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Spend minimum time in creating quality Salesforce forms with the help of FormDoodle. The native Salesforce form builder allows users to create personalized forms to generate leads, capture important client data, and store the same within the Salesforce database in real-time. It allows seamless creation and management of web-to-lead forms to help your sales reps tap the best opportunities and nurture leads to close more deals.


Build Forms Connecting To Any Salesforce Object

The Salesforce form builder allows users to record details from the forms into any Salesforce object as per their requirements. This saves your reps a substantial amount of time spent in updating records and making entries in specific objects manually. Based on the data you want to gather, you can connect your Salesforce forms to a standard or custom object of your choice, facilitating a direct entry into the concerned object(s) as the forms are filled by your prospects/customers. These details may include phone numbers, email addresses, feedback responses, payment details, and other relevant information.

Simple User Interface

FormsDoodle is designed to make things easier for Salesforce users instead of making them more complicated. You can rest assured that the Salesforce form builder allows you to create forms with utmost ease and efficiency. Even if your team members have little to no knowledge about programming, they can get used to the tool and its features in a few minutes. The functionality of FormDoodle revolves around the use of simple drag-and-drop tools without the need for a single line of code to be written.

Create Dynamic Salesforce Forms

FormDoodle allows you to create dynamic Salesforce forms that are highly responsive. You can choose to get the forms pre-filled with the information pertaining to your regular customers, saving them time in entering their details repeatedly. Also, the tool allows you to ensure that the right individual is guided to the right section of the form.

Stay Notified

With a number of business processes to be carried out on a daily basis, it is difficult to keep a track of every form filled by every prospect/customer. FormDoodle notifies you and your team every time a form is filled and details are entered within your Salesforce database in real-time. This way, you can keep a track of all the responses as they are received, without having to keep a manual check on the same.

Focus On The Security Of Your Forms

We understand how important it is to keep the details entered in your Salesforce forms secure. FormDoodle, being a native Salesforce tool, provides you with layered security when it comes to keeping your records secure. It allows you to set user permissions to access the forms and the records created using the same. This helps you prevent threats such as data leaks, unauthorized access, and fraud. Moreover, FormDoodle allows you to add Captcha and ReCaptcha to your forms to keep them safe from bots.

Focus On Data Compliance

As an extension to the security measures taken while creating FormDoodle, our tool adheres to global data compliance laws such as GDPR and CCPA. We make sure that the details collected from our prospects/customers are used in the most ethical way possible. Also, we ensure utmost transparency in the collection and use of customer data, empowering them to have complete knowledge about how and where the data is used.

Options For Multiple Languages

If your customers spread across different parts of the world and understand different languages, you can cater to them by building Salesforce forms in different languages. FormDoodle allows you to create and translate forms in multiple global languages to reach out to all your prospects and customers.

Choose The Format Of Your Forms

The Salesforce form builder allows your teams to create and store forms in the format they prefer. If you want to keep the records safe and presentable, the tool allows you to add forms to your database in PDF format.

A Wide Range Of Templates And Themes

FormDoodle makes sure that your forms look presentable and professional. It provides users with an array of pre-built templates to choose from, saving them a good amount of time spent in creating similar forms. You can rest assured that the templates provided by FormDoodle would automatically make your forms look professional and well-structured. Moreover, if you are willing to style your forms in a specific way according to your target audience, the Salesforce form builder provides you with a number of themes to choose from. You can choose the theme that works well with your audience and create forms with a few simple clicks.

Track Activities Offline

With FormDoodle, you can keep a track of your forms and the responses you receive even when you are not connected to the internet. Once you regain connection, the data will automatically be synced with your database.

Integration With Payment Gateways

Integrate your Salesforce forms with noted payment gateways to earn rewards when your customers pay you through the gateways Associate with Stripe, PayPal, Sage, and other payment gateways to streamline your payments through the forms.

Industries Catered To


Financial institutions often require their clients to fill in dedicated forms based on the services they provide and the details they want. Lenders may also send confidential forms to the borrowers to obtain details such as their PAN card number, ID proofs, address proofs, financial statements, and other relevant details. The Salesforce form builder helps you in creating forms that help you capture leads from your website and obtain all the necessary details you want from your clients.


As healthcare centers are making more use of electronic health records (EHRs), Salesforce forms help you create, store and track records with ease and efficiency. With FormDoodle, you can create specific forms to obtain valuable details from your patients and streamline your care services. Moreover, the Salesforce form builder makes sure that the forms you create and the data you obtain are secure. This helps users adhere to the data compliance regulations of the healthcare centers while handling sensitive records.


NGOs and other non-profit organizations often make use of forms to sign petitions, onboard volunteers, take surveys, and other relevant purposes. FormDoodle allows you to reach out to your target audience and volunteers to obtain the required information on a single unified platform.

Marketing And Sales

Web to lead forms help businesses capture leads from their websites and gauge the likes and preferences of their target audience. The Salesforce form builder allows your marketing and sales teams to create professional forms that add the details about the leads captured directly to your Salesforce database.




Install Form Doodle : Start by installing FormDoodle from Salesforce AppExchange and logging into your Salesforce account. Select A Suitable Template : Once the tool is up and running, you can choose from a plethora of templates based on the industry you operate in, the audience you are targeting, and the purpose of your form. Select The Necessary Fields : After choosing the template, select the fields you need to add to the forms using the simple drag-and-drop functionality. You can choose simpler fields such as name and contact details as well as a little more complicated ones, such as dynamic maps. Set Conditional Logic : Setting conditional logic in your Salesforce forms allows you to control what the respondent sees while browsing on your website and how they navigate through the form. This should not take more than a few seconds. Once you are done setting the conditional logic, you can save the form and make it live (or send it to your contacts) for being filled.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Salesforce forms used for?

Salesforce forms can be used for a number of purposes, such as conducting surveys, generating leads, or obtaining specific details about the prospects or clients handled by an organization.

How secure will the details obtained through the forms be?

Being a native Salesforce app, FormDoodle makes sure that the forms you create and the details you obtain from your contacts are completely secure. You can rest assured that the information will not leave your Salesforce org. Moreover, the tool allows you to set user permissions to ascertain who can access the forms created and the records created from the same.

Which Salesforce Cloud does FormDoodle work with?

FormDoodle works well with all Salesforce offerings. Depending on the objectives you want to achieve and the purpose for creating Salesforce forms, you can install the form builder for any Salesforce Cloud.

How does your form builder help me grow my business?

Our Salesforce form builder helps you increase your productivity by making lead generation faster and more effective. The direct creation of Salesforce records in any object allows your reps to work on more deals, ultimately increasing the chances of closing more deals.