Starting with just SEO, Ironline eventually signed on as a new Equip user. This resulted in the integration of their website with Salesforce for inventory management and quoting as well as growing the opportunity pipeline from an increase in Internet leads. Ironline also contracted LUM.NET to develop a strategy to enhance the spare parts visibility and ordering capacity online. 


Before using LUM.NET, ironline’s website had an outdated design and was under performing online in terms of lead generation compared to the competition.  Also, keeping inventory online current using previous website code was clunky and cumbersome. For parts, the website had no parts listing or parts search functionality. Parts was essentially an offline only sales process which severely limited the company’s ability to grow their online sales presence.  

Business Solution

  • Website refresh and redesign 
  • Monthly Search engine marketing program 
  • Products and Sales lead integration between website and Salesforce 
  • Display all parts online with search and filtering options and quote request functionality integrated with Salesforce 


  • Internet search traffic grew 150% within 6 months 
  • Sales leads doubled each of the first 6 months 
  • All sales opportunities tracked and managed within Salesforce with custom pipeline reports and dashboards. 
  • Products available for sale are easily managed within Salesforce and integrated to website for synchronized updates. 


With their outdated website, Ironline wasn’t capturing the internet search traffic they wanted. Even when visitors did stop by, few stayed for very long because the company’s website was optimized for mobile use — a vital component of any successful business these days.  

Ironline knew that one key to reaching their audience was to implement SEO best practices. They enlisted help from Lum.net to do so. Eventually, however, Ironline released that a more comprehensive strategy is what they needed in order to bring them to the top of their industry. Because their website was underperforming and outdated, Lum.net created a website design with that is also mobile responsive. This increased their internet search traffic by 150 percent in just six months.  

Ironline’s sales leads also doubled during each of the first six months after Lum.net came on board. The previous inventory system in use used code that was both cumbersome and clunky. Lum.net used Salesforce to facilitate integration between the parts and sales functions on the Ironline website. While the company’s previous website lacked the ability to perform a search and was also missing a listing of the available parts, these functions are fully integrated with Salesforce. With the ability to easy manage the sales inventory from within Salesforce, the Ironline website automatically updates the parts listing to include the latest availability with the need for a separate process. 
Using the custom pipeline reports and dashboards from Salesforce, key personnel from Ironline can track and manage all sales opportunities. These metrics can then be used to integrate a more focused monthly search engine marketing program facilitated by Lum.net.