Top 6 Salesforce Project Management Apps

Salesforce a project management tool, has given people so many advantages. This means with the help of the project magnet feature people have made their business operations faster. The only downside of the salesforce project management app is that they will offer seamless performance if they are purchased from app exchange and not from

App exchange

Realize that app exchange offers so many apps, so deciding which one is best for your company can be a challenging task.  Now it has also had to be realized that what kind of business owner are you. A large business owner would need multiple project management features and the small owner would require some apps that will only meet their business needs. Now you should also remember that their certain obvious requirements that your salesforce project management app should have and they are known as Gannt chart, time tracking, project templates and resource allocation

Best salesforce management app

Selecting the best salesforce management app would mean that it will provide the project manager with less stressful situations. Like a good project management app would automatically notify the changes that happen during the project, so it will time save time in business operations. Salesforce development company in the United States have filtered some applications among many to provide you with the best salesforce management apps. Some of them will be discussed below:

1. Inspire planner

Salesforce development sacompany known as the TGS have stated this application to be the best for salesforce related tasks.  Several uses have stated that though the new version of the salesforce software provides a lot of features, they are difficult to understand when handling a particular project. This is the reason why a group of graphic designers and project management professionals designed an application that has an easy learning curve and simple user interface.  One of the major advantages of this application is the use of constant updating of external partners like customers and clients. This means whatever progress you do in a particular project your clients and customers would be updated instantly.

Inspire planner has some power packed features which have made it such a popular choice. Some of them are:

1. Resource allocation feature: which allow the salesforce professionals to see the overall resources required in a project.

2. Presence of Gantt chart feature to solve a complex problem

3. Use of project templates that link any salesforce functionalities like opportunity and contacts almost instantly.

2. Milestones

This is a software that is useful in the paid and free version.  If a person is new to salesforce and very skeptical whether the project management tool of salesforce would be beneficial for the person, then the person can use the free version to check out its features.  The paid version is generally used by companies who deal with more than 50 projects per day.  Some of the most talked about feature of this software can be stated as follows

1. Availability of customized project templates.

2. Group related tasks can be linked together.

3. Create risk management plans.

4. Establishes clear communication between all departments.

3. Mission control

This is a salesforce project management application that will take care of your organizations changes into account. This means that whenever your organizations plan to updates their systems and feed in new access control systems for better security control. Then this application will keep a note of it. This will save a lot of time for your organizations which would not been possible without this application.

This application has special feature known as roles where you have the privilege to keep the position of the salesforce professional organized. For instance, let’s say that there was a salesforce professional who was working with team A. Now due to some issues the salesforce professional took a medical leave doing a Project halfway. So, the roles feature will allow you to notice at what time the member left group A, till what the person will be unavailable and what is the last work that the professional did in the project.

4. Task ray

This is a salesforce project management application that offers the functionality known as robust customer onboarding.  The application has a special feature that is known as plan, work, report and repeat. According to a salesforce development company in North America, some of is most talked about the feature can be listed below:

1. Use of drag and drop functionality to plan schedule and re assign teams.

2. Time tracking feature to watch timesheets, ongoing task and checklists.

3. Use of sticky notes.

5. Task feed

This is one of the most used application since it offers a complete built in project management facility.  In addition, it helps the customers to keep up to date with the project progresses. For example, if the project will require a new set of variables or budget, then this application will inform the client. So, it takes customer onboarding very seriously. Some of the best features of this application are:

1. Don’t have to refresh the salesforce home page to see track progress of a project or to observe the time spent in a project

2. The bassline of each Project can be set up. This can later be used to see who your team has delivered the project according to the customer’s expectations.

3. Team collaboration can be done through the chatter

6. Varasi

Commercial business need to plan their daily operations so that they can generate enough ROI. This application is a dream come true commercial business can it can plan, manage, schedule daily operations with ease. Some of the best features of this application are:

1. Helps in pre-event and schedule. This means that this application helps business to manage communication, waitlist and participants of each session.

2. Helps in managing of programs. The management team can track attendance of a program through their mobile devices with the help of this application.

3. Helps in post event reporting

4. The application is updated constantly as the last update was 4 / 16 / 2018 and the latest came in 9/23 / 2019.

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