How To Hire A Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce implementation and operation depends a lot on the Salesforce professionals you hire. The services provided by skilled and reliable Salesforce experts help you in meeting your business objectives and optimizing Salesforce for your organization. When it comes to working on the CRM platform, the role of a Salesforce administrator is of the utmost importance.

What Does A Salesforce Administrator Do?

A Salesforce Administrator is responsible for carrying out an array of technical and managerial processes on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Right from creating user profiles and assigning roles to maintain data quality and adding fields to the CRM platforms, a Salesforce Administrator shoulders multiple responsibilities. When you Hire A Salesforce Administrator, always make sure that they are well-versed with the nitty-gritty details of Salesforce and its various offerings.


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Here are some of the most important tasks performed by a Salesforce administrator:

1. Resetting passwords and unlocking user accounts

2. Handling SSO, two-factor authentication, and other security aspects

3. Adding white-listed IP addresses to the system

4. Helping Salesforce users develop customizable reports to obtain metrics that matter

5. Troubleshooting email campaigns, approval cycles, workflows, and auto-responders

6. Fixing data records on a real-time basis

7. Storing and running the snapshot of data export on a weekly basis

8. Running data de-duplication tools

9. Running adoption dashboards on the CRM platform

10. Scheduling APEX cues

11. Examining errors in SFDC and debugging logs

12. Deactivating users as and when required

13. Importing leads and contacts

14. Running monthly field utilization reports

15. Refreshing Salesforce sandboxes

16. Installing high-priority updates within the system

17. Running data extraction tools

18. Adding and removing members of Salesforce Communities and Partner Portals

19. Archiving weekly data snapshots older than 90 days

20. Creating an archive of the system’s field history tables to ensure a smooth audit trail

21. Archiving Chatter history for auditing and regulatory purposes

Tips For Hiring A Salesforce Administrator

Owing to the importance of a Salesforce administrator within an organization, it is important to be patient, precise, and critical while hiring a professional for your company. Although a simple Google search would provide you with a plethora of Salesforce administrators, it is important to do your research before making the final choice.

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind as you hire a Salesforce administrator:

Never Settle For The First Option

Organizations often make the mistake of hiring the first prospect they come across, especially in the case of an emergency. No matter how good the candidate is, it is never advisable to settle for the first option you come across while hiring a Salesforce administrator. The best way of making hires is to shortlist the ideal candidates and select the best from the lot. Never hurry in making decisions as it may cause trouble for your organization in the long run.

Look For Good Training Experience

A well-trained Salesforce administrator would help you make the most of the CRM platform and train other members of your team. For example, if you are willing to work on customizable applications installed from AppExchange, make sure you Hire A Salesforce Administrator who can help users work on new applications.

Test Their Workflow Automation Capabilities

Process automation is the need of the hour and several businesses rely on Salesforce to automate their workflows. This makes it important to test a Salesforce administrator’s workflow automation capabilities before hiring them. Especially in the case of small and medium enterprises, process automation makes a lot of difference in their approach towards handling business data.

Always make sure that your Salesforce administrator is able to identify the tasks that need to be automated and help you create automated workflows. Moreover, an ideal Admin would assist you in setting up automated reporting processes with complicated datasets. This would give you a better look at how your business is doing and what changes you need to make.

Give Priority To Salesforce Certification

As there is no specific degree or educational qualification that helps you assess the capability of a potential Salesforce administrator, it is advisable to prioritize Salesforce administrators that are certified. Salesforce certification adds a significant amount of credibility to the services provided by a Salesforce professional and makes your hiring decisions easier.

When a candidate is certified to become a Salesforce administrator, it can be implied that they have all the practical and theoretical knowledge for taking on the responsibility as the Admin. Certified administrators would help you manage your CRM platform well and work towards leveraging its functionality.

Look For The Right Passion

Salesforce administration requires the right amount of technical and managerial knowledge about the platform. If a professional is doing his job just for the sake of getting paid by the end of the project/month, it is difficult for your organization to grow. When you hire a Salesforce administrator, make sure you look for candidates who are genuinely passionate about the job and industry you operate in. This would make them work harder and be in sync with all the objectives you are willing to attain as an organization.

Give Importance To Soft Skills

The criteria for hiring a Salesforce administrator should never be restricted to the technical skills possessed by the professional. While technical acumen is extremely important, so are soft skills. A Salesforce administrator is required to communicate with a variety of people on a daily basis, making it important for them to be effective communicators. Administrators with good communication skills are capable of getting their points across in the best way possible.

Also, Salesforce Admins with good soft skills are capable of training the members of your team, especially the non-technical employees. No matter how technically sound they are, a project would not come to fruition if they are not able to share their expertise and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

What Should You Look For In A Salesforce Administrator?

The hiring process for getting a Salesforce administrator on board should include specific KPIs to consider that allow you to assess the capabilities of your future Admin. The role of a Salesforce administrator in Salesforce implementation and maintenance is immense and it is important for the recruiters to know exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some of the most important qualities and services you should look for while hiring a Salesforce administrator:

Flexible Work Hours

Now that more and more businesses are setting up remote workplaces and giving a thought to making remote work permanent, it is always advisable to look for Salesforce administrators who are willing to work for flexible hours. While managing your clients’ accounts, you never know when you would require the help of Admins to have a look into the system and make necessary changes.

Working flexible hours is a relevant work model today and allows you to work with Salesforce administrators around the world. Even if you are willing to hire an administrator operating from a different country, flexible work hours can be managed effectively.

Expert Assistance Beyond Administration

It is advisable to look for a Salesforce administrator who is ready to provide you with expert assistance that goes beyond administration services. It is always fruitful to have a Salesforce expert in your team who can be relied on by the employees. Salesforce administrators possess complete knowledge of the CRM platform and are well-versed with all of its aspects. If they provide you with seamless assistance and support, it would help you optimize the CRM platform.

Flexible Mode Of Engagement

Always make sure that a Salesforce administrator provides you with a flexible model of engagement, allowing you to scale your platform up or down based on your specific requirements. Especially if you are considering partnering with a Salesforce company, it is advisable to check how many cooperation and engagement models they provide.

Immediate Start Of Services

Especially if you are willing to hire Salesforce contractors, ask if they are able to start their services on an immediate basis. This would help you save time in explaining the work to be done and waiting for them to get trained. Look for administrators who are well-trained and in sync with the trends relevant in the industry. This would help them start with their services without any unnecessary delays.

Important Questions To Ask A Salesforce Administrator While Hiring Them

While hiring a Salesforce administrator, make sure you ask them screening questions to assess their capabilities. Here are a few important questions that you should as a Salesforce administrator before hiring them:

1. How would you help us achieve our specific business goals?

2. Which industries have your previous clients belonged to?

3. Which methodologies do you follow while providing your services?

4. What is your work experience in the field of cloud computing?

5. How will you help us train non-technical personnel within the organization?

The Final Word

These were some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you Hire A Salesforce Administrator for your organization. While making the final decision, make sure that you do not hurry and conduct thorough research before bringing a suitable Salesforce professional on board.

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