


Considerations For Salesforce Development


Our team of developers keeps the following considerations in mind while providing you with Salesforce Developer services:

  • We always restrict our development to your development environment/org (be it Developer Edition, Partner Developer Edition or Sandbox) and deployment to your production environment.
  • We determine well in advance whether you require a larger development environment as some of the environments cannot be upgraded once the development/testing has begun.
  • We review all the supported features of each of the Salesforce editions and development organizations before building any Salesforce CRM application.
  • We make sure that every application is tested well before its deployment.

We keep the development and testing environments separate from each other.


Salesforce Developer Centres

A lot of considerations go into the process of Salesforce Development. We offer our Salesforce Developer services through specific developer centres. Each of these centres serves a specific purpose and facilitates development of specific Salesforce tools and platforms.

As your Salesforce Developers, we will help you in opting for the most ideal developer centres according to the specific needs and requirements of your organisation.


This is the developer centre that helps you develop and deploy relevant applications on the platform of Salesforce CRM. It consists of all the reference material, tools and documents dedicated to an efficient development of applications according to your specific requirements.

We would help you undertake application integrations and improve application flexibility through this developer centre.


Einstein Analytics

We understand the importance of being in sync with the latest technology and advanced versions of Salesforce while developing specific tools and applications. Einstein Analytics is a fairly modern component of Salesforce Lightning that helps you make sense of a large volume of seemingly complicated business data.

With the help of prominent programming entities such as Visualforce, Apex, REST and many more, you can deploy Einstein Analytics to analyse your valuable data, discover opportunities, procure valid predictions and avoid development issues before them cropping up.


With the help of this developer centre, you can incorporate a robust two-factor authentication and a single sign-on into your system. This helps you secure your applications and reduces the chances of unauthorised access.

Our team would also help you in setting up an external identity on your Salesforce organisation and integrate robust tools like Microsoft Active Directory with your CRM platform.


Lightning Flow

This is a developer centre that is essentially dedicated to empowering users to leverage the power of automating specific business processes to improve the overall customer/client experience.

Through this platform, we will help you create your own process flows and automate your business processes for every application, portal and experience using declarative tools for development.


The primary motive of this developer centre is to ensure complete security of Salesforce CRM. Along with all the fundamental security checks and screenings, you can also avail benefits of the New ScanPortal. This is a centralised security portal through which you can track and handle all your Lightning Platform Security scans.


Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a Salesforce offering that helps you connect and communicate with your Salesforce Partners, employees, customers and any other entity having a vested interest in your organisation. Using this platform, you can develop and personalise specific websites and communities to facilitate interaction between various entities.

Community Cloud can also be utilised for reusing custom Lightning components, Knowledge, Lightning Flow and other similar platforms. If required, you can also undertake third party integrations by integrating your CRM data and CMS content with external systems.

Einstein Platform

Einstein is an artificial intelligence component available with Salesforce Lightning. Through this platform, we would assist you in developing smart applications within the Salesforce environment involving technologies such as image recognition and language processing.


Integration and APIs

This developer centre is dedicated to the use of a variety of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for the purpose of data integration.

We understand the importance of data integration while Salesforce implementation and development and would help you display and integrate external objects with your platform. We would also help you in integrating your applications with prominent external platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, Box etc.

Marketing Cloud

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce CRM is the fact that it automates the process of marketing and makes it more efficient. With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we would help you in personalising your marketing processes through API integrations and developing value-added marketing applications.

We would also assist you in managing in-house and third-party applications with the help of installed packages. Using necessary Software Development Kits (SDKs), you can automate specific aspects of marketing, for instance, drafting personalised messages for your prospects.


Service Cloud

This is the developer centre you should go for if you are operating in the service sector. Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to keep a track of the services you provide to your clients/customers and provides you with the tools to offer personalised services.

Through this platform, our developers can help you customise your service solutions with the help of suitable coding. Moreover, we would help you integrate the services you provide on seamless applications to improve your overall functionality.

Developer Experience

Here, our team would help you in ascertaining how efficiently you can undertake team development using the package development model. This developer centre also helps you customise and extend all your core Salesforce applications. Moreover, we would help you maintain and upgrade you applications to keep you updated and in sync with the latest technology.


Service Cloud

This is the centre in developer.salesforce that is dedicated to users involved in handling e-commerce ventures. Through Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we would help you build distinguished buying experiences for your customers by creating and customising sample applications using suitable APIs.

You can develop and thoroughly test these applications before deploying them, ensuring they are developed to suit all the needs of your organisation and the customers you want to cater to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Salesforce Developer is a professional responsible for developing specific tools and features within a Salesforce org. It is their job to understand the specific needs of the clients and design solutions to help them attain their objectives.
What technical and programming skills should I look for in a Salesforce Developer?
Some of the major technical and programming skills that you should look for in a Salesforce Developer include:
Here are some of the major functions of a Salesforce Developer:
  • Developing personalized technical solutions for the clients
  • Meeting project managers to discuss the project requirements
  • Designing, coding, and deploying Salesforce applications
  • Carrying out third-party integrations
  • Creating project timelines and development goals
  • Troubleshooting technical issues and fixing bugs
  • Ensuring the integrity and security of the CRM platform
The preferred qualification requirements of a Salesforce Developer include:
A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other related fields
Working experience in the field of software development
Up to date knowledge of Salesforce and its offerings
Project management skills
Good communication skills
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