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You can access Moodle from inside Salesforce through our Salesforce Moodle Connector. As a platform Moodle is very easy to use and full of great features. By integrating Moodle with the best CRM out there Salesforce you’ll get a vital edge over the competition.

Moodle is a free online education service which provides you great knowledge in any stream. Moodle (acronym modular object orient learning environment), this can be accessible for any browser and software. They provide high-level educator as long as average. That is an online education hub to get more knowledge. You access Moodle in more that hundreds of language. Moodle-based on learning management system that gives you to improve your experience for free.


Product Information

Latest Release:
January 2022
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Supported Features:
Customizing, Social Learning, Flexible Learning, E-Commerce

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a free learning management system that allows users to streamline their teaching and learning processes. It provides you with collaborative environments for creating customized learning modules and courses that can be designed in a personalized manner. The web-based and movile-compatible platform makes it accessible for users located anywhere in the world.

Is it possible to integrate Moodle with Salesforce directly from Moodle?

Moodle does not integrate with Salesforce out of the box. We help you carry out this integration through a third-party connector.