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Social Sign on in Salesforce | SSO with PayPal

Social login, also known as social sign-in or social sign-on, uses information from social networking sites (in our case: PayPal) to facilitate logins on third-party applications and platforms (in our case: Sal...


How to become a Blockchain developer?

Let us be brutally honest here. Study shows that just 0.71 % of the world population use blockchain technology. All the experts are putting heavily in favor of its being the next significant technological advan...


How to integrate stripes with Salesforce

Customers in today’s digital age spend the majority of their time pursuing down payments after mailing invoices. Therefore, it is critical to have the latest information on your system Regarding payment process...


Hubspot vs. Marketo: a 2022 comparison

Marketing has taken the center stage for business and it’s nevertheless to say, businesses doing well in attracting visitors and converting them into sales will rule the world. To get the multiple benefits thro...


Who Is A Salesforce ISV Partner?

When it comes to optimizing Salesforce, simply implementing the CRM platform is never enough. It is always advisable for Salesforce users to make the most of the cloud-based platform by developing business-spec...


Salesforce Admin Vs Consultant: What Is The Difference?

If executed well, Salesforce implementation can be one of the best decisions taken by your organization. The CRM platform helps you manage your customer database with the help of a centralized and automated pla...


Sell Successfully with Salesforce Sales Cloud

The sales cloud is the greatest platform that helps in managing the relationship between the salespeople and the customers. It keeps into consideration the methodologies of how to sell salesforce and manage the...


Understanding the Main Method of Python Python

There is a great importance of the Python main method and therefore, it is important to understand that it is one of the initiations points of any type of program in Python. The Python main function is majorly ...


How to Find the Array Length in Python? | Length of Array Python

If you are one of the Python developers, you would be knowing some or the other way of finding the Python array length. One can find the length of the array python depending on different types of variants. Pyth...


What is Salesforce CLI? | Salesforce DX CLI

The Salesforce CLI is the dedicated set of commands that simplify the development strategies and automate the building process while ascertaining the work associated with the Salesforce org. The set of statemen...