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Salesforce CRM is an efficient business CRM platform that helps you in carrying out several complicated activities pertaining to effective management of your customer database. One such activity Salesforce excels in is that of carrying out third party integrations. Through these integrations, Salesforce collaborates with a third party application, allowing the users to get an ideal mix of services from both the entities.

One such collaboration by Salesforce CRM is that with Webassessor for Partners. Webassessor is an application that acts as an efficient testing tool made available for developers and business organisations to create and manage several different tests. Owing to the complications pertaining to the platform of Salesforce CRM, it is necessary for the client organisations to test their developers, operators and partners in order to be sure of their skills and knowledge. Webassessor Salesforce provides the ideal mix of a CRM platform with an enhanced database and a productive testing tool. This portal can also be used to choose an ideal Salesforce Consultant by testing the suitable applicants.

Implementing Webassessor Salesforce would relieve you of the efforts of building or purchasing different applications for crating relevant utilities and synchronising them in order to create and manage certain specific tests. The platform of Salesforce Webassessor is highly integrated and would ensure of the fact that you are in full control of the tests you design and deliver. Also, the platform of Salesforce CRM would help you in customising your tests according to your requirements.

Creation of Tests

The platform of Webassessor Salesforce provides you with a simple and automated portal for writing the questions you feel are necessary. It also helps you in creating varied test forms by assembling relevant test questions. With no more than a few clicks after completing Webassessor sign up, the application allows you to author necessary items, integrating proctor types, creating test forms and managing test delivery.

Writing Questions Online

Once you are done with your Webassessor Salesforce login, the platform offers you extremely simple tools for writing your test questions online. These tools allow you to use your word processor for writing questions and making sure they retain the necessary sophistication. It also provides you with an integrated item banking tool that ensures more accuracy in your data flow and also secures the contents of your test.

Managing Complicated Item Banks

The flexible structure of Webassessor Salesforce facilitates the users in copying and moving Items, Item Folders and Banks within the structure of Item Banks. The platform also allows you to search for necessary keywords and review levels of permission.

Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can simple use of the complicated Item Banks:

1. You can author relevant Items using simple interface like that of word processor

2. You can efficiently identify the source of the item content

3. You can easily undertake the formatting of item text characteristics

4. You can preview selected items for the purpose of effective scoring and viewing how they would appear in the tests

5. You can assign unique Ids to selected Items

6. You can customise the Item properties for storing more information with the Items

7. You can use the “Item Comments” section for viewing Test Taker Feedback, allowing you to view the name of the test taker, the date of completion, score and assessment name

8. You can choose the option of “Track Change History” to keep a track of all the changes taking place pertaining to the selected Items

Managing Workflow of Selected Items

As the platform of Webassessor Salesforce keeps a track of all the changes made to the selected Items, you can manage their workflow through the following processes:

1. Item Writing

2. Item Editing

3. Undertaking Technical Review

4. Undertaking Psychometric Review

5. Managing Item Completion

6. Managing Item Rejection

7. Managing Retiring of Items

Managing Test Forms Online

You can use the platform of Webassessor Salesforce for managing all your test forms online using the methods mentioned here:

1. You can assemble important Test Form for the purpose of creating necessary assignments, tests and quizzes using the Test Form Management Interface

2. You can edit necessary Items

3. You can customise the scoring in the Test Form you created

4. You can provide the test takers with the option of adding comments on the selected Item or the Test Form

Options For Test Delivery

The decision you make regarding the selection of ideal test delivery methods is an important one. It is advisable to explore multiple options instead of getting stuck to a single method. Webassessor Salesforce allows you to deliver tests of your choice from any location at any time, as long as you have an internet connection.

The platform of Webassessor Salesforce provides you with four options to choose from when it comes to ensuring effective Test Delivery.

Unproctored or Practice Tests

These are the tests that are generally not graded and are taken to prepare the test takers for the real examination. Salesforce Webassessor provides you with efficient tools that would not only help you in creating and delivery of practice tests, but also allow you in scoring the tests in an automated manner. All test takers need to do is log in to the page you customised for taking the test and launch the concerned test or quiz. Though the relevance and importance of these tests is relatively less, they can very well be used to carry out the necessary groundwork for important examinations.

Client Proctored Tests

These are the tests that are delivered using a private testing network such as partners, resellers or examiners at annual meetings. You can choose to have your own private testing network or deliver your tests using a temporary testing location. Whatever choice you make, Webassessor Salesforce would help you manage the entire delivery process. However, always keep in mind that for these tests, Webassessor Salesforce would provide you with the necessary software and you will have to provide the hardware along with the necessary proctors.

Additionally, you are required to define the data fields you would require for the accounts of your test takers, the email communications (automated) and also the environment of the Test Taker web pages.

High-stakes Online Secured Testing (HOST) Location Proctored Tests

This is the Test Delivery method if you want to follow the traditional way of taking tests through a network of authorised locations having trained proctors. Here, Webassessor would help you in choosing an ideal geographical location where you want to deliver your tests. The portal would make sure you get the test locations that provide service standards of the highest quality, along with an objective third party perspective in order to have a neutral approach.

Online Proctored Tests

As the name suggests, this is the Test Delivery method that allows you to take tests over online platforms. Salesforce Webassessor would help you in fulfilling all the requirements of your test, whether you want it to be conducted on your website, on a HOST location or the virtual location of your Test Takers.

Managing Test Data

The highly automated and efficient platform of Webassessor Salesforce is designed in a way that you can easily manage and analyse all necessary data pertaining to the test you want to conduct. Here are some of the key features that assist you in effective test data management:

Test Taker Web Pages

During the stages of implementing the platform of Salesforce Webassessor, developers would closely work with you in order to customise the details your Test Taker would see on your test pages. Customising Test Taker Web Pages would involve taking into consideration aspects such as colour schemes, logos and the content to be displayed on the relevant pages.

Test Taker Account Fields

The developers would also help you with the customisation of Test Taker Account Fields through which you can ascertain which data is important to you and the information you wish to track regarding your Test Takers. Webassessor Salesforce gives you the power of altering the nomenclature of virtually all the necessary fields and customising the same according to your specific requirements. Also, the portal will allow you to have sufficient administrative controls using which you can ascertain the data your Test Takers can view in their online transcript of the tests conducted by you.

Test Taker Communication

No matter what methods you want to follow regarding the delivery of your tests, it is important to communicate with your Test Takers in one way or another. Owing to the elimination of geographical boundaries and complications in certain business processes, it may be challenging for you to undertake this communication, but Webassessor Salesforce would help you in doing so conveniently. The platform allows you to communicate with your students or Test Takers by managing regular email routine.

It also allows you to customise the way you communicate with each of your Test Takers. Majority of the Test Taker communication revolves around welcome emails, communications regarding password reset and log in instructions.

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