How To Choose A Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Owing to the vast and dynamic nature of the CRM platform, Salesforce implementation can get tricky. Especially if you are new in the realm of CRM are not familiar with the tools and features of Salesforce, implementing it may get tedious and confusing. While Salesforce implementation is possible on your own, it is always advisable to have reliable Salesforce implementation partners on board.

Who Is A Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Salesforce implementation partner is a Salesforce professional who helps organizations design, deploy, and adopt the CRM platform. These partners guide companies throughout the implementation process and ensure that the project is executed in the best way possible. Salesforce implementation partners shoulder the responsibility of helping their clients choose, implement, and nurture the right solution for their organizations to achieve the desired objectives.

These partners can also be referred to as Salesforce consulting partners as they provide personalized consultancy regarding the implementation, use, and optimization of the CRM platform. Right from selecting the right tools for your Salesforce org to helping you allocate your budget,Salesforce implementation partners assist you in all aspects that revolve around Salesforce.

Moreover, implementation partners make sure that the CRM platform is technically sound and prevents you from facing challenges regarding data modeling, security, over-customization, and more. They help you make the right call when you are confused between going with custom development and installing AppExchange applications to get your work done.

A Salesforce implementation partner can be an individual or a company. However, it is important to note that these partners are not associated with Salesforce. They are independent service providers that help you optimize the potential of Salesforce.

How To Choose A Salesforce Implementation Partner

How you choose your Salesforce implementation partners affects the overall functionality of the CRM platform and the benefits you reap from the same. It is always advisable to be patient, selective, and analytical while selecting your implementation partners. A healthy and fruitful Salesforce partnership helps you attain all your objectives and get the desired traction.

Here are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind as you choose your Salesforce implementation partner:

Know Your Requirements

Although Salesforce implementation partners provide you with end-to-end implementation solutions, it is important to be well-versed with your key requirements before you have a partner on board. Make sure you know exactly what you want and are able to explain the same to your implementation partner.

Knowing your requirements allows you to provide a clear sense of direction to your team and your partners in terms of implementing Salesforce. Have a clear idea about the customers you are willing to cater to, the issues you are willing to resolve, and the objectives you are willing to attain through Salesforce implementation. When you have enough data and context to provide to your Salesforce implementation partner, it becomes easy to choose them.

Find Partners That Are Ideal For Your Industry

Irrespective of how qualified and skilled an implementation partner is, they would never be an ideal match for your organization if they do not possess the expertise to work in your industry. Always make sure that you engage with Salesforce implementation partners that have sufficient experience in working with the industry you belong to.

Being well-versed with your industry allows implementation partners to provide holistic and wholesome services to organizations. They understand the trends, technologies, risks, and challenges prevalent in your industry to provide you with quality services. Especially if you belong to super-specific niches like the real estate industry or capital markets, you would need someone who understands the nitty-gritty details about the sector to help you with Salesforce implementation.

Give Priority To Certifications

Technically, there is no specific University course or degree that makes an individual eligible for becoming a Salesforce professional. The most common and effective way of ensuring the credibility of a Salesforce expert is to see their Salesforce certifications.

Salesforce certifications provide individuals with an official stamp of approval from Salesforce regarding their expertise and skills. They imply that the concerned individuals are well-versed with the domain and capable of providing quality services in the same. It is, therefore, always advisable to look for a Salesforce implementation partner or a partner company that possesses certified professionals.

Although engaging with certified professionals may cost you a little more, the results you obtain from the same would be worth the decision. A Salesforce implantation partner company with certified professionals would be able to provide you with robust and scalable solutions that help you make the most of Salesforce. Based on the specific processes you want to automate, the departments you want to focus on, and the ROI you aim at, they would provide you with personalized assistance throughout the Salesforce implementation process.

Never Let Geographical Distance Affect Your Decision

In the age of digitization, the world has certainly become a global village. With the increasing prevalence of global outsourcing of services, almost all IT services can be provided without worrying about the geographical distance. As you look for Salesforce implementation partners, make sure that you do not let the location of your partners affect your final decision.

Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce can be developed, adopted, and optimized remotely. It does not require Salesforce professionals to physically interact with or your system in order to provide you with their services. Do not hesitate before engaging with Salesforce implementation partners working away from your headquarters. Make sure that you prioritize the skills of Salesforce professionals and the quality of services provided over the location they work from.

Do Not Settle For The First Option

Choosing the right Salesforce implementation partners requires a good amount of research and it is never advisable to zero in on the very first option you come across. Make sure you look for multiple alternatives, assess their abilities, compare their services, and choose the best implementation partner. Finalizing the first prospect would restrict your choices and prevent you from exploring other options. Even if you are absolutely certain that your first choice would be your final, conduct thorough research before finalizing the same.

Look For Partners Who Are Critical

Having a Salesforce implementation partner who agrees with everything you do or say is never an advisable option. It is important to look for partners who are critical of your approach and do not hesitate before disagreeing with you. Salesforce implementation partners shoulder the responsibility of helping your business grow and steering you away from making errors. For them to provide their services effectively, it is necessary to disagree with you on certain matters. Always look for an implementation partner who believes in healthy discussions and critical analysis.

Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Salesforce Implementation Partner

As you choose your Salesforce implementation partner, it is important to ensure that their vision and objectives are in sync with your organization. As discussed earlier, make sure you are critical in making your decision and understand the scope of your project before selecting an implementation partner.

Here are some of the most important questions you should ask the prospects you shortlist before you zero in on your Salesforce implementation partner:

1. Have you worked on a similar project? If so, can you discuss the results obtained from the same?

2. Can you provide us with some of your case studies?

3. Can you talk about one of your previous projects that did not go well? What do you think went wrong?

4. What is the technical and managerial skill-set that you (or your team) can provide us with?

5. Which industries are you capable of working in?

6. How would you describe the culture of your company?

7. What are the metrics used for measuring the effectiveness of your services?

8. How do you help your clients deal with unforeseen challenges?

9. Can you provide training to our administrators and developers?

10. Would you help us in user adoption?

11. Do you think Salesforce implementation is restricted to large-scale enterprises?

12. What are the methodologies used by you (or your team) for implementing Salesforce?

13. What is the approximate lead time required for staffing my Salesforce implementation project?

14. What resources would you need from our end?

15. What is the level of commitment that you are willing to provide?

16. What level of commitment are you looking for?

17. How much access would you need from our SMEs (subject matter experts)?

18. Have you catered to an organization having similar goals before?

19. You can always add more questions to this list based on the specific requirements of your organization. Asking questions like these would help you ensure that everyone is on the same page and allow you to make the right decision. Ultimately, this would make it easier for you to partner with the best Salesforce professionals.

The Final Word

These were some of the important ways in which you can choose a Salesforce implementation partner. Before you go ahead with the selection process, always keep in mind that prioritizing quality services over a plethora of parameters would help you optimize Salesforce in the best way possible.

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