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Boost Your E-commerce Sales And Manage Your Shopify Account By Connecting It With Salesforce Via Shopify Connect.
Boost Your E-commerce Sales And Manage Your Shopify Account By Connecting It With Salesforce Via Shopify Connect. The boost in the e-commerce industry during the last few years has resulted in intense competition between online sellers. You have no option but to provide the best possible services to your customers, failing which they would switch to your competitors in no time. Shopify has been helping online sellers set up and manage their online storefronts for quite some time. Through Shopify Connect, we provide you with a Shopify Salesforce connector. As the name suggests, the tool helps you connect your Shopify account to your Salesforce org and integrate the data belonging to both the platforms effectively. This helps you in availing of the CRM functionality for carrying our e-commerce transactions and keeping a track of all your customers and orders from a centralized platform.


Native Salesforce Tool

Shopify Connect is a native Salesforce tool that seamlessly connects your Salesforce org to your Shopify account. Being a Salesforce native application, the Shopify Salesforce connector works as if it is a part of your Salesforce instance, without the need to install any other tools or add-ons for managing your database.

Using E-commerce Data With CRM Benefits

The Shopify Salesforce connecting tool allows you to work on your e-commerce data while availing of the CRM benefits. Once you integrate the two platforms, you can associate the different orders placed, leads generated, leads nurtured, opportunities converted, and deals closed to different Salesforce objects. This way, you have all your e-commerce data on a unified platform, allowing you to use the same to provide personalized services to your customers.

Customizing Buying Journeys

hopify Connect helps you create personalized buying journeys for every customers and prospect catered by your organization. This is essentially a Salesforce functionality that can be availed of on your Shopify data. Once you have your Shopify and Salesforce accounts integrated, you can understand the different pain points of your customers throughout their buying journeys and be there for them at every stage.This helps you tailor your services and communication based on the specific needs and preferences of your customers. Whenever they visit your website or portal, every customer will have a unique experience that would be in sync with their buying preferences.

Multi-store Integration

The Shopify Salesforce integration allows online sellers to set up and manage multiple storefronts on a single platform. Instead of having to switch between different platforms for tracking the data regarding different stores, the tool provides you with a 360-degree view of all your storefronts on a single unified platform. This allows you to make holistic and quick decisions for making changes in your approach in a specific platform to improve the traction received on that particular channel

Utmost Data Security

Being a Slaesforce native platform, Shopify Connect provides utmost data privacy and security features to the users, right from browsing items to making payments. Customers prefer for shopping things online since they are safe concerning the purchasing of the goods. The Shopify Salesforce connector ensures a 100% guarantee to the security and the platforms used such as HTTPS and others are awarded with credible certificates that symbolize security. The visitors can easily look for these badges and certificates on the website of Shopify.There is full management of encrypting the sensitive information associated with the clients with the help of the feature known as SSL feature. This platform is responsible for keeping the data security by following the payment card industry standards which help in maintaining the services at a confidential level.

Dynamic Field Mapping

Field mapping can be one of the most time-consuming and confusing activities performed by Salesforce users. Shopify Connect is a platform that provides users with the feature of dynamic field mapping, making their work easier and faster. Instead of mapping fields manually, the Shopify Salesforce connector allows users to do so in an automated way, helping non-technical users operate on the platform with utmost ease. This ensures that the tool is not restricted for the use of the technical staff within your organization, helping people with little to no programming knowledge to operate on the same.

Real-time Syncing Of Products

When you are adding new products to your catalogue and collections, it often requires a dedicated employee to reconcile the data with the CRM database and make necessary entries. The Shopify Salesforce connector eliminates the need for doing so by making this process automated. Shopify Connect allows users to sync the product list of Shopify with the Salesforce database in real-time, making sure that whenever a new product is added to the collection, the same is reflected in the Salesforce database.This not only saves your team time in making manual data entries but also prevents data silos and other data management issues.

An Easy No Code Installation

You can get the Shopify Salesforce connector up and running within a few minutes. All you need to do is find the tool on Salesforce AppExchange, install the application and get going. There is no coding requirements of any kind to implement the tool, making the process simpler and faster.

Seamless Inventory Management

The tool allows you to merge your Shopify and Salesforce database to help you streamline inventory management. It helps you make sure that you always have enough inventory in your warehouse to cater to the needs of your customers. Whenever the inventory tends to go below the advisable levels, the platform would notify you about the same and prompt you to take necessary steps.

Synchronizing Customers

Apart from syncing data pertaining to orders and inventory across the two platforms, the Shopify Salesforce connector allows you to sync customers between Shopify and Salesforce as well. Whenever you acquire a new customer on Shopify, the same is added to your Salesforce database under the object of Account or Contact on a real-time basis. This helps you in keeping a track of every customer you acquire and the customers you are already catering to. As mentioned earlier, this saves your team enough time in making manual data entries by automating the synchronization process between the two platforms.

Interactive User Interface

The UI of the Shopify Salesforce connector is kept user-friendly and interactive to help your team manage your online orders effectively. The UI also allows you to make necessary customizations within the platform to tailor the tools according to the specific needs and preferences of your organization.

Ensuring Secure Payments

Integration with Salesforce helps Shopify users to ensure secure receiving secure payment from trusted sources. The CRM platform allows users to integrate with a range of payment gateways to ensure end-to-end encryption while the customers pay for the orders. This allows you to develop a relationship of trust with your customers and ensures that you receive your payments without any hassle. Moreover, giving multiple payment options to your customers increases the chances of them making purchases.

Bulk Data Processing

No matter how big your online storefronts are and the amount of records you store within your database, the Shopify Salesforce integration tool helps you in processing bulk data with ease. When Salesforce comes into the picture, its seamless data management and processing functionality allows you to make sense of the most complicated datasets and organize the same as per your requirements.

Setting User Permissions

In order to ensure maximum data security, the tool allows you to set user permissions to access specific datasets. This provides you with the control over who can and who cannot view, access, edit, and share specific information. This also helps you in dealing with threats like unauthorized access of data, data leak, frauds, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of installing a Salesforce native app?

A Salesforce native app acts as a part of your Salesforce instance, allowing you to carry out different processes without switching platforms. When you install a Salesforce native app, you are not required to install any additional tools to integrate its functionality with your CRM data. It automatically starts making sense of your datasets and makes things much easier for you and your team.

Is Shopify Connect suitable for B2B transactions?

The Salesforce SMS app works with all Shopify Connect is suitable for both B2B and B2C transactions. Whether you have set up your e-commerce venture for end customers or other businesses, the Shopify Salesforce connector works in the same way and provides you with the same set of features.

Will all my valuable records be safe with Shopify Connect?

Yes, you can rest assured that all your valuable records will be safe with Shopify Connect. The tool provides you with layered security as it is an app that runs natively on Salesforce.

What are the prerequisites for installing Shopify Connect?

The only prerequisites for installing and running Shopify Connect within your organization are having a Salesforce org and a Shopify account. If you are functional on both these platforms, you can easily go ahead with the tool and start catering to your online customers.