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Track the applications of your potential employees and streamline your recruitment processes via

Track the applications of your potential employees and streamline your recruitment processes via

It is the employees that directly or indirectly contribute to the growth of an organization. It is important to hire the right people for the right jobs to make sure that your organization runs smoothly. Through, you can handle all recruitment processes from your Salesforce org. is an end-to-end Salesforce application tracking system (ATS) that helps you monitor all the applications received by your company and track them all the way until the suitable employees are hired. The Salesforce recruitment app is designed to help you use the CRM functionality to handle job applications as you receive them, relieving your team to carry out the processes manually.

Features Of

A Native Salesforce Application is an application built natively on Salesforce. It allows Salesforce users to handle recruitment processes without having to switch to a different platform. Instead of having to reconcile data between CRM and a separate recruitment platform, the Salesforce ATS helps your team save time and effort by providing a centralized platform for carrying out all relevant recruitment processes.
Being a native Salesforce platform, acts as if it is an integral part of your Salesforce org and allows you to work on your CRM data with ease and efficiency.

Automated Recruitment Workflows

As the need for suitable jobs in every sector keeps increasing, organizations are often overburdened with job applications whenever they announce a vacancy. Using traditional and manual application tracking processes would make it nearly impossible for the employees to assess every single application, match the requirements, and select the most suitable candidates for the required jobs.

The Salesforce recruitment app helps you automate recruitment workflows through seamless process automation. From the moment you receive an application and add it to the ATS, the tool allows you to process and analyze the same with increased automation and accuracy.

Efficient Onboarding Practices

The Salesforce ATS can also be used for onboarding the selected candidates as they join your organization. It allows users to set specific triggers to perform the specific processes at specific instances.
For example, once an applicant is confirmed for the job and is all set to join the organization, the system will send them a personalized email with the following contents:

  • A welcome letter
  • Company policies and guidelines
  • Login credentials on multiple platforms
  • Orientation details
  • Brief introduction of their team members
  • Contact details of their peers and senior management

The Salesforce recruitment app can also be used for sending offer letters to the candidates as they make the cut and deemed suitable for the job they applied for.

Third-party Integrations allows you to integrate your CRM platform with third-party platforms and servers to leverage its functionality and provide users with an ideal mix of services.
You can integrate your platform with API-led services that are best suited for your organization and the recruitment process.

Seamless Customizations allows users to customize the Salesforce ATS according to their specific needs and preferences. If your organization is operational in different cities/regions/states/countries, you can customize the application to track the application received in specific locations.Customizing the application for dedicated purposes will help you manage datasets in a streamlined way instead of dealing with a clutter of datasets belonging to different sectors.

For example, you can customize the Salesforce ATS application to deal with managing applications and onboarding the employees separately.Such an organized approach allows you to get your work done more effectively.

Customizing Your Page Layouts

The Salesforce application tracking system is aimed at designing personalized solutions to suit your recruiting needs. Right from the most basic stages of design and development, the tool ensures that the app is implemented exactly the way you prefer it to be. Also, the tool provides flexibility when it comes to customizing your page layouts to organize your tabs, fields, and individual sections in a way that best suits the users.

Whether you want to include graphics, charts, or other interactive elements to help the users navigate through the platform effectively, you can rest assured that would provide you with a layout that is highly customizable.

Automating Your Approval Processes

The need for process automation is considerable in the realm of recruitment. If your team needs to seek approval from the senior management before making specific recruitment decisions, helps you set up automated approval processes to streamline your approvals with multiple layers of authorization if required.
This allows you to have a seamless chain of command without the subordinates having to wait longer to obtain necessary approvals.

Making Seamless Calculations Through Formula Fields

Your team might have to make calculations to derive a logical conclusion and make the right decision while processing the applications and approving them. In such cases, the Salesforce ATS tool would help you create formula fields that help you make these calculations simply by feeding specific fields with the right data.

For example, if you want to calculate your margin for a specific job, you can create fields and add the pay rate and the bill rate for the concerned job. Now, if you deduct the pay rate from the bill rate, you get an effective margin calculator without having to write any code.
Moreover, formula fields can be used to obtain a summary of information stored in specific records, such as the total value of jobs available, number of applicants at a specific recruitment stage, number of jobs available for a client, etc.

No Compromise With Data Security

Being a native Salesforce application, provides you with layered security and makes sure that your valuable records are safe, with their privacy being intact. Also, when you are handling job applications and the recruitment status of a large number of candidates, you are dealing with data that is highly sensitive. It is important to safeguard this data from unauthorized access and from getting leaked. makes sure that your Salesforce ATS platform is fully secure and the privacy of your data is kept intact. It allows your administrators to set user access and permissions to open specific tabs and access specific records. This makes sure that not everyone in the organization has access to all information stored within your system.

Avoid Duplication Of Records

When you are processing job applications and selecting the most suitable candidates for the right jobs, it becomes important to make sure that the records are not duplicated. Handling multiple job applications and managing several records on a daily basis increases the chances of duplicate records that may end up messing up your database. makes sure that all the duplicate records within your database are highlighted and the users are immediately notified when a duplicate record is created.

Keeping A Track of Field History

When there are situations where you do not qualify a job application to move forward but want to keep them for reference in case you have a job opening that suits the concerned candidate, the Salesforce ATS tool helps you track the field history.
If you want to refer to older applications or keep a track of all the changes made to specific records, the tool facilitates effective field history tracking, making sure that no change goes unnoticed.

Recruiting and onboarding have become fairly complicated processes. By helping you use Salesforce as an ATS, aims at making things a little easier for you and your HR department.

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Chitiz and his team did a great job. Delivered a complex solution on time and on budget. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon.


I have collaborated with many Salesforce development agencies and Techila Global Services has been the absolute best. Not only do they exceed expectations, they apply their vast knowledge and creativity.


Techila Services was very quick to respond to my need for Senior Salesforce technical resources. They gave me a number of qualified options, and answered all questions during my timezone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Salesforce As An Application Tracking System?

Salesforce provides you with CRM functionality that helps you keep a track of all the applications received from all the candidates across the world. It relieves your team from going through the effort of processing the applications manually and onboarding the employees using traditional techniques.

How long will it take to implement the tool within my system?

The tool will be up and running within your system within a few minutes. All you need to do is find us on Salesforce AppExchange, install the application, open an account, log in to your Salesforce org, and start using the application.

Is your tool suitable for users with no programming knowledge?

Absolutely! is a fairly simple and straightforward tool that would help your employees with little to no programming knowledge work on it with no issues at all.

Which industries does cater to? caters to pretty much every industry where recruitment plays a major role. Whether you operate in the marketing and sales industries looking for sales reps, finance industry looking for underwriters and other relevant employees, healthcare industry looking for medical professionals, or education industry looking to hire teachers and other staff, the Salesforce ATS would help you streamline all your recruitment processes.

Can I customize the tool according to my preferences?

Yes, you can customize the tool according to the specific processes you want to automate and the workflows you want to set.


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