Step by Step Guide To Becoming A Salesforce Developer

When it comes to developing the best, most enhanced and customized software for handling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by a business organization, Salesforce has created its own niche in the market. No matter what industry your business functions in, Salesforce will help you in taking care of your customers like no other CRM software would.

Owing to its advanced interface and a variety of functions it performs, Salesforce development services have been taken very seriously by the developers, right from the scratch. Creating a platform like this is certainly not a cake-walk. However, what’s the fun if a challenge is too easy? You too can successfully become a Salesforce developer if you have the right mix of talent and training! Developing Salesforce might get tricky, tiring and a lot complicated and you require some really specific and all-encompassing set of qualities if you want to make it to the market developing one of the most widely accepted and used CRM software.

Here is an easy to understand step-by-step guide that would make you want to start coding and help build the CRM software that has been leading the market for years!

What Does A Salesforce Developer Do?

In order to understand the process of how to be a Salesforce Developer, it is important to fully understand what a Salesforce Developer really does. A Salesforce Developer is an individual that is assigned the task of coding, programming and eventually building the Salesforce software that takes care of the process of recording, storing, processing and analyzing the customer database used by a business enterprise.

A Salesforce Developer creates the software by using various platforms as a service (PaaS). However, it is important for you to understand right in the beginning that a Salesforce Developer does not always work for Salesforce and is will not be credited as an employee of the same. The work of developing Salesforce is to be considered a stand-alone job that has no connection with a person working for the company.

In order to understand the job of a Salesforce Developer in a better way, here are some of the most important duties you will have to follow in order to become a Salesforce Developer:

1. Ascertaining and thoroughly understanding the needs of different users working in the business house and developing the software that is sync with these needs

2. Charting out project plans that are effective and productive

3. Give suggestions regarding the updates currently working applications require

4. Adapt to the ongoing technological advancements across all the platforms required to build the software of Salesforce

5. Create platforms for the software that can be accessed using the internet in general as well the intranet of the concerned organization

6. Working in sync with other programmers of the firm and help them in understanding the complex mechanisms that are necessary for them to learn in order to use Salesforce

7. Conduct periodic tests in order to check the normal functioning of every tool and feature present in the software

8. Making provisions for adequate future reference by documenting every single asset that belongs to the company you are building the software for in order to ensure efficient management and regular updates

9. Making suitable associations with computer scientists in order to make sure Salesforce Development is carried out in the most effective manner

The task of a Salesforce Developer is indeed one that requires great patience, technical knowledge and persistence. It is also important for a Salesforce Developer to build a productive rapport with the clients they are working for. Only when you are able to know your client better, you would be able to create software which is just what they have needed their sales team!

How Do You really Become A Salesforce Developer?

The qualifications of a Salesforce Developer are not very different from those of any software developer in general. Starting with education, you need to have a degree in the field of Computer Science, Software Engineer or any other field related to these studies. Generally, the degree of BS should be enough for you to start your journey. Along with this education, it is obvious to state that you should have an expert knowledge of programming and coding that might get a little complicated once you start your work building Salesforce.

Once you are out of your college, it is advisable to get an internship with a reputed software business. This would give you a decent on-the-job training and would further make you more familiar with the tricks of the trade.

Once you are done with getting a semi-formal training, it should be time you get a highly formal one. It is always advisable for a potential Salesforce Developer to get a certification in Salesforce. Salesforce Certification would not only help you in understand how the software works in its entirety, but would also give you ample training in using the same for different business houses. If you wish to be hired by a reputed business organization to build their Salesforce, having had Salesforce Certification will add a huge advantage in your resume.

What Skills Should You Possess In Order To Be A Salesforce Developer?

Here is a brief list of qualities you are expected to possess if you want to be an efficient Salesforce Developer:

1. Analytical Skills – apart from keeping and maintaining the records in customer database, Salesforce is also about making important analogies, productive analysis and giving appropriate feedback to the concerned business house. In order to build software that is this smart, the developer is bound to be so themselves!

2. Communication Skills– you need to be really good with your communication skills as it would help you in explaining the software to your clients and the employees working in the concerned sales team in a better way

3. Computer Skills– it is obvious for a software developer to have commendable computer skills or them building software like Salesforce makes no sense at all

4. Problem-solving Skills – as mentioned earlier, Salesforce is also about giving production solutions to the problems that may have been affecting the way a sales team is functioning. Having efficient problem solving skills would act as a big addition to your technical skills when you would be building Salesforce for a business house.

5. Interpersonal Skills  no matter where you go and who you work for, you will always be dealing with people. With regards to both your colleagues as well as your clients, you will be required to possess distinguished interpersonal skills in order to deal with people all along the way.

Salesforce is difficult software to use and an even more elaborate one to develop. It is one of those jobs where you need just the right amount of technical skills coupled with high analytical and problem-solving skills. Also, always make sure that you are constantly updated with the latest technological trends in the market as the software you build in the current times demands to be upgraded every once in a while. Therefore, make sure you are prepared to have enough sleepless nights and long working hours before you go on to become a Salesforce Developer!

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