The need was to have a Central CRM solution which is accessible by everyone across the board to check on Car resell process, maintaining car parts inventory, centrilize and dynamic pricing system, maintaining car availability and publishing the same over website.


Customer needed a single system/application for Resell Car process

  • Needed a CRM for end-to-end process from Lead generation to Selling a car  
  • To provide different offers to the Customers 
  • System should be able to manage the car parts and its inventory 
  • Centralize and dynamic process for calculation of Car pricing  
  • Maintaining book keeping and finance within CRM 
  • Maintaining website from the CRM for publishing available Cars and also controlling photos that needs to be displayed on website on the CRM  


  • Sales cloud was used for lead process and generating lead from different source 
  • Based on the nature / model of the car, different sales rep was automatically assigned to the lead 
  • Different data model architecture was designed from the time Car comes into the system until it is sold out. 
  • Created single screen which shows the entire life process of the Car and is also highlights on what’s the current status of the Car 
  • Different section helps to identify what new parts was included as per the region which eventually add up on the overall car cost 
  • Offer section to show various offer a sales rep can present to the Customer where values are auto populated and based on changes in certain parameters final cost is calculated.  
  • XML file import process was created which helps in creating new inventory with their pricing  
  • Inventory was also maintained into the CRM and various automation was done for controlling the replenishment  
  • Based on the different parts included / modified in Car total price was automatically calculated. Pricing model also incudes different type of TAX involved during the entire process along with dynamic discounting ability for the reps and approval process before presenting final price to the customer.  
  • Finance cloud was implemented for creating Sales invoices, maintaining journals, maintaining assets 
  • Website was also maintained from the SF, based on the availability of the Car and on click of a button new car was published on the website or removed. SF was also used to publish the Car images on the website. Also, dynamic ribbon that needs to be added on different images was controlled from the SF along with the thumbnail images 


  • Increase revenue growth based on the solution. 
  • Turn around time for sales rep decreased for presenting different offers and selling a Car 
  • Management has real time Information and can see the progress 
  • Easy to identify which car model is doing well based on the region. 
  • Complete 360-degree information for the Customers and their payment status