Salesforce Business Analyst – What Should You Know?

Owing to the increasing digitization of the market and diversification of businesses pertaining to every scale of operation, CRM software platforms are needed now more than ever. Salesforce has always been the most sought-after platform when it comes to handling customer databases in an efficient manner.


The platform of Salesforce provides you with several varied services through its distinct features, tools, and platforms. Once you have the software implemented in your organization, your sales team is bound to give a sigh of relief as it considerably reduces the time and effort that goes into several important business processes.


Apart from being an efficient CRM platform, Salesforce has also helped several aspirants in getting reputed jobs in the realm of data science. As there are new and complicated technological advancements every now and then with customers demanding more customized services, there have been more vacancies in all sorts of organizations for Salesforce professionals. Whether you want to become a Salesforce Consultant, a Salesforce Developer, or a Salesforce Administrator, you can successfully land a job in a decent business organization, provided you excel in all necessary skills.


However, you need to have complete knowledge about the Salesforce platform you want to master or the tool you want to gain expertise in. In spite of the platform simplifying the tasks of a sales team, Salesforce CRM itself can be a pretty complicated platform to master. This implies that you will have to work really hard to become a Salesforce professional. Out of all such professionals, a Salesforce Business Analyst can be considered as the “jack of all trades”.


Who Is A Salesforce Business Analyst?

As mentioned above, a Salesforce Business Analyst is the closest a Salesforce can come to being a “jack of all trades.” These are the analysts whose job revolves around making the Salesforce instance and maintenance better for the developers to work on and the users to use.


The role of a Salesforce Business Analyst is similar to that of a project manager in a team. They need to have complete knowledge about the Salesforce tools and platforms being used in an organization as well as the vision and goals of the company. If you aspire to secure this designation, you will be expected to have both technical as well as managerial expertise to exercise your full potential.


As a Salesforce Business Analyst, you will be shouldered with the responsibility of ascertaining, arranging, and actualizing all the highlights and capacities pertaining to the platform of Salesforce. You will also have to take a keen interest in the customers a business is catering to in order to help them customize the Salesforce platform according to their needs and business requirements.


All the matters regarding the advancement and administration of Salesforce would be overlooked by you, making sure the platform is being used by developers and operators at an optimum level. While you are expected to see whether the developers have designed the tools adequately, you will also need to be well-versed with specific client requirements and the position a business holds in the market. One of the reasons why the shoes of a Salesforce Business Analyst are responsible to get into is because your assessments and verdicts may form the base of important decisions made by a business organization.


A Salesforce Business Analyst is also required to undertake thorough surveys for breaking down several business processes, helping the clients to make the best use of Salesforce ultimately by driving sales. If you are actively looking for Salesforce business analyst roles, you need to be a Salesforce master as you will also be required to train Salesforce users to perform their tasks better.


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Roles and Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, the position of a Salesforce senior business analyst comes with multiple responsibilities. At this position, it would be assumed that you have sufficient working experience with the platform of Salesforce CRM and are well-versed with all its terminologies. You will also be required to handle all necessary issues relating to the functionality of Salesforce and take investigative measures for the same.


Here are some of the major responsibilities you will be shouldered with as a Salesforce Business Analyst:


1. You should conduct meetings with all the business partners in order to discuss matters regarding the inclination of customers for innovation and activities on the platform of Salesforce CRM.


2. You should conduct meetings with the team of developers in order to discuss technical matters of Salesforce according to the clients you are working for. You are also expected to involve developers in the organizing level of the analytical reports you make.


3. You should be able to train relevant managerial authorities by providing them with important insights and plans that will help them in getting work done from their subordinates.


4. You should make various informative data flow and process flow diagrams in order to induce a better understanding of concepts amongst the personnel.


5. You should train the Salesforce operators and administrators by providing them with suitable theoretical and practical training. You should also be able to design a suitable training program and come up with all relevant training material.


6. You should be able to explain various procedural flows regarding the departments of an organization and make the team understand where and how Salesforce will be implemented.


7. You should create suitable profiles, delegate authorities, and allow access according to a set hierarchy (also created by you).


8. You should work on the security and visibility of several tools and platforms pertaining to Salesforce.


9. You should be able to design and customize multiple dashboards according to the needs of Salesforce users. You should also take the business functionalities and requirements into consideration while making these dashboards.


Qualifications Required For A Salesforce Business Analyst

Here are all the qualifications and prerequisites you need to possess if you aspire to become a Salesforce Business Analyst:


1. You should have experience of using the platform of Salesforce or other similar CRM platforms, helping companies in their business processes.


2. You should have practical working experience in designing Salesforce CRM or other similar CRM platforms.


3. You should have experience in charting out approval principles, work processes, and security controls pertaining to Salesforce or other similar CRM platforms.


4. You should have a proven capacity of employing rational, scientific, and critical thinking aptitudes according to a given situation.


5. You should possess good verbal and non-verbal communication skills along with relational aptitudes.


6. Companies generally have a prerequisite of hiring a Salesforce Business Analyst that is able to efficiently juggle multiple business undertakings simultaneously while working in a collective group.


7. You should be able to adapt readily to a given business environment and be effective in taking necessary steps without getting into a mess.


8. You should always be zealous to learn required abilities that make you serve the organization better.


9. You should have proficiency in working with platforms such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and Project.


10 .You must possess a bachelor’s degree (preferably in a field related to data science and IT).


11. You should have experience in efficiently using and arranging necessary AppExchange items for building suitable solution architects.


12. You should be proficient in requesting, assembling, and breaking down all the necessary client information.


13. You should have experience in recording client stories and creating suitable to-be stream charts for them.


14. You should be proficient in working with business partners.


15. You should be experienced in executing the platform of Salesforce CRM using Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).


16. You should possess a valid Salesforce Business Analyst Certification, a Consulting Cloud Certification pertaining to sales, service, or community platforms, and other necessary Salesforce Certifications.


Skills Required To Be A Salesforce Business Analyst

There is a range of different skills that you would require in order to secure your position as a Salesforce Business Analyst in a reputed organization. Here are some of the most important ones:


Documentation Skills

It is extremely important for an able Salesforce Business Analyst to be able to collect organize all information that is necessary for the client organization. In order to do so, you should be able to handle documents very well. You will very likely be handling data that is highly complicated and in huge volumes. Segregating the same in suitable documents would make your (and your team’s) work a lot simpler and more organized.


Analytical Skills

It is a given that a qualified business analyst needs to have exemplary analytical skills. You should be able to make productive sense of a seemingly random database and come up with a conclusive analysis that would help your clients in making important business decisions.


Requirement-gathering Skills

Any able Salesforce Business Analyst should be efficient in gathering all necessary requirements and successfully delivering them to a team of relevant Salesforce experts. They should also supervise the requirements getting fulfilled and make sure the results are produced.


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