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Salesforce Premier Support Success Plans

Salesforce makes special considerations for its users when it comes to providing them with complete support and assistance. Salesforce support is widely known for its efficiency and tactfulness as the company i...


What Is Salesforce Metadata?

Salesforce is a pretty vast platform that involves several features and tools for performing specific processes. Almost every Salesforce process revolves around creating, recording, tracking, and assessing valu...


What Is An Opportunity In Salesforce?

Handling customers is never an easy task for a business. Right from reaching out to the prospects and encouraging them to engage with the business to making a sale and following up with the same, CRM activities...


Salesforce Joins Hands With Acumen Solutions To Provide Extensive Professional Services

There is literally nothing that Salesforce cannot do! The CRM platform is known across the globe for undertaking powerful integrations and acquisitions to leverage the functionality of the platform. Salesforce ...


Customer Portal In Salesforce – The Ultimate Guide

Salesforce has been helping sales reps of all sorts of companies for more than twenty years now. Over time, it has successfully occupied the position of one of the most reliable and efficient CRM platforms in t...


What is Profile in Salesforce

Salesforce is definitely the need of the hour. It fulfills the need for automation and personalization to save the operational time and effort of sales reps, customize the services provided to your customers, a...


How to Merge Contacts in Salesforce

Salesforce has been helping business enterprises in managing their customer database for more than the last twenty years. It has successfully acquired its niche in the market as a trusted CRM platform for the u...


Top 21 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

Salesforce is all about automation and making the lives of users easier. Right from recording information into the database to analyzing it and using the same to provide personalized client services, the CRM pl...


Salesforce Becomes A Major Investor And Partner For Snowflake

Salesforce is known to be a highly customizable platform and has carried out multiple integrations in the past with a variety of third-party applications. The latest partnership Salesforce entered into w...


Salesforce Aims at Adding 12,000 Jobs Next Year

Salesforce has successfully acquired a niche status in the market as a prime business CRM platform. For more than two decades, Salesforce has been helping businesses in handling their valuable database in an au...