Salesforce Aims at Adding 12,000 Jobs Next Year

Salesforce has successfully acquired a niche status in the market as a prime business CRM platform. For more than two decades, Salesforce has been helping businesses in handling their valuable database in an automated and organized manner.

Recently, Salesforce made an announcement it is aiming to generate 12,000 jobs in the next year. Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce made an official statement saying that the company is looking forward to generating 4,000 jobs in the coming 4 months and 12,000 jobs in the upcoming year.

Benioff took to Twitter in stating, “Join our 54K employee strong Ohana defining the future of software.” Saying that Salesforce is the thing of the future, he added that individuals willing to obtain Salesforce jobs should start sending their resumes soon!

The position of Salesforce in the stock market has been soaring despite a global pandemic with the shares already experiencing a surge of 49% year-to-date. Further, the company is looking at a potential 9% rise in the stock value in the days to come.

Salesforce And The COVID Situation

As the world is struck by a global pandemic, there is a dearth of jobs in several industries. Consumers have stopped spending money, which has resulted in suppliers backing off and manufacturing companies facing a steep decline in production.

A variety of small, medium and large enterprises have suffered serious setbacks and have resorted to laying off their employees. Corporations have no choice but to let people go to meet their expenses and survive as the world struggles with Covid-19.

However, this is not the case with Salesforce. Although Salesforce had earlier declared that they are looking into cutting close to 1,000 jobs across the globe, the recent announcement has provided Salesforce employees with a sigh of relief.

When the company announced letting go of 1,000 employees, they asked them to find a new designation for their companies. With the latest announcements, it seems like all is well with Salesforce and these employees may not have to leave their jobs as Salesforce professionals.

Why Are Salesforce Jobs Unaffected By COVID?

While most companies are giving pay-cuts and letting their valuable employees go, Salesforce is looking forward to providing thousands of new jobs. How exactly is this possible?

One of the primary reasons behind Salesforce jobs not being affected by the COVID situation is the degree of flexibility and automation provided by the platform.

In the majority of business enterprises, employees are required to work fixed hours of the day with a physical presence required at some point in time. Although certain employees may be working from home, there are some specific business processes that require physical presence and interaction.

On the other hand, Salesforce jobs can be performed from any part of the world at any time, as far as the targets are achieved and the work is done. Being a completely cloud-based platform, Salesforce provides a high degree of flexibility to all its employees, where no physical contact is necessary.

This ensures that the utmost social distancing is maintained while performing Salesforce jobs.

Moreover, Salesforce jobs involve managing customer database for an organization for providing personalized services to the customers. No matter how worse the pandemic situation gets, a business will never stop generating leads and servicing them to tap sales opportunities.

In fact, these are the times when a lot of businesses can approach a bunch of prospects with promotional messages and persuade them to purchase their products/services.

It is very unlikely for a company to stop managing their customer database and carrying out business analytics. As long as businesses continue serving their existing customers and acquiring new prospects, there will always be a demand for Salesforce professionals to help them carry out specific marketing and sales processes.

Why Are Salesforce Jobs Important In 2020?

Salesforce has close to 54,000 employees working across the world. Today, we live in an age where Salesforce jobs have almost become a necessity for businesses belonging to all scales of operation.

Need For Automation

As businesses are diversifying and the number of customers handled by them keeps increasing, it becomes difficult for the sales representatives to handle the customer database using traditional techniques.

We live in an age where automation has seeped into every major business process carried out by an enterprise. Salesforce employees save the time and effort of your sales reps in providing them with a platform that does the labor for them.

Whether it is keeping a track of sales activities, managing the sales pipeline, managing leads or communicating with the customers, Salesforce professionals ensure that work is done faster and in a more efficient manner.

Staying Updated

It is essential for a business to stay in sync with the technological advancements and market trends to sustain in the market.

Salesforce helps businesses in making use of the latest technology and in getting used to the latest trends in the market. A good Salesforce professional will always be updated about technological advancements and would keep the CRM platform upgraded to make use of the latest tools, platforms, and applications.

Need For Personalization

Over time, the demands of customers have gone through a paradigm shift. Customers today ask for a high degree of personalization in all the services offered to them.

Salesforce professionals help users in approaching every customer as if they are the only ones catered by the company. They help them tailor their services and communication according to the specific needs and preferences of the prospects/customers.

Aid To The Economy

We are living in difficult times. Almost every sector of every industry has been gravely affected by the pandemic and businesses have taken a big hit. This has had an adverse impact on the global economy.

As mentioned earlier, the impact of COVID on Salesforce jobs is not as severe as the other industries. Now that Salesforce is offering more jobs in the coming year, securing a Salesforce job will not only help you meet your expenses but also make you contribute to the economy.

Salesforce is a vast platform with a variety of features and tools. If you aspire to become a Salesforce expert, it is advisable to obtain professional training by the best Salesforce training resource and start your Salesforce journey today!

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