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One of the most critical aspects of running a business organization is managing documentation. There are numerous records, files and documents that are created, moved, modified and deleted on a regular basis. An average business house has to deal with hundreds of customers on a daily basis. This implies that apart from the documents pertaining to the internal business resources, a business enterprise has to maintain documents regarding its customers on a daily basis.
With the passage of time, businesses are getting diversified and new technological advancements are getting made. The market is increasingly expanding and the customers are getting more demanding. They need to be provided with personalized services, requiring a business to maintain separate accounts and files for every customer. It is nearly impossible to manage documentation using traditional and manual methodologies. This is the pivotal reason why businesses are moving to more automated alternatives for document management.
Salesforce has helped a number of businesses in storing and managing their documents. When you implement the platform of Salesforce in your organization, the software would help you in organizing all your files and documents. This ultimately helps you in catering to your customers better. At every stage of marketing and sales, you can create, access, store, modify, move, copy and delete documents according to your specific requirements with the automation and efficiency provided by Salesforce.

Allocations for data and file storage in Salesforce

The storage pertaining to the platform of Salesforce CRM is essentially divided into two sections – File Storage and Data Storage.
Salesforce file storage includes all the files pertaining to the Chatter platform, the files in attachments, Files home, custom File field, assets regarding Site.com, the tab of Documents and all of the Salesforce CRM content.
For every business organisation implementing Salesforce, the Salesforce file storage limits pertaining to the Enterprise, Professional, Performance, Group, Contact Manager and Unlimited editions are set to 10 GB. However, the Salesforce Essentials edition has the file storage limit of 1 GB.
Additional Salesforce file storage is allocated to a business organisation based on the number of standard user licenses owned by the firm in the following manner:

For the Performance, Enterprise and Unlimited editions, a business organisation is allocated additional 2 GB of file storage for every user license.

For the Group, Professional and Contact Manager Editions, a business organisation is allocated additional 612 MB of file storage for every user license.

Majority of the CRM activities are carried out using the data storage pertaining to Salesforce. Salesforce data storage includes the following components:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Cases
  • Campaigns
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Lists
  • Custom objects
  • Solutions
  • Tasks
  • Tags
  • Article types
  • Article translations
  • Case teams
  • Campaign members
  • Contracts
  • Email messages
  • Forecast items
  • Events
  • Ideas
  • Notes
  • Google docs
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Quote templates

All Salesforce objects related to Field Service Lightning enablementThe platform of Salesforce makes use of both files storage and data storage for carrying out important business processes pertaining to marketing and sales according to the specific client requirements.


As mentioned earlier, a business organization needs to manage numerous files on a daily basis. As the number of customers and activities performed by the team for these customers increases, there will always be a need for extra storage space for business files. The Salesforce storage limits on the platform of Salesforce may fall short to a business for storing and accessing their files. Also, you may be storing all your important files on a third party storage platform before implementing Salesforce within your organization. All these issues can be solved if you integrate Salesforce with an external file storage platform.
Salesforce is known for being a highly customizable platform. It can be readily integrated with third-party applications to leverage its functionality and to allow the users an ideal mix of two entities
on a centralized platform. Integrating Salesforce with suitable external storage platforms will not only help you expand the overall Salesforce file storage but also help you in organizing and managing your files. Due to this integration, your users can avail of the distinct features offered by the external storage platforms, serving as an added advantage for them.


There are numerous external storage options in the market with whom you can get your Salesforce integrated. However, it is advisable to be precise and careful while undertaking this integration because it deals with important business data. When you integrate Salesforce with a file storage platform, you are syncing all your important business files and documents with the concerned platform. You cannot afford to make any mistake in such integrations as it may result in the loss of sensitive business records.
Therefore, it is very important to find an integration partner that suits all your requirements. It is advisable to approach a reliable Salesforce external file storage solution provider to guide you every step of the way. These service providers analyse your key business objectives and
your specific file storage needs to provide you with the best solutions. They will also suggest you with suitable options of external file storage platforms you can integrate with.

Here are some of the basic services provided by a reliable Salesforce external file storage solutions provider:

Providing Best External File Storage Integration Options

An ideal file storage solutions provider should provide you with an array of suitable options to integrate with, such as AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive etc. They should readily perform all the necessary custom settings and develop necessary applications and communities to help you use the integrated platform.

Helping You Collaborate Important Files

A competent external file storage solutions provider should ensure that the Salesforce users can sync all the necessary files and documents with the concerned external storage platform seamlessly, without hampering their user experience. Also, they should make sure that the users are not facing any hassles in accessing their Salesforce files on the integrated platform.

No Limits On File Size

An able file storage solutions provider should have no restrictions on the size of the files being integrated and accessed using the external file storage platform. They should ensure that the users are able to view, download, upload and move files pertaining to all sizes, along with allowing the option of multiple file uploads simultaneously.

Upgrades and Customisations

When you are choosing an idea Salesforce external file storage solutions provider, make sure the services they provide are pertaining to the upgraded version of Salesforce, i.e. Salesforce Lightning. Majority of the advanced software platforms are built in the environment of Salesforce Lightning as it provides better functionality and increased automation. Also, the service provider should be able to undertake seamless mobile customisation of the external file storage platform with Salesforce1 mobile. This improves the flexibility of operations, allowing the client users to access the integrated platform from any location at any time.

Facilitating Smooth Migration

If you are getting Salesforce integrated with an external file storage platform through a file storage solutions provider, you need to ensure that they facilitate easy and smooth migration of files across the integrate platform. Whether it is exporting files from Salesforce to the external file storage system of importing files from the files storage platform to Salesforce, the migration should be seamless and quick.

Drag and Drop Facilities

A competent external file storage solutions provider should provide their clients with simple drag and drop facilities to select and move files across the integration platforms. This would save considerable time a user would otherwise spend in selecting, copying or moving the required files and records.


Here are some of the most prominent and beneficial integrations that can be undertaken between Salesforce and external file storage platforms:

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a prominent storage platform owned by Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you undertake efficient Salesforce Amazon S3 integration, you can collaborate and synchronize your Salesforce files with the platform of Amazon S3, facilitating the cost-effective integration of important files, records, and documents.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used platforms for file storage and document management. A robust Salesforce-Google Drive integration would provide the users with a platform that can be used for effectively streamlining and optimizing complicated business processes.


Whether you are in sales, marketing or service departments, Salesforce Dropbox integration would allow you in synchronizing a content platform with a customer success platform. The integration would not only increase your Salesforce file storage limits but also simplify workflows for the users.


The box is a prominent file storage and document management platform that allows the users to view, modify, upload and download documents of all sizes. Salesforce Box integration would help the users in organizing and centralizing the process of maintaining, updating and processing important customer files and records.

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