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Top 13+ Salesforce Interview Questions on Integration and Answers

Salesforce Interview questions on integration are quite helpful in getting an idea about how we can build a connection between the two applications and secure the diverse layers for achieving the possible targe...


Salesforce Integration Best Practices and Patterns

The Salesforce platform is one of the greatest platforms that work in association with the management of the customers and their healthy integration relationships. Salesforce integration patterns are the greate...


How to Integrate Zapier with Salesforce? | Salesforce with Zapier

The Zapier salesforce works with the help of integration which is one of the important segments in the fast-growing IT sector. Salesforce Zapier is often regarded as the helper in the form of an integration too...


What are the subsidiaries in Salesforce?

We often come across the word subsidiaries and especially Salesforce subsidiaries. Before understanding what salesforce subsidiaries are, we would like to answer what are subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are the micr...


Difference between workflow and process builder

Several automated business processes need to get updated and pushing off notifications as well as alerts. Therefore, we should know the difference between the workflow and process builder to work best with thes...


Salesforce Real-Time Projects Examples

Salesforce projects help manage contacts and customer relationship management across a variety of potential customers. The Salesforce real-time projects deliver the project management task with the help of a pr...


What is the difference between trigger and workflow?

Many times, we feel a need for automating the process based on the results of a call. At that particular moment, we can take the reference of the workflow rules, or sometimes we executive process through trigge...


Salesforce Demo Updated for 2021

What is a salesforce demo? Salesforce demo demonstration is significant for making the best sales and marketing campaigns that act as a driving force in attracting a huge number of clients and investors....


Difference Between Salesforce Customization Vs Configuration

We are aware of the fact that salesforce is one of the powerful tools that work in relationship with customer management dealing with all the aspects right from the Salesforce customization up to the configurat...


Dynamic Action Button without changing record type/ layout

With the new release of salesforce spring ‘21, one can hide show the button based on any field. (1) On Page edit, once clicked on Highlight Pannel, you would be able to see need to upgrade the Dynamic ac...