Difference Between Salesforce Classic And Salesforce Lightning

As we have entered into the new decade, it is important to consider that we are now amidst cut-throat competition with new businesses pertaining to all business scales and belonging to every sector of the industry are entering into the market at an astonishing speed. Also, the technological advancements are always on a rise and are only going to get more upgraded in 2022. One of the most important aspects to be considered for your business enterprise while making the entry into the new decade is choosing the most ideal CRM software platform for your team.

Salesforce has been the most popular and beneficial CRM software platform in the market for years. It has helped several organisations in taking utmost care of their valuable customer data and has provided with valuable feedback regarding important business activities. For years, businesses have been using Salesforce Classic as their CRM software, until the company came up with a new user interface, Salesforce Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is a new user interface introduced by Salesforce CRM with new features and tools that provide a higher degree of automation and provide increased personalisation services to the users. Lightning provides a centralised platform to the users and allows them to perform an array of activities faster and more efficiently.

One of the most talked about and interesting features of Salesforce Lightning is the introduction of their artificial intelligence component called Einstein. This component scans all the relevant customer data, customer responses and activities performed by the sales team and makes valid predictions about the way the customers are likely to behave in future. This component also helps businesses in making key decisions by carrying out sales analytics. There are many such features available in Salesforce Lightning that reduce time and efforts that would otherwise been put in by your team in performing various business activities.

Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning?

After the launch of Salesforce Lightning, the issue of Salesforce Lightning vs Classic has been common amongst business houses. This is primarily because there are several businesses that are habituated with using Salesforce Classic and find shifting to Salesforce Lightning a little challenging, owing to the platform of Salesforce Classic being more or less consistent over years.

However, Salesforce Lightning offers the latest technology and it is important for a business enterprise to be in sync with the latest technological advancements in order to thrive in the market and stand out of the clutter. It would therefore be beneficial for you to shift from Salesforce Classic to Lightning as it is a better option in 2022.

If you are still confused about which option to choose for your business enterprise, here are certain important parameters using which you can ascertain how Salesforce Lightning is a better alternative than Salesforce Classic in the modern-day and age:

User Experience For End Users

As compared to Salesforce Classic, Lightning offers a more enhanced, modern and automated user experience for end users. There are several features, platforms and tools in this new version that can be used by the admin without having to undertake complicated coding. This makes using the platform simpler and more productive as the users can focus more on the objectives to be fulfilled instead of the process of coding and programming. Also, the dashboards and reports present in Salesforce Lightning are graphically more aesthetic and more interactive, collectively making the user experience better.

Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned above, Salesforce Lightning comes with an artificial intelligent component called Einstein which helps the users through its predictive analysis. This platform scans your customer data thoroughly and formulates its own database, which is updated on an hourly basis. Einstein also offers an immersive 3D experience to its users, making them understand its features and tools in a better way.

Einstein performs two major activities for your business – predicting customer behaviour and conducting sales analytics. This component always has a keen eye for every action your customers take and by keeping a track of all customer interactions, Einstein makes valid predictions about the manner in which your existing, as well as potential customers, are likely to behave in future. Also, this component helps you making key marketing decisions by carrying out extensive sales analytics. This also helps in making critical sales predictions and helps you plan all your marketing activities accordingly.

Data Security

Though the platform of Salesforce Classic is highly secure, Salesforce Lightning takes the security a step further. Lightning comes with a tool called LockerService that isolated all the Lightning components from each other to avoid them from interacting with each other, further adding a security layer to prevent any malicious input.

Salesforce Lightning also makes permissions work differently as compared to Salesforce Classic. Lightning does not allow its users to increase their assurance levels while they are in session. If the users want to do so, they will be required to sign out of the platform entirely and sign in again with higher assurance. This makes the access to your valuable reports and dashboards more secure from unauthorised access.

Customer Personalisation

Salesforce Lightning takes the feature of customer personalisation offered by Salesforce Classic and makes it even more automated and enhanced. The tools and platforms offered by Salesforce Lightning make sure you give your customers exactly what they want. The user interface provides you with a graphically enhanced and more wholesome sales pipeline which can be cleansed off the unresponsive leads without having to put in any manual efforts.

The platform also further automates the process of lead management and helps you approach every single lead with specific promotional messages. Also, Salesforce Lightning takes the interests and preferences of your current and potential customers seriously, allowing you to approach them according to their likes and provide them services that are specially tailored for them. This way, Salesforce Lightning would help you increase the base of your loyal customers by treated each of them in a special manner.

Final Call

After taking all the above mentioned parameters into considerations, the final call will certainly be yours as you know the business mode your organisation follows and the long-term as well as short-term goals you are planning to achieve. Though your team might be familiar with Salesforce Classic, it is advisable for them to make a shift to Lightning as that will certainly be the need in the time to come.

If you stick to the traditional version and refuse migrating to Salesforce Lightning, there are chances your team will be stuck in a mess in future when there is no alternative left and you are forced to migrate to using a newer technology to survive in the market. It is therefore advisable to get used to the new user interface as it will only help you get work done faster and more efficiently.

However, always make sure you never make a sudden shift from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. It is beneficial to take baby steps and letting your team slowly warm up to the new features provide by Lightning before they get well-versed with the platform as a whole. This would ensure a sustainable user adoption and healthy business growth.

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