Recruitment nowadays has become a very tiresome and lengthy process and even after so many filters sometimes companies are left with non-suitable candidates for the open positions. A leading recruitment Company who are specializing in CXO level Headhunting across multple functions and Industries to ensure that their Customer’s don’t worried about the Hiring procedure and focus on their business objective.


  • Existing recruitment process is Cumbersome that causes the team management to opt for a new solution.
  • Tiresome and Lengthy process to filter the specific profile of suitable candidates
  • Missing Team members collaboration which resulted in delay of approaching the right candidate at the right time
  • Need the right solution for the Team so that proactive actions can be taken for recruitment selections
  • Provision of capturing the Candidate profile such as Name, Mobile, Years of experience, etc. along with the picture that can be saved in the databank repository.
  • Assisting the Recruitment team to adopt the custom solution that can benefit the engagements for betterment.


  • Developed a custom solution that Covers all the major aspects of Recruitment such as Creating a Team, Adding Team Members along with their personality highlights, Interests, ambitions achievements etc.
  • This solution enables the Team creator to share this team information including the open position details via different social media channels like Facebook, twitter along with the email/outlook.
  • Allowing candidate to walk through the Team highlighters and get to know the teammates and their interests and culture and goals a team is engaged in.
  • This helps the candidate to picture him/her in the team and allow him to join a team where is the best suited candidate which share a common interest/goal/ambitions.
  • This solution provides the control to team creator to visit the candidate pool and mark the candidate profile as shortlisted or archived and once the candidate is filled in the team can be closed with the necessary information of the team along with the shortlisted candidate.


  • Custom UI enables the team to collaborate in more professional manner and boost the team morale
  • 360 degree of current team members along with their open/closed positions for leadership team.
  • Customer appreciated the applications developed as per their requirements and expectations.

Snapshot (Using Custom Solution) for Recruitment