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Description is a Salesforce dialer app that helps your sales reps contact your leads and contacts through a centralized platform. If you have switched to Lightning, it helps you leverage the CRM functionalities by improving communication through the Salesforce Lightning dialer app. Through, you can effectively reach out to the leads captured and recorded within your Salesforce database to nurture them and convert them into loyal customers. The Salesforce dialer app also connects you to your customers to provide them with personalized support and cater to them based on their specific requirements.


Streamline Your Sales Processes

With, you can organize your sales workflows to gain more traction. Instead of switching between platforms and mobile devices to different Salesforce leads and contacts, your sales reps can call all your contacts with a few simple clicks. This helps you move your leads through your sales pipeline effectively, making conversions simpler.

Capture Call Activities On Salesforce

Relieve your sales reps from entering their call details and activities within the CRM platform. The Salesforce dialer app allows you to capture the call activities and log them into your Salesforce database with utmost ease.
This makes it easier for your sales team to keep a track of every sales call made and the status of the concerned lead/contact approached by the sales reps.

Seamless Process Automation

The use of s Salesforce dialer app allows you to eliminate the need for manual data entry through process automation. Right from looking for the contacts ton approach to recording the responses, makes sure that your reps do not have to indulge in any unnecessary data entry process.

Reach Out To More Leads And Contacts

The Salesforce dialer tool helps you in reaching out to more leads and contacts from your database through increased automation and efficiency. Whether you want to make a call or leave a voicemail, the app allows your sales reps to make calls from anywhere in the browser with a single click. This helps you in approaching more contacts and service more leads to get the desired traction.

Pre-recorded Voicemails

If your leads or contacts do not answer your calls, the Salesforce dialer app allows you to send pre-recorded voicemails to get your message across effectively. This saves your sales reps from making repeated calls and follow-ups with the Salesforce contacts.

Quick And Effective Onboarding allows you to onboard new sales reps quickly and effectively to start carrying out their respective processes. The app also helps you allocate work to your sales reps in a systematic and organized manner, making sure that your sales team is working smoothly towards attaining your sales objectives.

Prioritize Your Leads And Contacts

The Salesforce dialer app is designed to enhance your sales processes. It helps you prioritize the leads and contacts based on their previous responses and the probability of engaging with your business. A simple look at the dashboard would provide you with the list of contacts and the priority they hold for being contacted. This way, your sales reps can nurture the high-priority contacts first and take a step closer to tapping opportunities.

Local Presence Dialing

When it comes to making sales calls, local presence dialing has often been proven effective in getting a positive response from the people contacted. The Salesforce dialer app allows your sales reps to contact your leads and contacts using numbers with the local area code. This helps your sales reps make sure that the contacts see the local number in their caller IDs, increasing the chances of getting the desired response.

Ease To Use And Understand is a tool designed for both technical and non-technical users. All you need to do is install the application, get an extension to your browser, log in to your Salesforce account and start making calls.
Even if your sales reps have little to no programming knowledge, they will be able to get on board and start making smart calls to your Salesforce contacts.

Chrome Extension For Increased Flexibility

Increase the speed and flexibility of your calls by downloading a Chrome extension of the Salesforce dialer app. This helps you make quick calls to your leads and contacts from any window and site you are browsing on. The extension allows your sales reps to access all the features of the tool by making a single click on the tool icon. Also, it allows the reps to make calls from any number stored in Salesforce, Gmail, or Outlook for increased reach.

Pre-informed Call Recording allows your sales reps to record their calls and save them for future references and training purposes. However, to make sure that you do not hinder the privacy of your customers/prospects, it allows you to inform the individuals on the receiving end beforehand about the call being recorded. This helps you keep a track of your calls by recording them without violating any regulations.

Integration With Calendar

Integrate your calls with your calendar to keep a track of the calls to be made and schedule them accordingly. This helps your sales reps stay informed about specific calls to be made to specific contacts on specific dates. Never miss out on important calls to be made and prospects to be approached with the Salesforce dialer app.

Call Monitoring

Get your sales monitored with seamless sales management solutions that help your sales reps in improving their approach and assessing the calls they make.

Tracking Call History keeps a track of every single call made by your sales reps from the moment you install the app and start using it. The call history details can be referred to by the reps or the management at any time to analyze marketing campaigns, determining the number of sales calls made or ascertaining the effectiveness of a campaign.

Industries Catered To

Marketing And Sales

The features of our Salesforce dialer app are tailor-made for marketing and sales purposes. It allows your sales reps in making effective sales calls to the Salesforce leads and contacts, keeping a track of the same. If you are carrying out a marketing campaign, the dialer app helps you reach out to the leads captured and encourage them to engage with your business. As your leads pass along your sales pipeline, the app allows you to approach them at different stages to make their buying journey better.

Real Estate

The real estate industry relies heavily on networking and effective communication between developers, buyers, and channel partners. The Salesforce dialer app helps you connect with all different entities from a centralized platform, schedule important calls and meetings, and keep a track of all the conversations had with the contacts on a real-time basis.


Handling logistics and managing orders often require online sellers or delivery executives to connect with the customers to provide them with important information regarding their orders. With, you can connect with all your customers and reach out to them with a few simple clicks.


With the Salesforce dialer app, you can streamline communication with your students, staff, and alumni.
Whether you are willing to make a formal invitation, provide important information to specific students/alumni, or reach out to any contact stored within your Salesforce database as an educational institution, helps you do the needful in an effective manner.


Healthcare experts often need to stay in touch with multiple patients to diagnose them effectively and keep a track of their treatment/recovery. The dialer app allows medical institutions to reach out to their patients (whether admitted or connected remotely) to provide personalized care and medical assistance whenever required.
This allows the healthcare experts to focus less on managing call records and more on the well-being of their patients.



Install The App From AppExchange : Start by visiting Salesforce AppExchange and searching for Once you find the app, simply click the Install button to get the app downloaded. Set Up Your Profile: Once you are done with installing the application, go to the settings page set up your business profile as per the needs of your organization.


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Latest Release:
January 2022
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Supported Features:
Tracking Call History, Call Monitoring, Integration With Calendar, Pre-informed Call Recording, Ease To Use And Understand, Local Presence Dialing, Chrome Extension For Increased Flexibility, Prioritize Your Leads And Contacts, Quick And Effective Onboarding, Pre-recorded Voicemails, Reach Out To More Leads And Contacts, Seamless Process Automation, Capture Call Activities On Salesforce, Streamline Your Sales Processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of a native Salesforce dialer app?

A native Salesforce dialer app helps users in connecting with their Salesforce leads and contacts from a single unified platform. As opposed to using different platforms and mobile devices to make phone calls, a dedicated dialer app makes calling faster and more effective.

Which Salesforce Cloud is ideal for works effectively with all Salesforce offerings. You can use it with a specific Salesforce Cloud based on your needs and preferences.

Is your application secure?

Yes, you can rest assured that is completely secure for your organization. Being a native Salesforce app, it makes use of the layered security provided by the CRM platform and allows users to set specific permissions to prevent unauthorized access of data.

How much time does it take to set up the dialer tool?

Setting up the dialer tool will not take more than a few minutes. All you need to do is download the application from Salesforce AppExchange, log into your Salesforce account, create a Chrome extension (if required), and start making calls to your Salesforce leads and contacts.