6 Most Helpful Salesforce Trailhead Trails

According to most salesforce professionals, if a customer is new to salesforce, then the customer first needs to learn about salesforce trials. The salesforce trails are basically an interactive way that provides a learning curve for the salesforce platform.  With the help of these trails, a customer knows about each and every feature of the salesforce feature.

Trailhead 1: Grow faster with CRM

If you are new to customer relationships and don’t know anything about customer relationship management. Then the trail known as Grow faster with CRM can help you learn what is salesforce CRM and how it can make business operations faster.

According to most of the salesforce consulting services, this trailhead offers a great introduction to salesforce features like service cloud, marketing cloud, and service cloud.  The length of the trailhead is 3 hours and 15 minutes, but if you are interested in just checking out the information other than the service could then you can directly jump to a section known as contact center information.  Learn trailhead.

Trailhead 2: Admin beginnerintermediate and advanced

People who are trying to become salesforce professionals begin with admin trailhead on the initial stages. This trailhead provides detailed information on what is on the salesforce platform and how it can create an application at a very short time frame. In addition, this trailhead also lets you know about data modeling.   Data modeling will teach you how salesforce objects are related to opportunity and how they can be used in business operations.

Next, you will learn about data management. this means you would know how to analyze chunks of information present in the company and come up with decisions that will fulfill both the long-term and the short-term goals for the company.  In addition, the valuable insights that you will get from the data will help you formulate a risk management plan for your future workplace.

The last part of this trailhead would be teaching you about mobile customization’s where you would learn how to use lightning components along with the drag and drop feature.  Now it has to be noted that the length of the trailhead is 8 hours and 55 minutes. So, if you want to break it into parts and then learn, then you can do it.  The first module of the trailhead is salesforce basics with is only for 55 minutes. So reputed salesforce consulting service suggests their user to master salesforce basics first and then learn adminintermediate and advanced.

Trailhead 3: Get started with lightning

In 2015, salesforce migration took place.  The new version of the software was released and made revolutionary changes in the field of technology.  So, salesforce professionals started began to learn the use of lightning components so that applications could be created at a much faster rate.   So, if you want to learn how to use lightning components then what is better than this trailhead.  This is a trailhead that will provide the compete for knowledge of lightning components.

The entire trailhead is 9 hours and 25 minutes long. so make sure you learn the complete module since the use of lightning components is the future of the Salesforce platform.
Learn trailhead.

Trailhead 4: Discover sales cloud

All the top companies that offer salesforce consulting have stated that, discovering sales cloud trailhead has been very insightful and informative for the people that are coming to the salesforce. The sales cloud tends to be the backdrop of the salesforce platform since the sales cloud has many features that are customer-driven.

This feature makes the salesforce platform the number 1 choice for companies that deal with customers on a daily basis.  It has to be noted that this trailhead is divided into two parts. One is known as what sales cloud and the other is known as using sales cloud customization for your company. The entire trailhead is 1 hour 40 minutes long. So, the material is compact and has an easy learning curve.
Learn trailhead.

Trailhead 5:  App-exchange basics

This is one of the simple trailheads since the course length is only 45 minutes long.  Now the project management app of salesforce doesn’t seem to work smoothly if apps are being purchased from salesforce.com.  The project management app runs smoothly if apps are being purchased from App-exchange. So, this trailhead will let you that which are the best project management apps for your business.  Now, this trailhead will help you decide on apps according to your business needs.

The app exchange has thousands of apps, so deciding which one is right for your business can be a challenging task.  These apps help you select perfect project management apps like inspire planner and DocuSign which differentiate task management and project management and strikes the right amount of balance between them.
Learn Trailhead.

Trailhead 6:  Alignment with manager

This is trailhead which teaches you salesforce functionality.  This not only teaches you how to make your business operations faster, but it teaches you how to have a good relationship with the salesforce managers.  This trailhead will teach you how to maintain a stable relationship in the workplace. In addition, it establishes clear communication between different departments of the organization.
Learn trailhead.

Special mention

This section will include a trailhead that will help the user to have a competitive advantage. This trailhead is known as competitor tracking in salesforce.  This trailhead will teach you what are the customer needs and how salesforce products can be customized according to them. In addition, will teach you how to conduct market research and perform competitor tracking with the help of dashboards and reports.

Final thoughts

These trailheads salesforce that is mentioned above have their own unique advantages. Some will teach you how to use the salesforce products according to the needs of the customer and some will teach you how to use lightning components.  In addition, all these trailheads will have a specific time frame, which means you need to sit for the entire time span to learn about these trailheads in detail. Make sure that you learn these trailheads completely so that you can be an ideal salesforce professional.

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