Important Tech Trends That Would Dominate The Industry In 2022

As 2021 is coming to an end, organizations in all major industries are hoping to achieve growth and prosperity in 2022. 2021 can be considered as the year of recovery after suffering from the COVID crisis in 2020. Businesses across the world found it difficult to survive and sustain during the global pandemic.


However, the COVID spell led to the emergence of several digital tools and platforms that helped organizations streamline their processes. As more and more businesses operated remotely, they started implementing a range of automated tools to keep their processes going. For example, online collaborative platforms helped professionals to communicate and collaborate with their peers using a centralized platform. Tools like these have led to several technological advancements, leading to a significant leap taken over the last two years.


Whether you are looking for a suitable job in the IT industry or willing to grow your business with the help of advanced technologies, it is important to be well-versed with the trends that would be high in relevance in the year to come. Here are some of the most important tech trends that are likely to dominate the industry in 2022:


Rise In Predictive Analytics

Businesses are no longer willing to take risks when it comes to catering to their customers and undertaking specific processes. Predictive analytics tools have already gained enough traction and are likely to become more relevant in 2022.


These tools make use of technologies like AI and machine learning to assess large volumes of data and make valuable predictions out of the same. They help organizations in predicting the behaviors of their customers, forecast sales, and anticipate the revenue they are likely to generate over a specific period of time. The use of predictive analytics allows businesses to minimize risks and equip themselves with the right resources before undertaking their processes.


Automation Across Industries

Just like we shifted from manual labor to using digital platforms for getting our work done, we are now shifting from undertaking manual digital processes to automating them. Process automation is bound to get more prevalent in 2022, allowing organizations across all major industries to streamline their processes and save their valuable time and effort.


Now that organizations and institutions across the board are getting back on track, 2022 would witness a rise in the implementation of automated platforms in sectors like healthcare, education, law, finance, and many more.


Right from providing support to the customers/employees to automating repetitive processes, automation is going to help companies in making their processes easier and faster. Looking at the rough patch they had to go through over the last two years, process automation would provide corporate and non-corporate organizations with the much-needed sigh of relief in 2022.


Focus On High-quality Software

During the COVID crisis, users focused more on getting their basic needs taken care of. Now that the crisis has subsided and organizations are on the path to recovery, the focus would shift to the quality of software platforms developed. Right from the level of security offered by the platforms to the standard they are required to meet, IT companies and developers would now focus more on building and deploying applications that leverage the user experience.


A primary reason behind focusing on building high-quality software would be the increasing competition in the industry. Software developers are now competing with each other as several different platforms provide similar services to their customers. The only way to survive this competition is to stand out from the clutter by providing quality services to the users.


Rise In Smart Cities

Talking about the large-scale implications of technologies, we are likely to witness a rise in smart cities in 2022. Governments across the world have already started leveraging technological advancements in major global cities and this is only going to increase in the years to come.


As the global population is rising steadily, it calls for the cities to be well-equipped to handle the needs and requirements of their citizens. Smart cities provide their citizens with tools that streamline and automate a number of daily activities undertaken by people as they live their lives. The core of smart cities lies in making the lives of people easier with the help of advanced technologies.


Rise In Web 3.0

Also known as the semantic web, web 3.0 is the next big trend in the world of the internet that is aimed at being more autonomous, open, and intelligent. It is designed to interconnect large volumes of data in a decentralized manner – leading to a massive leap from the current systems where data is stored in centralized repositories.


In 2022, web 3.0, comprising decentralized data architectures, artificial intelligence, and edge computing, would become more relevant and prominent. AI allows users to clearly determine what they are looking for and provides them with personalized ideas and suggestions. Decentralized data architectures allow users to re-shape the peer-to-peer transactions. Along with the rise of 5G, edge computing accelerated user connections and leads to faster and more effective collaborations.


With these three components working in an interconnected manner, web 3.0 is all set to make our lives better in 2022.


Low-code or No-code Solutions

Heavy and tedious coding is no longer relevant in the IT industry. While developers across the board have already started using languages and frameworks that facilitate no-code and no-code development, the trend is only going to rise in the years to come.


Over time, access to enterprise-grade technology has been democratized, allowing organizations operating in all major countries to modernize their operations. Software development is no longer limited to the highly technical professionals who possess complete knowledge of coding and programming. In 2022, more and more non-technical users would be empowered to build robust and responsive websites and web applications without having to spend hours writing codes.


This trend aims at shifting the onus of software development from mechanical coding to innovative development. As long as an organization or a developer has an innovative idea, they would never find it difficult to build and deploy applications to manifest the same.


Greater Software Transparency

Over time, people have become more curious to know how software platforms work. With new inventions being made and new platforms being launched, software users have developed a knack for knowing what goes behind developing an application. Moreover, a steady increase in the use of software platforms has resulted in the need for privacy and security. Users downloading applications today need to know how and where their personal information is being used.


This makes software developers and IT companies obligated to be transparent about the software platforms developed by them. Over time, the need for software transparency is only going to increase, making it necessary for the app builders to answer all relevant questions revolving around where their software platforms come from, how they are developed, and how the users’ data is used by the developing organization(s).


Increase In The Adoption Of The Cloud Technology

More and more businesses are shifting from traditional storage platforms to cloud-based software. Cloud technology provides increased flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to users across the board. During the COVID situation, several organizations have already moved to cloud-based platforms. In 2022, the trend is going to continue with more companies joining the bandwagon.


Right from handling the customer databases via CRM platforms to migrating data between different platforms, the relevance of cloud technology is going to increase in the years to come.


Potential Increase In Deepfakes

Not all tech trends in 2022 are worth looking forward to! We have already witnessed the use of the deepfake technology across social media. Essentially, deepfake is a synthetic media technology where the existing image/video of an individual can be morphed and replaced with another individual.


While it is fascinating and fun if it is used for harmless entertainment, it doesn’t take much to misuse technologies like these. These AI-powered forgeries are likely to increase in the following year, putting prominent individuals and organizations in potential danger. Deployment of such technologies can have a negative impact on everything from public policies to social media platforms, leading to a breach in security, privacy, and trust.


Growth In The Voice Search Technology

Voice search technology has already found applications in multiple software platforms and applications. Looking at the increase in its adoption and the ease of operation offered to the users, voice search technology is likely to become more prevalent in 2022. With the help of AI platforms that “listen” to the users well and understand the tone of their languages, organizations can improve customer experience by leveraging voice search technology based on the needs and preferences of the users.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important tech trends to look out for as we near the end of 2021. Keeping these trends in mind would help you optimize the existing technologies and equip yourselves with the right resources to adapt to the new technological advancements.


Software Development Trends And Benefits To Look Out For In 2022

We are heading towards the end of 2021 which has been a year of recoveries for most companies after the disastrous 2020. The COVID crisis affected the smooth functioning of organizations across the world, pushing them to the road of recovery in 2021. The following year is believed to be that of growth and development.


You cannot talk about organizational growth without talking about digitization. A range of digital tools and platforms have helped organizations and professionals in all major industries to streamline their processes. They allow users to steer away from the traditional and manual processes, helping them improve the quality of work by reducing the time and effort required to do the same.


The importance of software development has increased tremendously over the last few years. Some of the biggest companies in the world are willing to hire software developers to build and deploy powerful applications. Right from creating highly responsive websites to innovative digital platforms, software developers help their clients make the most of advanced technologies.


If you are willing to start a career in (or switch your career to) software development, here are some of the major trends to look out for in 2022:


Increasing Relevance Of AI and Machine Learning

Technologies like AI and machine learning are no longer considered to be niche and accessible by only a few high-end enterprises. They are implemented by companies operating at all scales and belonging to all major industries. These technologies involve a thorough assessment of big data and making machines think like humans. This provides additional support to organizations as AI and machine learning act as extensions of their employees.


These technologies have already gained momentum and their relevance is only going to increase in 2022. Right from providing personalized support to customers/employees to making smart assessments and forecasts, organizations across the board are looking for software developers to build robust developers to build AI and machine learning platforms.


Moreover, there has been a steady rise in the implementation of computer vision applications for monitoring public spaces with the help of cameras and sensors. The use of AI may help authorities to monitor social distance in a post-pandemic world.


One of the most effective uses of AI and machine learning has been that of making predictive analytics. The technologies are being used by organizations to analyze the behavior of their customers and predict their actions in a calculated manner. The use of AI algorithms is likely to increase when it comes to accessing sales data of multiple customers and ascertaining their preferences.


Prioritizing Cybersecurity

As digitization increases, so does the importance of cybersecurity. When more and more professionals and organizations start using shared digital platforms, there are always the risks of unauthorized access, data leaks, and fraud. Companies are already working on building digitized platforms for cybersecurity.

Here are some of the major cybersecurity trends that are likely to impact the world in the year to come:


1. 5G – As the next generation of mobile connectivity and networks, 5G is fairly complicated and new for developers to work on. It is bound to have a massive impact on connectivity, especially in the more remote areas that have been facing connectivity issues. 5G is likely to make communication and collaboration faster and more effective.


2. Cloud Breaches – The COVID crisis has resulted in many organizations across all industries switching to cloud-based platforms. It is advisable for the cloud service providers to prepare themselves for new challenges as there are high chances of cases revolving around cloud breaches are increasing.


3. Cyber Insurance – Increased use of digital platforms is likely to increase the need for cyber insurance. As the number of users increases on digitized tools and platforms increase, they would want their data to be secure and ensure that they are compensated in case of data losses.


4. Dealing With Cyberattacks – The need for tackling cyberattacks is only going to increase with time. Organizations across the world are likely to implement automated cybersecurity platforms that ensure the utmost privacy and security of their valuable data.


Higher Integration Of Internet Of Things

If you are not well-versed with technology, the internet of things (IoT) refers to the interconnectivity of digital devices with everyday objects with the help of the internet. IoT is already used actively in multiple industries due to its ability to gather large volumes of data from sensors, process the same, and filter it through cloud networks.


The use of IoT assured organizations with low failure, high security, and negligible delays in the transformation of data. In 2022, along with the conventional uses of IoT (predictive support, smart devices, home security systems, biometric systems, etc.), the technology is likely to find applications in industries like healthcare, education, and finance. It is also likely to be used by organizations in streamlining remote work.


Steady Development Of The Big Data Industry

Tech experts have often said that there are more bytes in the world than there are stars in the skies! The prominence of big data is only going to increase with every passing year. It is only a matter of time that businesses start optimizing the technology to optimize their day-to-day processes.

Here are the two major areas in which big data is likely to excel during the following year:


1. In-memory Computation – In-memory computation can be considered as an alternative way of speeding up business analytics. The most obvious advantage of this method is real-time data processing. Here, all your processes flow on the datasets stored within RAM. As a result, users can query data at a rate that is more than 100 times faster than any other existing solution! This would help organizations in making calculated decisions and acting on them immediately


2. Augmented Analytics – This is the method of using AI and machine learning tools to the existing business intelligence toolkits. This leads to a significant decrease in the time taken for cleaning and preparing your data. Augmented analytics would help businesses to receive daily insights from the tools and save a good amount of time for data scientists.


Rise In The Development Of Progressive Web Applications

App users are today are not willing to wait for the platform to download for a longer period of time. We live in an age of instant gratification. Progressive web applications (PWAs) are considerably faster and lighter for users to download quickly over the internet. As the services offered by them are similar to the native applications, the user experience is not hampered.


Moreover, progressive applications can be used offline, leading to higher user engagement once downloaded. Users of PWAs rarely face updating issues as they are automatically updated every time a user visits the application online.


When it comes to developing these apps, the process is quicker and more cost-effective as compared to developing conventional and native applications. This is because these applications do not require different versions and devices.

All these benefits offered by PWAs are likely to increase their prevalence and relevance in 2022.


Java And JVM To Continue Being Preferred Technologies

Since its entry into the world of software development in the mid-90s, Java has created its niche in the IT industry. It is regarded as one of the most powerful programming languages in the world, allowing developers to build and deploy highly responsive applications across multiple platforms.


The reason behind the popularity of Java lies in the fact that developers can “write once, run everywhere.” The high security levels of the programming language have persuaded some of the biggest organizations in the world to use it for software development, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.


However, its secure nature is not the only reason why Java is popular. It has much more to offer to developers and users, such as high stability, high flexibility, automatic memory allocation, a wide range of open-source libraries, wide use in Android app development, and much more.


The feature of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) provides the programming language with a high degree of platform independence. This is the reason why programming languages like Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, and more use JVM as their runtime. In terms of trust and stability, Java has no major competitors in the industry, it is likely to continue ruling the software development industry in 2022 as well.


Rise In Cloud-based Applications

Finally, a trend that is bound to continue in 2022 is the increasing prominence of cloud-based applications. Since the COVID crisis, organizations across the world have been shifting from traditional storage systems to cloud-based platforms. Looking at the rapid digitization of business processes across all sectors, it is safe to say that more companies will be added to the list of organizations switching to cloud-based platforms in 2022.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important software development trends and benefits to keep in mind as you venture into 2022. Understanding these trends would help you make informed decisions and equip yourself for the year of growth!


A Comprehensive Guide To Hiring Software Developers In 2021

In the age of digitization, software development holds special importance. Organizations operating in all major industries are looking for suitable software developers to help them build and deploy powerful software platforms. These developers understand the requirements of their clients, create a suitable design, build the required platform, test it, and deploy it for final consumption.


In 2021, the demand for software developers is significantly high. As organizations are switching to automated and digitized platforms, the need for software platforms keeps increasing. After the COVID crisis, businesses have started relying more on virtual platforms to undertake their processes. Also, the use of software platforms allows organizations to automate a range of processes, making their work easier, faster, and more effective.


However, hiring suitable software developers is never as easy as it seems. Owing to the high demand for developers, the availability of skilled and dedicated developers is limited. Organizations cannot afford to cause any unnecessary delays in hiring the right developers as they stand a chance of losing potential candidates. However, it is also not advisable to hurry in such matters as the productivity of your business depends on the services provided by the developers. It is, therefore, extremely important for organizations to be vigilant in hiring software developers.


Important Considerations Before Starting The Recruitment Processes

Before you kick-start the recruitment processes, it is important to take several factors into consideration. Here are two of the most important questions you should ask yourself before going ahead with hiring a software developer:


“Is it necessary to hire another developer?”

This is the first question you should ask yourself before you embark on your recruitment journey. Never hire a developer without having a well-defined purpose in mind. Go ahead with it only if you have a development project that requires a developer to work on it. Organizations often tend to make the mistake of hiring a developer to play safe and avoid inconvenience during development. Never make this mistake and hire the required professional only if there is a need to do so.


“What skills should the developer possess”

It is also important for an employer to be certain about the skills they are looking for in their developer. Make a list of clearly-defined skills your developer should have before you start with the recruitment process. This would provide you with a clear sense of direction and form the basis of your search.


“What project they would be working on?”

If you have multiple development projects at hand, it is important to clearly identify the project for which you need to hire a software developer. Every project has its own set of requirements and answering this question would help you understand the role of the developer you are looking for. Once you attach a specific project to a developer, the recruitment processes become easier.


“What will be their role and responsibilities?”

Never go ahead with the recruitment processes without being certain about the role and responsibilities of the developer that you are willing to hire. It is important for the employer to be thorough with the developer’s role in the team and the tasks they are required to undertake. This would help them select the right sources and make the right assessments while hiring software developers.


Approaches For Hiring Software Developers

There are two major approaches for hiring software developers for your organization – hiring a recruitment agency or recruiting by yourself.


Hiring A Recruitment Agency

If you are willing to outsource the recruitment processes, it is advisable to hire a dedicated recruitment agency. These agencies shoulder all responsibilities of searching for the ideal candidates and helping you select the most ideal developer(s).


Although a recruitment agency would handle all the important recruitment processes, it is always advisable for employers to be actively involved in the process. Ultimately, the developers need to be hired based on the needs and requirements of your organization. Avoiding active participation in the process may lead to dire implications in the future.


Recruiting Developers By Yourself

If you are not willing to depend on an external agency for hiring software developers, you can go ahead with the process by yourself. This provides you with greater freedom of choice and autonomy in making the right decisions. Here, you can directly interact with the candidates and assess their capabilities first-hand.


However, the only drawback of this recruitment approach is the fact that you may not possess all the qualities that a professional recruiter would. This increases your chances of making a biased or half-baked decision.


An ideal way of dealing with this issue is to find a middle way out. You can always take the help of dedicated recruiters while having control in your hands. This allows you to look at the right places and make thorough assessments based on the requirements of your organization.


Outbound Recruitment Methods

Outbound recruitment methods revolve around reaching out to potential candidates and encouraging them to join your organization. Here, employers make efforts to approach ideal candidates to hire them as software developers.

Here are some of the most commonly used outbound recruitment methods:


Using Professional Social Media Platforms Like LinkedIn

Social media platforms like LinkedIn allow employers to connect with potential software developers and create a pool of suitable talent. Based on your requirements, you can make a job post on LinkedIn and ask for resumes from interested candidates. You can also connect with potential candidates whose profiles look promising. This would help you build a professional network and recruit software developers as per your requirements.


Workshops, Conferences, and Hackathons

Organizations often look for potential software developers at events like workshops, conferences, and hackathons. Essentially, these events involve organizations providing knowledge and teaching important skills to the attendees. Along with this, they often end up interacting with capable software developers that perfectly fit the bill.


This way, such events facilitate a win-win situation. While they allow you to promote your organization by hosting specific events, they provide you with opportunities to meet ideal candidates for the concerned job(s).


Inbound Recruitment Methods

As opposed to the outbound methods, inbound recruitment methods involve making potential candidates approach you for getting hires. Here, instead of the employers reaching out to the candidates, the candidates looking for jobs reach out to the employers.

Here are some of the most commonly used inbound methods of recruiting software developers:


Job Portals

This is the most commonly used method of inbound recruitment. Here, employers post the job requirements on different portals, and candidates looking for jobs apply using the same portal. However, it is important to be clear a precise in listing the job requirements on these portals to streamline the recruitment processes.


Here are some important considerations to keep in mind while using job portals for recruitment:

1. Always include some information about salary. If you cannot mention the exact amount, make sure you specify the range.

2. Clearly mention the technologies the developers would be required to work with.

3. Mention the perks and benefits to be provided to the employees.

4. Separate your requirements into categories like “good to have” and “must-have”.

5. Do not sugarcoat any details. Be as honest and transparent as possible.

6. Encourage the applicants to get their queries resolved by contacting the HR department.

7. Update the job post based on feedback and questions asked by the candidates.

8. Make the content readable by using bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs.


The Company Website

It is always advisable for employers to have a “Careers” page on their official website to receive job applications. Just like posting job requirements on online job portals, you can list all your requirements in this section, along with a link to submit resumes.

Based on the vacancies you are willing to fill, keep updating this page on your website to keep the candidates updated about the jobs you are offering and the opportunities they can tap into.


Running Ad Campaigns

Another effective way of inbound recruitment is to run targeted ad campaigns. This makes it easier for potential candidates to find your job offerings and apply for the same without facing any hassles. Use platforms like Facebook and Google to create persuasive ads that can be easily discovered by the candidates.


While running these campaigns, always make sure that you have worked out a budget for the same. Using Adwords for posting ads on digital platforms often costs companies a fortune. Decide the specific duration for which the ads will run and chart out an extensive budget to go ahead with running ads. It is never advisable to use this recruitment method if you are not likely to generate enough traction.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important aspects to consider while looking for ideal software developers. Keeping these tips and tricks in mind would help you create a pool of skilled candidates and select the most valuable alternatives as software developers. This would allow you to build a team of dedicated professionals that work towards the growth and prosperity of your organization.


Important Software Developer Interview Questions And Answers

In 2021, the demand for software developers is considerably high. Increased digitization across industries has led to more and more organizations being willing to hire software developers to build and deploy powerful and responsible software platforms based on their needs. For both commercial and non-commercial purposes, software developers are demanded by brands all over the world for creating robust digital platforms.


However, the journey of getting hired as a software developer is not too easy. Companies look for candidates that possess thorough knowledge and skills pertaining to specific domains. Recruitment managers across the board make critical assessments of all candidates applying for the job, selecting only the ones that fit the bill.


Whether you are entering the world of software development or switching careers, it is important for aspiring software developers to be well-versed with the latest technological trends and possess all technical skills required for them to add value to the companies they work for.


Job interviews play an important role in any recruitment process. They allow an organization to interact with suitable candidates, assess their capabilities, and ask them relevant questions to check their acumen. As a candidate, it is important to be well-prepared and confident as you interact with the interviewer. In both HR and technical interviews, candidates are assessed for the knowledge they possess and the attitude they bear.

If you are preparing for an interview for the position of a software developer, here are some of the most important interview questions and answers that would help you in your journey:


What are the different categories of software platforms?

Here are the major categories of software platforms:

Application software

1. System software

2. Web applications

3. Embedded software

4. Scientific software

5. Artificial intelligence software


What is the difference between a software platform and a computer program?

A computer program is simply a piece of programming code that is used for performing a specific well-defined task. On the other hand, a software platform includes documentation, programming code, and a user guide. In other words, a software platform is a more holistic version of a computer program.


What do you mean by software engineering?

Software engineering is the process of software development carried out to improve the maintainability of a software system.

Briefly explain the software development process.

Here are the major stages of a software development life cycle:

1. Requirement analysis

2. Specification

3. Software architecture

4. Implementation

5. Testing

6. Documentation

7. Training and support

8 Maintenance


What does SDLC stand for? What are the different SDLC models available for developers?

SDLC stands for software development life cycle. An SDLC model is a model used in development projects for defining the different stages involved in information system development, right from initial feasibility to maintaining the completed application.

Some of the major SDLC models include:

1. Spiral model

2. Waterfall model

3. Big-bag model

4. V-model

5. Iterative model


What do you mean by verification and validation in software development?

Verification is the process of setting activities that ensure that a software platform implements a specific function. On the other hand, validation refers to the set of activities undertaken to ensure that a software platform has been developed according to the specific needs of the client.


What do you mean by debugging?

Debugging is the process of removing errors from a developed software platform. It plays an important role in software testing.


What is the difference between a stub and a mock?

Stub refers to the minimal implementation of an interface that returns hardcoded data. On the other hand, mock refers to the process of verifying outputs against expectations.


What is the role of a software development project manager?

A software development project manager is a professional responsible for overlooking a development project and coordinating different tasks performed by the team members.

The role of a project manager includes charting out extensive plans for development projects, monitoring ongoing processes, managing risks, and delivering the projects on time.


What do you mean by software scope?

Software scope refers to a well-defined boundary that includes all sorts of activities carried out for developing and delivering a specific project. Software scope helps you define a range of functionalities and artifacts that need to be delivered as a part of the concerned project. It also allows you to identify the functionalities of the product, the components that are not a part of the product, and project estimation.


Software scope is helpful for estimating a variety of aspects within a software product. This estimation can be decided by consulting experts or with the help of pre-determined formulae.


How would you ascertain the size of a software product?

I would ascertain the size of a software product by using one of the following two methods:

1. Keeping a count of the function points delivered

2. Keeping the count of the lines of delivered code


What do you mean by function points?

Function points are the different features provided by a specific software product. They are helpful in measuring the size of a software platform.


What do you mean by software configuration management?

Software configuration management is the process that involves controlling and tracking changes taking place within a software platform. Change control is a function that helps you ensure that all relevant changes made into your software system are consistent and created keeping the rules and regulations of the organization in mind.


How would you measure project execution?

I would measure project execution with the help of status reports, activity monitoring, and milestone checklists.


What does a feasibility study mean?

Feasibility study refers to the measure of ascertaining how practical and beneficial a specific software development project would prove to an organization. Here, a software analyzer conducts an extensive study to know the economic, technical, and operational feasibility of the development project as follows:


1. Economic– includes the cost of training, additional tools, and the overall estimation of costs and benefits of the development project.

2. Technical – includes the technical evaluation of the project to ensure that it is technically feasible to develop the concerned platform. It involves assessing the suitability of the machine and operating system used for running the software.

3. Operational – includes the assessment of how the concerned organization would be able to adjust to the changes made according to the demand of the project. It answers the question of whether the problem is worth solving at the estimated cost.


What are functional and non-functional requirements in a software development project?

Functional requirements are the functional features expected by the clients and the users from the proposed software product to be developed. On the other hand, non-functional requirements refer to the security, look, performance, feel, and other aspects of the software platform to be developed.


What do you mean by modularization?

Modularization refers to the technique used for dividing a software platform into multiple discreet modules that are expected to undertake specific tasks independently.


Mention some important software design and analysis tools.

Here are some of the major software design and analysis tools:

1. Structured charts

2. Data flow diagrams

3. Structured English

4. Data dictionary

5. Hierarchical input process output diagrams

6. Entity relationship diagrams

7. Decision tables


What is a level-0 data flow diagram?

The highest abstraction level is referred to as level-0 in a data flow diagram. It is also known as context-level data flow diagram. This diagram is used for portraying the entire information system as a single diagram.


What is the difference between structures English and pseudocode?

Structured English is the native English language used for writing the structure of a program module. It makes use of programming language keywords. Pseudocode, on the other hand, is essentially a programming language without the syntax of a specific language.


What do you mean by structured design?

In simple words, structured design refers to the conceptualization of a problem based on the “divide and conquer” strategy. It is also known as solution design.


What do you mean by functional programming?

Functional programming is a programming method that uses the concepts of a mathematical function. It provides you with a means of computation in the form of mathematical functions for producing results irrespective of the state of the program.


What is the key difference between quality assurance and quality control?

Quality assurance revolves around checking if suitable processes are followed while developing a software platform. On the other hand, quality control deals with maintaining the quality of the concerned software product.


What do you mean by CASE tools?

CASE stands for Computer-Aided Software Engineering. These tools are sets of automated software application programs used for supporting, enhancing, and strengthening the SDLC processes.


What is the difference between EXE and DLL?

While EXE is an executable program, DLL refers to a file that can be loaded and executed by programs in a dynamic manner. As both EXE and DLL are different programs, you can reuse a DLL instead of having that code in your files.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important interview questions and answers pertaining to software development. However, it is always important to be aware of the nitty-gritty details of the programming language you have mastered and the technologies you are willing to work with in order to secure a job as a software developer in a reputed company.


Best Software Development Skills To Learn In 2021

In the age of digitization, software development holds immense importance and relevance in almost every industry. Software platforms are used by organizations and individuals on a regular basis to streamline a number of processes. In 2021, it is difficult to imagine life without digitized platforms and software to undertake several activities, including ordering meals, interacting with friends, collaborating with peers, and much more.


Further, this increases the demand for software developers around the world. Irrespective of their scale of operations and the industry they belong to, organizations are always looking to hire skilled software developers for building and deploying responsive digital platforms. This has encouraged young graduates to enter the world of programming and experienced professionals to switch their career paths.


In order to excel in the IT industry in 2021, it is always important for professionals to be thorough with software development. If you are willing to secure a job as a software developer at your favorite company, here are some of the best software development skills that you should learn in 2021:


Proficiency In Programming Languages

It goes without saying that software developers are required to be proficient in programming languages. Based on your interests and the domain you are willing to work in, you need to master one or more programming languages to build a successful career as a software developer.


In simple words, programming or coding languages are different kinds of source codes written by an individual for specific programs. As a software developer, you would be required to excel in at least one programming language to increase your chances of landing job opportunities. In order to make the right choice, it is important to determine the type of program that aligns with your interests and capabilities.


Here are some of the most common programming languages you can choose from based on your preferences:


1. HTML – HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language that is used as a standardized option for displaying text and image content on a web application, involving bullet lists, charts, and paragraphs.


2. JavaScript – This programming language helps developers in designing systems for an interactive website and/or web application that displays specific information after a user clicks on a button.


3. Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) – This programming language allows developers to add fonts, colors, and spacing to text content on a web application. This makes most developers learn HTML and CSS and use both programming languages simultaneously.


4. Python – Python is a multi-faceted programming language allowing developers to accomplish a range of software development tasks, including the writing of code for an entire application or tracking errors in the concerned language. Python has a simple structure, making it easier to learn as compared to most programming languages.


5. C++ – C++ helps developers in building programs that optimize hardware capabilities, such as medical equipment software. It is often used by video game developers for designing complex gaming systems along with high-quality computer graphics.


6. Java – Java allows developers to create programs and applications across multiple computer systems. It is used by video game developers for developing high-quality video games. This is because it has a structure that is similar to C++ along with fewer complexities.


Knowledge Of Databases

Along with being well-versed with programming languages, aspiring software developers need to have a knowledge of databases as well. Databases are electronic systems that help users in organizing and structure specific information, specifically the records maintained by an organization.


Software developers need to have a clear understanding of searching for information, adding new lines of data in the format of a table, and updating the system with new and relevant materials. They are also required to know how to secure a database and create a backup for their data to keep the company records safe.


In order to be well-versed with databases, it is advisable to learn a standardized source code known as Structured Query Language. (SQL). This language allows developers to operate different systems operated by different companies.


Understanding Data Structures And Algorithms

If you are willing to become a software developer in 2021, it is important to have a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms. In simple words, data structures are the different organizational methods used for storing information within a database. On the other hand, algorithms are used for determining a suitable combination for optimizing information in the code of a program.


For example, a completed array structure is capable of storing different variations of the same data type, such as writing a specific program that stores front information.


If the developer makes use of the right algorithm, it allows users to choose specific types of fonts and their sizes.

For learning different data structures, it is always advisable to take up a suitable course that teaches you how to develop and implement them within a program. Some of the major online certification courses for the same include:


1. Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization by Coursera

2. Professional Certificate in Data Structures and Algorithms by EdX

3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass by Udemy

4. Data Structures and Algorithms Nanodegree Certification by Udacity


Source Control Management (SCM)

Source Control Management (SCM) refers to a system that helps a team of software developers track updates and changes to the coding language of a specific program. It provides every software developer with an opportunity for working separately on a code, followed by merging the records into a single version.


SCM systems allow developers to generate a list of code revisions and help them restore a language to a previous state (if needed). It is always important for aspiring developers to learn the functionality of an SCM system as companies often need developers to work in terms of the same coding projects.


Organizations and individual developers can use Git – a program that is an SCM application that allows developers to store different versions of a program code in a single folder system. It employs a brand system for organizing every development project, which implies that a primary branch represents the original version of a code. On the other hand, any additional branches connecting to it represent relevant modifications. Moreover, Git is an open-source program, meaning that it is available for everyone to use.


Proficiency In Testing Procedures

It is important for every software developer to undertake intricate testing procedures before releasing software platforms for end-use. This requires developers to use an array of digital tools to make sure that the concerned product/app/program meets all development standards and fulfills all the design requirements.


Software developers are required to check the ability of developed program’s ability to run on multiple hardware/software devices and store valuable information. There are no standard testing processes. Every organization devises its own processes, which makes it important for aspiring software developers to be well-versed with the fundamental aspects of testing before applying the same to their projects.


Some of the major components of software testing as discussed as follows:

1. Unit Testing – Unit testing involves the evaluation of individual lines of code for determining if they need to be modified. Software developers are often required to create a distinct unit test for every development project they work on. This is important to examine the key elements of the developed program.


2. Integration Testing – Integration testing is a testing method used by developers for determining whether it is possible to merge different areas of the code of a program successfully. The testing method is also commonly used for observing the interaction of one software program with another.


3. System Testing – System testing is a process undertaken after integration testing for determining if the developed product is capable of fulfilling user expectations. A software developer needs to be thorough with the steps of system testing as testing professionals often interact with them regarding suggestions for making alterations.


Debugging Skills

Every software developer is required to possess debugging skills. Debugging refers to a software development process for addressing and removing errors within the coding language of a program. It involves running the developed program through a dedicated software platform(s) for observing all errors with precision.


Once the errors are identified, developers are required to use their problem-solving skills for debugging the concerned code while writing it to make sure that it is functional in the testing language. Every aspiring developer should learn debugging skills to remove specific errors from the developed platforms and develop effective debugging processes.


Knowledge Of Operating Systems

It is always important for software developers to be well-versed with multiple operating systems to deploy the programs effectively. Operating systems describe software used for configuring the hardware of a device and running specific programs on the same. Knowledge of different operating systems allows developers to conduct effective testing procedures and transfer lines of code between them.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important software development skills every aspiring software developer needs to possess in 2021. Software development is gaining steady momentum that is only going to increase in the years to come. Securing your job as a software developer opens doors to several opportunities that would help you leverage your professional growth.


Important Recruitment Stages For Hiring Software Developers

When it comes to hiring new software developers in your team, it is important to have a structured and well-organized system in place. Taking the recruitment process lightly might lead to adding incompetent members to your team, affecting the overall engagement and productivity within your organization.


The demand for software developers across the world is considerably high and skilled developers have several options at their disposal to get an ideal job. As an organization willing to hire competent developers, it is important to have a systematic approach to recruiting the right candidates. When you follow all recruitment steps religiously, you can add dedicated members to your development teams that best fit the bill.


Here are some of the most important recruitment stages that should be followed while hiring software developers:


1. Making Job Offers

It all starts with making job offers to potential developers. Here, it is important for employers to choose the recruitment approach and methods. If you are willing to reach out to the developers, you can undertake outbound recruitment methods. On the other hand, if you are willing to pull potential developers towards your organizations, it is advisable to go ahead with inbound recruitment methods.


However, the ideal way to go about making job offers is to have an ideal combination of inbound and outbound recruitment methods. This would help you expand your horizons and reach out to a wide range of software developers.


It is important for employers to be extremely precise and vigilant during this step as it is often the first point of contact between a candidate and an organization. Make sure you are successful in casting a good first impression. Also, it is important to be precise and transparent in your job offers. Mention all important details such as a clear description of the job, the roles and responsibilities of the employees, the salary to be expected, and more. One of the biggest mistakes made by employers while making job offers that of not adding enough information about the job. Incomplete information is likely to cause misunderstanding and miscommunication.

When your candidates are aware of what you are expecting from them, they tend to apply for the right jobs in the right manner.


2. Collecting Resumes

Once you have made the job offers, you are required to collect resumes from all potential candidates. This is the step where your team needs to be proactive in scanning through all the resumes and making assessments.


While collecting and assessing resumes, it is always advisable for recruitment managers to make use of automated platforms. Going the traditional and manual way would require a lot of time and effort in making the assessments. Using automated platforms also increases the accuracy of your processes. In 2021, you cannot afford to lose data regarding the resumes you receive and assess.


Moreover, it is always advisable to respond to every resume you receive, no matter how outrageous it is. Not responding to resumes is often considered to be an unethical practice and should never be encouraged by the management. You can automate the process of sending personalized emails to the candidates who did not make it to the next round. When the candidates take time out of their busy schedules for sending you resumes, it is important to provide them with a logical explanation in case their applications are rejected.


3. Screening Of Candidates

Once you have collected the resumes and made the initial assessments, you can move on to the stage of screening your candidates. Here, the recruitment managers put every candidate under scrutiny and make thorough assessments based on the specific requirements of the company. This is the stage that decides which candidates would go to the next round of recruitment.

Recruitment managers keep several factors in mind while screening the candidates, such as:

1. Technical skills

2. Communication skills

3. Professional background

4. Salary expectations

5. Willingness to work


If a candidate does not meet your requirements, you can ask the HR department to inform them about the same. On the other hand, if a candidate successfully passes the screening, you can ask the HR department to schedule an interview and inform the concerned candidate about the same.


A common mistake committed by organizations at this stage is that of scheduling interviews the very next day. It is never advisable to ask your candidates to appear for interviews (remotely or in-person) at a short notice. You may not be aware of the professional and personal circumstances of the candidate. It may cause them inconvenience to appear for an interview at such short notice. Always make sure that you give your candidates enough time to prepare themselves before you go ahead with interviewing them.


Another common mistake committed by recruitment managers is that of promising to get back to them and failing to do so. It is always important to be clear and direct with your candidates when it comes to the selection process. Never give assurances of reaching out to them and not doing so in the future.


4. Conducting The HR Interview

This is the stage where the selected candidates are interviewed by the HR managers. The main purpose of this interview is to eliminate the candidates who are clearly not fit for the role. It is a negative process as the number of candidates passing the interview is often less than the number of candidates getting rejected. Even if a candidate seems promising in their resume, there are chances of them not fitting the bill once the HR managers interact with them personally.


When it comes to conducting interviews, it is always advisable for the interviewers to have good interpersonal (people) skills. Make sure that the recruitment managers and/or HR managers conducting the interviews do not come off as rude and insensitive. They should be empathetic, understanding, and soft-spoken. This puts the candidates at ease and facilitates the free flow of thoughts.


At this stage, a common mistake committed by recruitment managers is that of being ill-informed about the position they are hiring for. It is important to note that the job of recruitment managers does not end at creating a pool of potential employees. They need to be well-versed with the domain and the job for which they are conducting interviews. This allows them to make suitable assessments and casts a good impression on the candidates. If the interviewers themselves are not well-informed about the job they are recruiting for, it makes the candidates lose interest in the job.


Another common mistake committed by recruiters while taking interviews is that of assuming complete control over the situation. It is always advisable to keep the tone of interviews conversational instead of hostile. When the interviewers are successful in putting the candidates at ease, they tend to bring out the best in them, facilitating wholesome assessment. It is, therefore, important for the recruitment managers to be less authoritative and more empathetic while maintaining their professionalism.


5. Conducting The Technical Interview

Once the HR interview is successfully conducted, the selected candidates can move on to appear for the technical interview. Here, the potential software developers are assessed for the technical skills they possess. The interviewers focus on how well the candidates know the programming language(s) and framework(s) needed to develop responsive software platforms.


This is one of the most important stages of recruitment for hiring software developers as it takes into consideration the skills that are directly responsible for the tasks to be performed by the developers.


At this stage, the HR recruiters provide details about the interviews conducted by them about every employee to provide them with context. This allows the IT recruiters to ask the right questions and focus on the right aspects while interacting with the candidates.


During these interviews, the conversations often revolve around the technical aspects of the job, the past and present projects being undertaken by the organization, and the scope of the job to be offered to the candidates. The recruiters assess how capable the candidates are in applying their knowledge and skills in practical scenarios. This helps them ascertain if the candidates would be able to understand the issues faced by different clients and provide them with personalized solutions.


The biggest mistake that an organization can commit during this stage is that of having the wrong people conduct the interviews. Along with having technological acumen, it is important for the recruiters to be social and empathetic. If they come across as arrogant and rude, it intimidates the candidates, worsening the tone of the interview.


If the technical interviewers are cordial and professional, it helps you conclude the recruitment process on a high note. This helps you add skilled and dedicated software developers to your team.


The Final Word

These were some of the most important recruitment stages involved in hiring capable software developers. Always make sure that you conduct all the above-mentioned processes with precision and avoid making mistakes that would hamper the recruitment of software developers.


Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Ex CEO Zensar, ex Nasscom Chairman, Joins The Advisory Board Of Techila Global Services



Techila Global Services expands its Advisory Board by welcoming Dr. Ganesh Natarajan into the team. Mr. Natarajan is the Executive Chairman and founder of SF Group of Companies. He would now be working with the company and helping the team achieve the common organizational goals.


Techila Global Services is a Salesforce development company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. It provides a range of services like Salesforce integration, Salesforce consultancy, Salesforce data migration, Salesforce certification, AI development, Salesforce app development, and many more to clients across the world. The company helps in the development of digitized platforms using technologies such as Java, Python, AngularJS, DevOps, .NET, and more. Techila Global Services has also ventured into providing free Salesforce training to IT aspirants through Techila Academy.


Mr. Ganesh Natarajan is the former CEO of Zensar Technologies. During his tenure at Zensar, he helped the company pivot from generating $5 million dollars in revenue to a whopping $500 million. Moreover, Mr. Natarajan has founded Global Talent Track, Kalzoom Advisors, and the Lighthouse Communities Foundation with an Indo-US joint venture – Center for AI and Advanced Analytics.


Mr. Natarajan holds a Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering from NITIE Mumbai, a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, and Advanced Management from Harvard Business School. He bagged the prestigious Distinguished Alumnus award at IIT Bombay as well as NITIE. He has also gained recognition from EY and the Asia Pacific HR Forum of Excellence in technology, entrepreneurship, and people-centric leadership.


Over the course of twenty-five years, Mr. Natarajan has completed two successful tenures as the CEO at APTECH and Zensar Technologies. Looking at his achievements, Harvard Business School has published two case studies on Mr. Natarajan and his journey through Vision Communities and Innovation.


Mr. Natarajan has also served as the chairman of NASSCOM and NASSCOM Foundation along with various National Committees of the Confederation of Indian Industry and the All India Management Association. He has also been the author of ten books and a reputed speaker at several national and international forums.


His passion for championing social causes and the belief in giving back to society led him to set up the Lighthouse Communities Foundation for empowering marginalized communities in the country with suitable jobs and entrepreneurial skills to achieve their dreams. Mr. Natarajan also serves on the Board of Foundation for educating girls globally and leading to a digital transformation of the institution.


Chitiz Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Techila Global Services, considers it to be an honor to have Mr. Natarajan on board. He says, “It is really humbling to have him join the company. His achievements in the domains of technology and management have inspired all of us to dream big and give back to society. We consider his wisdom and experience to be major assets for Techila Global Services. All of us look are looking forward to an exciting and inspiring journey with Mr. Natarajan.”


How to Create a Free Salesforce Developer Account

Salesforce is regarded as one of the most incredible and crucial techniques that have successfully created an effective impact on the world of cloud computing. It works on the principle of customer relationship management offering inevitable advantages and seamless features specifically for small size businesses.


One of the prime motives of the present digital peace is to make you aware of the way to create a Salesforce developer account. Also, this blog will make you familiar with the wide ranges of the accounts within the sales force and the associated guidelines for the creation of the account.


Moreover, there are many ways of creating a Salesforce account without investing a single rupee or a dollar with the developer’s edition and work on the various operations like merging the Salesforce developer account for the hierarchy of Salesforce accounts.

The following blog is going to work on the following headings-

1. What is a Salesforce account?

2. What does it take to become a salesforce developer?

3. The advantages associated with being a salesforce developer

4. Creating free developer account part 1

5. Creating free developer account part 2

6. Parting tips


What is a Salesforce account?

First of all, you should know what an account in Salesforce means. The account is created within the dynamics of the customer relationship management that is the salesforce is predominantly used for the storage of the details related to the entities and the clients. The customer cares and keeps a relationship with a big business form or an agency or he or she can be worked as an individual.


The details may vary from place to place and are categorized under respective heads that are responsible for storing the information of the clients like- their name, location, web address, etc. You can lead to the creation or deletion of any kind of account on the basis of the information stored in the list of contacts in Salesforce using the accounts tab.


First of all, you should know how many types of accounts in Salesforce are present where you have the freedom to change the name of the account on the basis of the requirements of the organization. The need can be related to an employee or a patient whose details are to be changed or modified. There are two major categories for these accounts.

1. Person account

2. Business account


There are some business models that are responsible for differentiating between these two types of Salesforce accounts. So first get familiar with the understanding of the needs of the business and thereafter you can follow up with the creation of your own account in Salesforce.


1. Business account

The counts are basically designed for the storage of the details related to the entities and the business Enterprises. It is considered that the suitability is majorly for the B2B industries that deal with the criteria such as management, performance, and maintenance of unlimited editions. The major benefit is that its usage can be for any kind of version of Salesforce such as Salesforce lightning and Salesforce classic.


It can be assumed that if we go by the option of default, every kind of account in Salesforce is akin to a source of a business account unless and until there is no configuration based on the needs of the business. If you want to create accounts in Salesforce then the first need is to have good research on the same. You can browse the tab named accounts and finally, click on the button-NEW.


Now the screen will pop up in front that asks you all the required details and you need to feed your own name correctly as one of the provisions under creating the account. After entering all the details, you have to click the save button. So, it is easy to create a business account and now we are moving ahead with the second kind of account in Salesforce.


2. Person Account/ Personal account

If you go by the name, the personal accounts are famous by other name- personal accounts. These names are primarily used for the storage of information based on the data for a particular person. The person can be a client or a customer such as a traveller, shopkeeper, student, manager, gym trainer, etc. The applicability of this account is basically for B2C industries.


Within the dynamics of the salesforce, the availability of this type of account lies in theEnterprise, developer, performance, and maintenance of unlimited editions. The next benefit is that its usage can be for any version of Salesforce such as Salesforce lightning and Salesforce classic. You all know that by default, the account is set as a business account but if you want to change the context of an account to a personal account, you can definitely do the same. For that you have to leave the request.


Carefully look for the tab which has enabled the person account, it will start accessing the contacts which you have saved on itself. The process avoids the management of multiple contacts, unlike business accounts. You should be familiar with the following conditions associated with such an account’s creation.

1. You should not forget to have the minimum record type up and check whether it is available for the account or not. If it is not present you have to voluntarily make the creation of the new record type for setting up the account.

2. You have to give each and every profile read permissions and that can be done using the accounts tab in Salesforce.

3. Parent node should be the single authority for the storage of the details and controlling the details of the contacts.


What does it take to become a salesforce developer?

Many of you love and inspire to be a Salesforce developer. So, are you not satisfied with the efforts you are making or maybe you are stuck somewhere in between and finding the solution to move ahead? Here are the important tips for those who aspire to become a developer in Salesforce. So, follow the steps and grab the developer job.


1. Commenting on the Salesforce admin intellectual

You should have complete knowledge about the Salesforce admin if you want to become a strong salesforce developer.

You should spend the time of at least 3 months studying the semantics and lessons related to Salesforce development that teaches the skills to be a successful developer. Also so try to Grab the following certifications which are crucial for you in case you want the job of a Salesforce developer.


– Salesforce certified app builder

– Salesforce certified advanced administrator

– Salesforce certified administrator

– Sales cloud consultant

-Service cloud consultant

You can take advantage of numerous testimonials and valuable resources on Google and polish your skills.


2. Try to apply Salesforce in your personal life

The very first step guides you to navigate and customize the Salesforce org so that it can come naturally to you. It should be like that it is helpful in running your life on Salesforce. It is truly very easy to customize the salesforce developer orgas we do the customization of Iphone settings.


You can also apply to Salesforce when you want to meet the personal requirements and then you can definitely become comfortable using it. Now you would be thinking is there any specific task where the sales force can be applicable?


Are you confused about whether Salesforce is used for tracking the details of applications for the job? You should consider job applications as an opportunity and give your best efforts for closing them. Consider the company where you have applied as an account and the colleagues who are present in that organization are your contacts with whom you can interact and communicate.


You can also track the different kinds of visits to a doctor or to A shopkeeper. You can consider these visits similar to an activity task. This is how you can include salesforce in your personal life. You can also apply workflows and process builders if you wish to move ahead with the procedure. Also, the triggers can be used for the automation process. This is how you would learn about the characteristics of Salesforce without even noticing it.


3. Strive hard to clear the certification of Platform Developer

It is one of the mandatory requirements that you have to pass the certification called platform developer certification. This is done to assess the mistakes and find the deficiencies and loop holes being created during the development experience of the sales force.

You can also track the glitches and try to find out the updated material to appear for the exam. Also, for that you have to prove yourself and demonstrate your developer skills.

You should be smart to address the do’s and don’ts for passing the certificate -Platform developer certification.


4. Strive hard to clear the certification of Scrum master

There is another certification name scrum master certification. You should be well versed with the terminologies and the key terms as soon as you enter any new project. You should possess great experience to handle the backlogs and how to stand up for the official meeting. If you really want to be a successful salesforce developer, then it is compulsory to Grab the certification.


You can appear for this certification from the website- For that firstly you need to study for a few days where just two days would serve the work. It is an open book exam so you can easily pass a certification and prepare your curriculum vitae accordingly.


5. Get connected with the local Salesforce developer community group

You don’t have to worry ee or feel anxious by seeing other experienced developers performing in a better way. You just have to get up with the technical abilities and gain experience by working on the field. The Salesforce trailblazer community is one of the solutions to your problem that helps you to get inspired. There are a lot many fellow developers present there who can guide you and lead you to the right path to become a successful Salesforce developer.


Firstly, you need to start gathering the local friends and build a local network of Salesforce professionals. For that you need to attend the Salesforce trailblazer community group.

This would be your first group to attend where you can learn the semantics of the sales force and the journey undertaken by the professionals. They will also guide you about finding their first job and the pass that followed the young talents to achieve Heights. Also, you would learn about the apex and how the recruiters are conventionally coming to the developers for the respective meetups.


This community group will act as an opportunity, so that you can get a feel for the local friend network of the sales force and finally, all the queries will get resolved at the end. This is how you can get successful recruitment.


6. Start bookmarking the Salesforce stack exchange

It is one of the workable resources for the purpose of crowd source in the help of the community. This can resolve your problem in finding many numbers of questions related to specific developers in Salesforce. If it is your first experience, you feel quite low according to the job but as soon as you gain experience, the questions that are uploaded on the forum will come into your loop and under your expertise.


You need to start bookmarking the Salesforce stack exchange and develop a habit of logging-in at least once. You need to build your expertise in such a way that you are confident in asking irrelevant questions which is not an easy task. But if you can start building hundred reputation points after asking a good question, that acts as an opportunity for you to be a good Salesforce developer.


7. Try to seek an experienced technical mentor

Some of you might feel it as a challenge for getting a writing job done at a single attempt. It is not so easy a task, if you do not belong to a coding or a technical background. Again, it is not an impossible job at the same time. Everything comes with experience and takes time to develop.


Some of you get frustrated after making huge brainstorming in the lot of coding concepts. Some of you get confused why it is called an exception, whenever an error occurs. But as soon as you pass your initial 6 months, you would get a custom to the errors, exceptions and other concepts.

The potent Secret is that you have to survive the beginning six months till the time you are well versed with the semantics related to Apex and Salesforce. You need to maintain the momentum and for that you can find a professional mentor would help you to clear all hurdles.


The technical mentor will help you to rectify the mistakes while appearing for the coding program. He would better guide you the way to accomplish better coverage for code and score higher reputation points. You can learn the tricks and tips for debugging the code from the concerned person.


7. Leave application for the job and try to rectify mistakes

You should start applying for the different jobs as a part of your personal Salesforce org. Start cracking the all numbers of interviews for which you have already appeared for. Consider each interview as an opportunity that would guide you to pick up the deficiencies and loopholes that you have already made and what are the ways of doing the things in a better way.

You should be aware about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work upon them and gain something better and produce it in your next interview.


The advantages associated with being a salesforce developer

Following are the advantages associated with a Salesforce developer job-


1. Start getting connected with the world dominating Technology

You all know that Salesforce is one of the leading customer relationship management platforms. The growth is getting doubled every year with a growth rate of 25 %. Also it is estimated that around 3.3 million new jobs will get generated by the end of the year 2022.

The digital transformation is accelerating day by day leaving no technological industry undisturbed. It acts as a skyrocket for all the professionals engaged in cloud computing and also, for those who have a tremendous amount of experience in this world of CRM platforms.


2. Start enjoying the plant job opportunities

We can witness the fact that there is an ever increasing need for the Salesforce professionals and this can act as an opportunity for you if you Aspire to be a Salesforce developer. It is estimated that every month around 400 new developer positions are built and big organisations are competing with each other for the attraction of the younger talents and qualified developers.


3. Try to get involved with the innovative platform of CRM

Salesforce regularly discloses many updates related to the innovative features of the platform thrice a year. There is a tool set available that ensures the sales force to act as a forefront of new trends and advancements. It only has to focus on the applications and gathering of data so that you can reciprocate it ahead with knowledge of new features and business leading solutions.


4. Try to be the member of an inclusive community

Sales force is one among the top 10 developer companies that work for the support of technological firms. It is considered that the ecosystem of the sales force is notoriously Innovative and collaborative. One of the Salesforce communities is named as Ohana, and has engaged many internal employees who worked for the support of customers and as freelance pros.


If you would get a chance to be a part of this enterprise you would surely enjoy the culture that embodies equality and trust in your personal life. If you are preparing to work with Salesforce, you would never feel alone and would learn tremendous concepts that will build immense trust on the platform.


Sales force has been contributing to make the world a healthy and innovative place to dwell. Their predominant motive is to Foster coordination in technological advancement. They also work in collaboration to make sure that the inevitable abortion eighties are regularly offered to the young talents that have the share will to work with the platform.

In the year 2015, salesforce made an investment of about 3 million dollars for the purpose of analysis and amendment in the salaries that help in eliminating the pay disparities.


5. Salesforce provides plenty of opportunities for training

Sales force is one of the comprehensive platforms that offers training to the young professionals at absolutely free cost. One of the online learning platforms called trailhead is also working with regard to the training opportunities production. The experts of the sales force can enhance their skills according to their time and location. It is one of the platforms that make engagement of several developers all at one place, in the form of a vast community.


6. Salesforce as one of the highest earning potentials generating platform

This enormous platform helps in the generation of earning potential. All the customers and partners in Salesforce are considered alike and they are beating each other in constant competition for showcasing their best talents. In the United States, the average salary for the developer of software is about $85,000.


Also, the estimated salary of a Salesforce developer is around $111,232 and the maximum salary slab can go up to $161,418. The salary structure is generated according to the latest observations and analysis of the survey.

According to the Global salesforce survey, resource professionals are working consistently to earn the potentials and a key to further develop the possibilities. It is estimated that around 30 percent of the total respondents believe that a degree is one of the most significant factors while choosing a career as a Salesforce developer.


The majority of the people believe that the expertise and additional experience are the auxiliary supports that increase the potential to earn. People have a habit of gaining experience and knowledge to the credentials and the courses concerned with Salesforce. The majority of the business functions run on the economic level of the industry that is developed by experts.


The Salesforce certifications are considered of other significant value within the business ecosystem where more than 70 % of the professionals hold numerous certifications under Salesforce. The certifications and regular tests examine the knowledge and intellect of the professional where the majority number of employers are contributing to the test cost for their employees.


Why are the business organizations in constant need of Salesforce developers?

After doing a number of researches, if you have finally decided that the Salesforce developers would be the best-suited professionals as per your business requirements, then you have to proceed ahead with the work. For the success of the business, you have to increase the maximum amount of traffic on the website.


You should also know the way to collect a huge amount of business cards and lay the network in different directions so that the traffic can be increased.

Developers are responsible for the improvement of the presents of your organization on the platform of social media. They help in attracting the maximum number of buyers and help in the analysis of the gathered data. You have to find what is wrong in your strategy with the help of the Salesforce developer that is considered best for the acquisition of the customers towards your own organization.


If you want to recruit the new Salesforce developer it would be about 25 times costlier in comparison to retaining the existing professionals. You should know the various ways of hanging on with important clients and plan many ways for attractive offers. It is reported on behalf of the marketing professionals; around a 5-percentage hike in customer retention can be proved fruitful in producing a 25 percent hike in our business gains.

Always customer attention is considered as a significant factor for the process of acquiring new customers and fresh leads. Therefore, you have to proceed with hiring the professionals and salesforce developers and select the relevant professional who has the ability to complete the job with logic.


They should be able to connect the client with the business organization and help in building long term science on developing personalized experiences. Salesforce developer has numerous dimensions that are helpful in increasing the profit of the organization and handle responsibility for the growth and development of the business.


You should be aware of the few reasons for recruiting the sales force as your own business. The reasons are as follows-

1. It will help you to increase the sales of the company with the help of effective sales force application development Technology.

2. It is considered as one of the topmost customer relationship management platforms that helps in giving maximum potential of customer retention which is done by adopting the right tools and tactics at the right time.

3. It is considered as a successful marketing cloud that helps in announcing the new products and one of the successful ways of acquiring customers.


Creating free developer account part 1

You need to follow the steps given below for the creation of the free salesforce developer account

  1. Firstly, visit the website- Then you have to sign up on that website.
  2. Now you need to fill the required details and apply the relevant email address of your own.
  3. The link of email will be received on your personal email that you have entered.
  4. The next step is to make a click on the link received in the email address and then you have to make the setting of the password to the account concerned.
  5. The next step guides you to login with an account it is named as Salesforce developer account.
  6. Now visit the website-
  7. The entry of the username and password. Then you have to login to the account of Salesforce developer as – salesforce developer edition.

  8. Finally, you are landed on the homepage of

Creating free developer account part 2

You need to follow the steps given below for the creation of a developer account in Salesforce-

1. The first need is to browse the website

2. Then you have to make the sign up provided on top of the page on the particular website.

3. The next step is to click the sign-up option that will display a form in front. You need to enter the basic details such as the company name, your email ID, your name, etc.

4. One basic thing that you have to keep in mind that the username provided should always be given in the name of your email ID. Another fact which you have to remember is that, you don’t have to worry about the existence of the email ID in the name of which you’re providing the name of the account.

5. After entering the details, you will see at the end one of the sign-up options in the blue colour. You need to click on the sign me up button that will generate a confirmation link on the email id provided earlier.

6. You need to complete the verification by clicking on the verification link that will activate your Salesforce developer account.


After logging in to the account again, the prompt will ask you to change the required password and produce a perfect combination for the password in the salesforce developer edition login. You should remember that the password should be relevant and easy to Remember. At the end you can log out from the account as soon as the work gets completed.


Additional details

Following are the major responsibilities of a developer in Salesforce-

1.  The Salesforce developer is responsible for building a customer relationship management system, salesforce app, and also for supporting effective data solutions.

2. The help in testing the various applications and finally execute the best-proven strategies on the ground with the help of their expertise and experiences.

3. They help in designing the efficient mode of customer solutions and workflow rules associated with the particular business. This helps in customer acquisition and retention.

4. They are also answerable to the business organization for maintaining the complex rules of the various types of users.

5. He is the best person to make suggestions on the technological background of the Strategies and tactics that need to be adopted and worked upon regularly.


You should know the way of how to acquire action that helps the professionals in the following listed ways-

1. Knowledge is the prime factor for attaining any kind of certification. If you have the capability of earning a certificate in a particular discipline, it will help you to gain the skills and experiences in that particular field where you can showcase your talents without any limits and bounds.


2. After gaining the certifications, you will be confident enough to hold on to the expertise with the implementation of Salesforce tools and tactics required by the business organisation.

3.  Also, you should have an ample amount of experience in your discipline that will act as an opportunity to work ahead and it is one of the best ways of dealing with real-life Complex problems. They boost your points and strengths in the curriculum vitae that gets noticed by the authorities and recruiters in comparison to the non-certified candidacy.


It is your choice, you can either move ahead with the Salesforce professional career in the form of an intermediate only or lead to the path of an experienced professional. So, if you are looking to upgrade your career, you should start supercharging your professional profile and try to join hands with non-profitable organizations. You can also initiate your own work on the various custom apps or even begin your career as a freelancer.


You have to develop a habit of constantly learning new skills and tactics and acquire certifications that would add power to your resume. You need to learn the advanced technologies and tools with time and become capable of earning super badges giving tough competition to the other professionals.


What are the reasons for avoiding the person’s contacts?

1. It leads to the utilization of an excessive amount of memory

2. There is a provision of just a Limited number of reporting services

3. The contacts once saved cannot be disabled

4. The structuring of data is not in a logical manner

5. There is no provision to scale the person contacts


Parting tips

We wish you very good luck since you have successfully read the minute details of the free Salesforce account and now you have learned the way of creating your own account. We hope that these instructions are properly conveyed to you and now you are well versed with the semantics and procedures for the creation of a Salesforce account.

If you have the Quest to know more, you can definitely fix the consultation with the Salesforce developer and explore the more innovative concepts thereafter.


Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus At Techila Global Services

Since the last few days, India has been feeling the brunt of the infamous Coronavirus. This fatal virus has already engulfed patients pertaining to 77 countries across the globe with 3,200 recorded deaths and more than 92,000 cases tested positive.


As of 6th March, 2020, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 have risen to 31 as a Delhi resident having recently travelled to Thailand and Malaysia was tested positive. Several health authorities are still awaiting reports of 23 individuals in the country who were tested positive in the initial tests, confirming the adverse effects of Covid-19.


Moreover, Bhutan recorded its first confirmed case on 6th March, 2020 with eight Indian tourists admitted to local hospitals showing strong symptoms. Though the state of Assam has not yet announced any positive cases of Coronavirus, the confirmed Covid-19 positive case of Bhutan is a US citizen with a travel history to Guwahati.


Similar news and updates pertaining to the spread and adverse effects of Coronavirus across India have been surfacing every passing day. This calls for immediate and precise preventive measures to be adopted by civilians living anywhere in the country. Though people extensively wearing masks while leaving the house are a common sight, it is certainly not enough to ensure complete protection from the fatal disease lurking in the air.


It is a common misconception that one needs to be careful only while travelling outdoors to prevent themselves from the virus. It is important to understand that there will always be the need to take preventive measures as far as you are amongst people, which implies that indoor safety is just as important. One such place where you interact with a number of people is your workplace. It is extremely important for an employee to take adequate measures for preventing themselves against Covid-19 when they are at their workplace.


Coronavirus essentially spreads when a person infected with the virus coughs or exhales the viral particles in the air and they land on surfaces that are commonly used by several individuals. When it comes to offices, surfaces such as desks, chairs, doors, windows and commonly used computers can serve as potential carriers of the disease.


Chitiz Agarwal has understood the importance of preventive measures to be taken pertaining to workplaces and has taken effective steps to ensure the safety of his employees working at Techila Global Services. Here are the measures taken by him to make sure that the fatal Covid-19 never knocks at the doors of Techila Global Services:


Avoiding Panic And Spreading Information

The dangerous and fatal nature of Coronavirus is known across the globe and everyone is aware of the symptoms and side effects a patient has to go through. As the disease has entered India recently, there is still an environment of panic with regards to the virus being spread. Before taking any overt measures for preventing the spread of Covid-19, it is important to curb this sense of panic and educate people about the disease.


Workplaces are often highly prone to gossips and rumors regarding numerous topics on a daily basis. People read new stories on TV and social media every single day and talk about them without verifying their authenticity. This may result in an atmosphere of panic being generated in an office. Chitiz has realised the hazards of this panic and has informed all his employees about the nature of the virus and the fact that there is no need to panic if one takes enough preventive measures.


This has resulted in the employees being composed instead of creating an unnecessary hype when it comes to the disease. Also, informative conversation regarding proven facts is encouraged within the office premise which has led to the employees treating Coronavirus with decent sensibility.


Ensuring Cleanliness Within The Office Premises

As mentioned earlier, surfaces such as desks, shared computers, chairs, doors, windows, files etc can serve as potential carriers of the Covid-19 virus. It is therefore important to keep the whole of your office clean. Chitiz has made sure all the office furniture and shared devices are cleaned with efficient disinfectants. The whole of his office premises are cleaned on a regular basis, considerably reducing the chances of any surface being affected by the virus.


However, cleaning surfaces with disinfectants is not the only way of keeping the office clean. Chitiz has also made sure that his employees avoid even slight littering of any kind at any cost. He has ensured that all the waste goes right into the dustbins and the dustbins are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day.


When it comes to keeping the office premises clean, majority of attention is directed towards keeping the washrooms clean. Every corner of the restrooms is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected multiple times on a daily basis.


Taking such basic things into consideration pertaining to office cleanliness can safeguard the employees from large scale health implications. Moreover, regular and thorough cleaning of premises also makes the office aesthetically appealing!


Use Of Disposable Wipes

Another important preventive measure taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the office premises is promoting the use of disposable wipes. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have also asked corporate entities to ensure that all of their employees are provided with disposable wipes. The employees are Techila Global Services have also been provided with such wipes which can be used to wipe and clean surfaces such as desks, remote controls, shared computers, door handles, doorknobs etc that are prone to carry viruses.


The employees are also duly advised to use these wipes every time they are touching a surface or using a device that is commonly used by other employees. After being used, the wipes are disposed off in the office dustbins that are cleaned regularly, further reducing the scope of Covid-19 virus being spread.


Using Hand Rubs and Carrying Hand Sanitizers

The body part that is highly prone to carry and attract germs and unwanted particles is your hands. Especially when they are within the office premises, an employee’s hands encounter a number of surfaces which might be carrying hazardous particles. Also, an employee is likely to meet a number of people in the office on a daily basis and though it goes unnoticed, there are a number of handshakes an employee makes during their work hours.


Keeping this in mind, Chitiz has encouraged all his employees to make sure their hands are thoroughly clean and sanitized at any point in time. For this purpose, employees are advised to carry hand sanitizers with them daily to the office. They are also advised to use the sanitizers after having their meals, after coming in from outside or after encountering any surface they think might not be completely germ-free.


Also, special importance is given to the hand rubs placed near the wash basins in the washrooms. Cleaning staff has been instructed to make sure none of the hand rubs are empty at any point of time and are duly refilled with fresh liquid as they run out of it on an immediate basis. Along with the hand rubs, the soaps used in washrooms are also replaced frequently.


Encouraging Open Communication

One of the keys to prevent Coronavirus from spreading is spreading sufficient awareness about the same. There are not many people who are completely informed about the symptoms, causes and effects of the disease and it is possible that some of these people work in the same office with you. Chitiz has understood the need for an open and productive communication pertaining to the issue of Covid-19 within his office premises.


Not only are all the employees informed and educated about the epidemic, but are also encouraged to talk to their peers if they have any confusions regarding the same. This knowledge of the symptoms behind the disease has resulted in people being more aware and cautious about their actions and surroundings. The employees are also encouraged to inform HR if there are any health issues that might reflect even the slightest of symptoms. This will certainly lead to people getting them examined pretty early and if there are any unfortunate symptoms, they can get cured in the early stages.


The employees at Techila Global Services have understood the importance of talking about the epidemic that people are running away from. This initiative has certainly helped Chitiz’s employees gain more insights about Coronavirus and talking about it with their peers without any fear or hesitation.


It is therefore very important to take ample preventive measures while you are at your workplace. Coronavirus is certainly a fatal epidemic and looking at the rate at which new cases are cropping up every day, the need for taking these preventive measures is only going to increase. When it comes to such a disease, always remember that no precaution is basic enough and no activity is petty enough to be ignored. Be extra careful whenever you are amidst a group of people and using shared surfaces before it is too late. Prevention is certainly better than cure.