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Send SMS to your leads, contacts, and accounts from your Salesforce org with ease and efficiency. allows you to stay in touch with your customers and prospects directly from your Salesforce instance by sending them SMS and MMS messages with a few simple clicks. Salesforce does not provide its users with an in-built tool for sending text messages to their contacts. .

Instead of resorting to sending messages from their mobile phones, or native Salesforce SMS tool helps your sales reps to send personalized messages to the contacts from your Salesforce database. Moreover, the Salesforce messaging app helps you in transmitting SMS notifications to your Salesforce objects like leads, contacts, accounts, and any relevant custom objects. helps you in creating powerful SMS marketing campaigns. Whether you want to make an important announcement, reach out to the prospects after opting in for your messages, or send any important alert to your customers, the Salesforce SMS allows helps you streamline all your SMS marketing processes.


In-Salesforce Messaging

Send SMS and MMS messages without leaving your CRM platform through our native Salesforce SMS app. It helps your sales reps in saving their time and effort spent in switching platforms for sending, receiving, or keeping a track of every Salesforce text message. With, you can get going by entering a phone number through SMS Home.

Bulk Messaging

If you are willing to send a single SMS to bulk contacts, the messaging tool allows you to compose and deliver a number of messages to your Salesforce contacts. With a few simple clicks, you can reach out to a large number of your target audience and get your message across in the best way possible.

SMS Templates

The Salesforce SMS tool comes with a number of pre-built templates that help you draft professional-looking SMS messages. No matter which industry you belong to and what your SMS marketing purpose is, you can obtain templates that prevent your sales reps to create messages from scratch. These templates help you increase the speed of SMS creation and delivery, keeping your communication processes up to date.

Tracking SMS History

Apart from sending SMS messages to your Salesforce contacts, it is important to keep a track of every Salesforce text message sent and received from specific contacts. helps you track the SMS history of all the messages on a single platform, helping you assess the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign. This allows you to see the messages that gave you tractions, the ones that were received well, and the ones that failed to make an impact. Moreover, the Salesforce SMS app allows you to track the history of SMS messages connected to different objects such as leads, contacts, and accounts. This helps your team to access and analyze the performance of your campaign on different recipients.

Incoming SMS

This feature dominates all relevant SMS records acknowledged by Salesforce and related to a specific lead or contact. You can set up Incoming SMS with a lead or an account by setting up Incoming Lookup in SMS settings and creating a New Incoming SMS record.

Let Say

In case you have a list of Phone fields such as Home Phone, Office Phone, Personal Mobile, etc on an Account, this feature allows you to arrange a special field. Based on this field value, incoming SMS messages will be correlated with an appropriate record.

Creating Records On Incoming SMS

The Salesforce SMS allows automated creation of records in specific objects such as Lead, Contact, Account, Case, Task, Opportunity, etc. This helps you in organizing the text messages and streamlining your marketing processes by creating records pertaining to different contacts.

Opt-in And Opt-out Settings

It is neither ethical nor advisable to bombard your prospects with text messages when they are not interested to receive them from you. It will only lead to your marketing campaign backfiring. To avoid this issue, our Salesforce SMS app provides you with opt-in and opt-out settings. You can ask all the customers/prospects in your list to opt for receiving your promotional text messages if there are interested in the same. This will help you filter out the contacts that are not willing to receive your promotional messages. Moreover, if some of the contacts are no longer interested in getting SMS updates from your end, they can choose to opt out of your campaign. As they opt out, the SMS tool helps you remove those contacts from your list, making it easier for you to carry on with your campaign.

Scheduling Text Messages

If you are willing to send a series of text messages to specific contacts at a specific time, the Salesforce text message tool allows you to schedule your messages at the time of your choice. The enhanced package of SMS on Workflow allows you to select the contacts you want to interact with and the time at which you are willing to send them text messages..

Conversation View

Obtain a seamless conversation view on your device to view and track the messages sent and received from different contacts. As opposed to switching between the Inbox and Sent tabs, this view helps you view the messages sent and received in the form of a seamless conversation.

Auto-forward To Email

This feature helps you select specific SMS messages and forward them to your email to process them accordingly.

Industries Catered To


The Salesforce SMS app is designed to help users create and run extensive SMS marketing campaigns. It helps you design and deliver text messages that resonate with your audience. Marketers can use the tool to reach out to their target audience and encourage them to engage with their business. Also, helps marketers in keeping a track of all the messages sent and received, allowing them to analyze the performance and effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns.


All the marketing efforts made for reaching out to the customers are for the purpose of driving more sales. Since a sales lead is captured and added to the Salesforce database, the sales reps can start nurturing the same by sending them promotional messages. Throughout their journey in the sales pipeline, the Salesforce SMS app allows your sales reps to send personalized messages to the leads to convert them into loyal customers. Also, once the deal is closed, helps your sales team to send messages pertaining to payment confirmation, reminders, invoices, etc to further streamline the sales processes.

Real Estate

The foundation of a real estate venture is to grow the business by making fruitful connections and staying in touch with a number of individuals directly or indirectly connected to the projects managed. The Salesforce SMS app allows developers to stay in touch with the brokers, prospects, and customers by sending them important updates regarding the status of different projects. Right from promoting the sale/lease of a property to finalizing the deal and providing after-sale services, real estate developers can undertake seamless communication using a single unified platform.

Education allows educational institutions to send personalized and bulk text messages to the students, faculty, and alumni for providing them with important details and making important announcements.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Salesforce SMS app?

The purpose of a Salesforce SMS app is to send and receive text messages using the platform of Salesforce CRM. It prevents the users from leaving the CRM platform to connect with the contacts stored within the Salesforce database.