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Salesforce CRM is essentially designed to ease the workload of the sales team within your business organisation. In any business enterprise, majority of the time is spent by the sales representatives in generating suitable quotes for the clients and customers. This results in them not being able to devote sufficient time to sell the products.

Our team at Techila Global Services will help your sales team in driving more sales by providing personalised Salesforce CPQ services. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the platform, let us answer the most fundamental question, “what is Salesforce CPQ?”


CPQ literally stands for “Configure, Price and Quote”. CPQ Salesforce is a platform that helps you in providing the accurate price and generating suitable quotes to the clients for a concerned production configuration scenario.

Salesforce CPQ is considered to be one of the newest and most advanced innovations in the field of sales optimisation. It helps you in reducing the time-to-sell by helping the sales representatives in coming up with accurate product quotes, leading to faster sales. Its high automation and efficiency helps your sales team to generate quotes faster and spend more time in the actual process of selling.

Salesforce CPQ is an ideal blend of a CPQ application with a reliable CRM platform. While the CPQ sales component allows users to generate suitable quotes in a quick and automated manner, Salesforce CRM helps them to use CPQ for the contacts stored within the system. This collaboration also helps you in keeping a track of all the quotes generated and delivered to the clients.

This CPQ platform can also be implemented along with relevant ERPs according to the requirements of the organisation. Salesforce CPQ generates quotes that are automated with regards to a set of pre-programmed rules that ensure that the pricing is free of errors. The software also takes into account aspects such as the quantities of products, specific discounts allowed, product customisations, optional product features and the various revenue types incorporated by the organisation.

There are several cases where businesses keep functioning without any changes in spite of the sales department not working to its full capacity. Here are some of the most important signs that indicate the need for you to implement CPQ in Salesforce:

  • You have been using legacy quote configuration
  • Your revenue growth is getting more than your operational ability
  • You have been building a recurring revenue stream
  • There is a need to implement advanced and technology-based business solutions
  • Your team has been sending incorrect sales quotes to the clients/prospects
  • Your sales quotes are still being reviewed manually and the process is taking time

If any of these signs are being observed within your organization, you can approach our team of experts to guide you in getting adequate assistance.


There are several benefits that you can avail by getting SFDC CPQ implemented within your organization. You can also request a Salesforce CPQ demo for a better understanding of how the platform works and how it can benefit your organization.

Here are the key benefits you can avail by opting for our services:

  • By implementing Salesforce CPQ, we help you in getting a clearer view of your sales pipeline as all of your team members will use the same tools to manage sales processes.
  • Salesforce CPQ will help you in viewing all the changes made, discounts offered and the status of your quotes, facilitating your further course of action.
  • Our Salesforce CPQ implementation services are provided in strict compliance with the pricing and configuration rules.
  • The CPQ platform would increase the productivity of your sales team by providing them increased automation in generating quotes and allowing them to handle the CRM data better.
  • We can assure you that the errors committed by your sales representatives with respect to the generation of quotes and delivering them to the prospects will considerably be reduced after availing of our services.

According to the specific requirements of our clients, we undertake productive integrations of Salesforce CPQ with third-party platforms for leveraging its overall functionality.

SteelBrick CPQ

SteelBrick is essentially a competitor to Salesforce when it comes to providing CPQ services. However, you can integrate SteelBrick with Salesforce Lightning to accelerate your CPQ activities and optimizing both the platforms.

SteelBrick and Salesforce CPQ integration allows you to maintain user-defined discount schedules. This feature helps you in keeping a track of fluctuating prices and discount schedules on a global level. The integrated platform also provides you with a Quote Term Editor that helps users in editing the Terms and Conditions section of a sales quote.

Moreover, the platform allows you to visualize a real-time display of all the changes they make while pricing their products. This helps your sales representatives to save sufficient time and built a suitable product bundle according to the client requirements.

Apttus CPQ

Apptus is a prominent B2B business software platform dedicated to providing business process automation to an array of organizations. For many years, Apttus has been acting as a significant partner and contributor to Salesforce CRM.

The software platform of Apttus can be built within the ecosystem of Salesforce and utilize its services for better CPQ activities. You can use Apttus Quote-to-cash on Salesforce having an intuitive user interface and an adaptable architecture. The integrated platform offers you an array of features such as advanced sales analytics, running the business in multiple currencies, seamless mobile customization, and many more.

These facilities can be used to leverage the services offered by Salesforce CPQ. Our team would help you in developing, testing, deploying, and scaling this integrated application to suit your specific needs. We also give utmost priority to the safety of your business data and ensure that platform confidentiality is maintained across your organization. Ultimately, this integration would help you maintain the agility of your organization even as you scale up your CPQ processes.

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