Salesforce Becomes A Major Investor And Partner For Snowflake

Salesforce is known to be a highly customizable platform and has carried out multiple integrations in the past with a variety of third-party applications.

The latest partnership Salesforce entered into was that with Snowflake – a cloud-based data management and warehousing platform.

Here is everything that you need to know about the new Salesforce partner and the relationship between the two platforms.

What Is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a SaaS cloud-based platform that helps business organizations in managing their database and using the same for carrying out an array of business processes. Snowflake provides users with immediate access to the Data Cloud for sharing live data with their customers, employees, or business partners. This also helps the users to connect with external data platforms. The primary aim of Snowflake is to facilitate ease of data management.

It provides users with a centralized platform where everyone can access and work on the data without facing the risk of data silos and increasing flexibility at work. Snowflake also ensures the utmost security of the data stored and managed on the platform, managing user permission and access to the database effectively.

Partnership With Salesforce

As Snowflake raised $479 million in Series G round of funding, Salesforce acted as a major investor, joining the Dragoneer Investment Group for the funding initiative. This has established a new phase of partnership between Salesforce and Snowflake.

This $479 million investment has resulted in Snowflake having a value of $12.4 billion, making it a major player in Silicon Valley.

According to Frank Slootman, the CEO of Snowflake, Salesforce will help the data management and analytics platform in leveraging its content strategy. Salesforce will club the customer database of its various clients stored with the data contained within Snowflake for improved business processes.

This integration will allow Snowflake users to make use of platforms owned by Salesforce such as Tableau for obtaining key business insights and visualizations based on their data.

Additionally, Slootman said that the integration would be so seamless that their data will readily show up on the integrated platform. They wouldn’t even have to make a single click!

Just like several other Salesforce integrations, the partnership with Snowflake aims at improving user experiences and helping the clients to manage their valuable database in a more automated, flexible, organized, and secure manner.

The automated CRM features of Salesforce in association with the advanced data management features of Snowflake would provide the users with the best of both worlds, where they can undertake their business processes with increased ease and reduced efforts.

On the partnership with Salesforce, Snowflake has said that they are willing to make it easier for the Salesforce users to integrate their data with Snowflake and use the same in making key business decisions.

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Snowflake Data Cloud And Salesforce

Data Cloud is an ecosystem recently launched by Snowflake for improved and centralized data management. It allows the users to integrate data silos, keep a track of changes, analyze the data stored within the platform, and perform other important functions like expanding valuable data sets.

On the occasion of partnership with Salesforce, a lot of Data Cloud features can be used in sync with Salesforce for better user experience. Salesforce users can now integrate their data sets with Snowflake’s Data Cloud and make use of the integrated platform for obtaining better insights and analytics.

The Salesforce and Data Cloud integration would provide users with advanced and flexible data search and analytical features that can be used across different cloud-based platforms.

This platform can be used for carrying out personalized activities like running data queries and creating highly customizable reports and dashboards using the data stored on the platform.

Moreover, this integration helps the users make use of advanced AI features in scanning the database and making important predictions, including sales forecasts, gauging customer behavior, and other automated processes.

New Analytics Tools

The partnership between Salesforce and Snowflake has resulted in the rise of new and advanced analytical tools that can be used for better data management and business analytics.

Einstein Analytics Direct Data

If you are a user of Einstein Analytics, an AI platform of Salesforce, you now have an access to the feature of Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake. This feature makes data integration simpler by allowing the users to query Snowflake directly for obtaining key insights from live data. Snowflake users no longer need to copy their data from Snowflake to Einstein Analytics as the Salesforce integration makes it easier for them.

For Einstein Analytics users, Einstein Analytics Direct Data for Snowflake allows them to query their Salesforce data within Snowflake. They can bring in data sets from various sources like web, apps, mobile, IoT devices, or other relevant data sources onto the platform for carrying out analytical processes.  This new analytics platform is currently open in beta and can be accessed by all Einstein Analytics users.

Einstein Analytics Output Connector

Another key analytics tool coming out of the Salesforce Snowflake partnership is Einstein Analytics Output Connector for Snowflake. As the name suggests, this tool helps Salesforce users to move their data to Snowflake with the utmost ease.

Along with connecting the Salesforce data with Snowflake, this tool helps users to query their data with Einstein Analytics and Salesforce Tableau. Several tools and technologies are currently being used by users that help them in migrating their data and moving the same to Snowflake. With this tool, the transfer becomes quicker, easier, and more secure.

All you need to do is follow simple configuration steps and move the required data sets from Salesforce onto Snowflake and leverage Einstein data sets and Salesforce objects according to specific requirements.

What Is In Store For The Users?

Salesforce users are well aware of the various integrations made by the CRM platform with a variety of third-party applications. The partnership with Snowflake will also provide them with a unified platform for managing their data an analyzing the same in the best way possible.

The users of both platforms will be able to transfer their data sets across platforms and access them in a flexible manner. Also, it facilitates the use of business intelligence and artificial intelligence like Tableau and Einstein for improved user experience.

The integration allows the users to aggregate their data on a centralized platform and get valuable insights pertaining to the same with the help of advanced analytics tools. These tools help them make sense of the seemingly complicated customer database and make important business decisions.

The aim of this integration is to provide a more data-driven experience to the users of both Snowflake and Salesforce users. Over time, data has definitely assumed top priority in conducting almost all business processes and this partnership stressed on effective data management.

With this productive partnership, Snowflake has not only increased its valuation but has also emerged as a prominent competitor of platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

On finding an investor and a partner in one of the most trusted business CRM platforms for more than two decades, Snowflake has upped their game and entered the league of the Silicon Valley elites.

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