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Salesforce Interview questions on integration

By Chitiz Agarwal

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Salesforce Interview questions on integration are quite helpful in getting an idea about how we can build a connection between the two applications and secure the diverse layers for achieving the possible targets. Salesforce integration interview questions have a proper design of how the Enterprises make use of the applications for meeting their business requirements. We have a bulk of integration in Salesforce interview questions and answers which are demandable due to ever-increasing the respect to latest fashion so that they can achieve a higher level of operational efficiency for the products are demanding.


1. What is the meaning of the term called Integration?

It is the high-level process between two applications where any organization is involved in utilizing the diverse applications. Predominantly the maximum applications are not according to the design as demanded by the typical enterprises and they do not synchronize with each other. Therefore, there is an urgent need for integration of several applications so that they can relate one application with another and help the business Enterprises for achieving a higher level of consistencies and operational quality. In this digital module, we will be focusing on the overall process of the available integration options which are directly related to other salesforce technological platforms. One can also relate to


2. Explain the methods for building integration 

  • Method of integrating the User interface -it is useful in executing the process of combining the various user interfaces on more than one application for the creation of the composite applications so that there is no need for the allotment of the work on the interface platform for any type of application.
  • Method of integrating the Business – this type of integration is useful for handling the scenario where the business process needs to be e collaborated with several applications so that they can easily execute the end-to-end organizational processing. In this particular type of integration, there is a utilization of Apex callout for outbound and apex web services for inbound.
  • Data integration methodology – this type of possible way utilizes the rest API and the other pic that can easily handle the work of synchronizing the database and business requirements with one another. The biggest methods are also helpful in collaborating One application with another which takes the form of a primary source just similar to the account which is present inside the business object.


3.What do you mean by Web Services?

Web Services are similar to the functionalities of the type of coding which assist us in completing the process of collaborating the apps. Web Services work similarly to the open standard applications specifically web-based applications that have the capability of building interaction between diverse web apps for the motive of data exchange. There is an operational benefit of using the web services such as HTTP and XML. The capacity of converting the applications that are already present into web-based apps.


4.What is the meaning of Protocol?

It is regarded as the combination of the rules and regulations which are taken into acceptance and executed connecting the two terminals of the communication channels so that the information can easily be exchanged. It is successful in managing the mutual acceptance of the rules according to some criteria.


5.Discuss the various kinds of API available on the Salesforce platform

The utilization of the rest API

It is useful for providing a convenient platform for executing the Web Services which are laid based on REST API so that it can successfully collaborate with the salesforce. These are convenient as well as simple to use and carry several advantages associated with the integration usage seamlessly. There is an advantage of getting the number of choices concerning the technology in association with web-based projects. They can even work with mobile apps. For the building of the user interfaces for various communities, one can utilize one of the forms of rest API called chatter API and there are other bulk API for handling the maximum records.


6.How and when to utilize SOAP API?

There are majorly helpful in providing the convenient platform for the web-based service again for building interaction with the Salesforce platform. You can easily update the records and even go for creating the new records. There is another advantage of using this API which illustrates the ease of performing the searches in any type of language that can support the web services. This helps integrate the Salesforce platform with several resource planning systems and other financial systems for delivering real-time marketing activities. You can even handle the typical issues associated with the business for maintaining the customer information and support the database associated with the company portals.


7.How to make the utilization of Chatter REST API?

These are powerful integration tools for displaying the chatter feeds and followers and work best on mobile applications. Utilize this API for providing access to the concerned programs to the number of records and recommendations so that there is easy access to the notifications and email alerts. This API sometimes works similarly to the API which are the companies offered to the developers along with the feeds for example Twitter and Facebook.


8.How to make the utilization of streaming API?

This API is are useful for receiving the real-time stream admission based on the modifications being done in the order of the record customized payloads in Salesforce. If you want to make any type of changes in the records, the Salesforce platform tends to publish notifications whenever there is any type of alternations been occurred. The event messages get published for customizing the notifications and hence, the subscribers get the alerts after the usage of push Technology in the form of a platform implemented by Bayeux protocol which is called CometD.


9. Distinguish between the 2terms known as partner WSDL and enterprise WSDL?

Enterprise WSDL

It is strongly tied and is attached to the particular type of interface on Salesforce. It changes if there is a change being made to the fields.

Partner WSDL

It is loosely typed and is used for reflecting the changes occurring against the interface. They are not dynamic and hence we cannot make the modifications to them even if there is an occurrence of change inside the Salesforce layout.


10. How is it possible to access SOAP?

WSDL files are needed for building the communication channel with this platform and without using these files the integration is not at all possible. The format for messaging is used is XML.


11. Highlight the possible ways of generating the WSDL file

First of all, you need to move towards setup where you will be navigated to develop and finally select the apex classes. After clicking the apex classes, you need to click on the button named generate WSDL. The last step to generate WSDL coding from the apex class and finally you can save the file in the .wsdl format inside the system.


12. What is the way of consumption of the file named as WSDL file?

The first step guide just to enter into the apex classes by navigating from setup and selecting the apex classes inside it. You can take support of the box called quick find box for the same. You need to click on the generate from WSDL. Nextly, you can click browse for navigating to the document provided on the hard drive and this document is a foundation for any Apex class you are going to create. For the verification of the content inside the documents, you can click on Parse WSDL. You can see the application being generated along with the name of the class for inserting inside a document and also so what date you about the changes of error production. You can modify the last names if you desire and keep in mind that the apex classes should not be more than millions of the concerning characters in total.


13. Distinguish between the 2 key terms called as soap and rest?


SOAP is the form of activity or an attempt for defining the standards so that Web Service APIs can be created. It is the form of a pattern or a similar web service architecture that helps in providing the guidelines which need to be considered when we are designing the web service apps. They work on HTTP format and have the potential of handling the bulky group of functionalities that is required for handling complex issues.


The REST API is one of the forms of the web service architecture pattern and is resource-oriented. They also utilize the HTTP headers for carrying the meta-data when utilizing the delete and put verbs for performing the CRUD operations. They help in supporting the XML format and prefer web-based applications because they can support the system seamlessly.



Hence, we have discussed the Salesforce REST API interview questions with the importance of integration and the methods of integrating Salesforce with other applications. These integration interview questions have helped the professionals about knowing the types of API that are available on the Salesforce platform and the diversity of usages of the APIs according to the respective business processes.

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