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Streamline your business processes by building enterprise-level applications and hiring a Salesforce Vlocity Developer.

We help you build highly responsive and scalable applications to streamline your business processes by helping you hire a skilled and Vlocity Developer Jobs. Rest assured to find professionals that suit all your requirements and help you attain the best possible results in the field of Software Development and deployment.

Vlocity Developer Jobs is an enterprise-level and cloud-based business management software developed natively within the Salesforce environment. It is

implemented by some of the most renowned companies across the globe in building robust applications and streamlining specific business processes. The platform allows users to develop and deploy applications that suit the needs and preferences of organizations operating within specific industries.
The platform of salesforce Vlocity provides you with pre-built solutions that can be customized according to your requirements, letting you and your team save time in undertaking development from scratch.


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Who Is A Vlocity Developer?

A Vlocity developer Jobs is a professional responsible for designing solutions and developing applications using the platform of Vlocity. They understand the specific needs and preferences of the clients and provide them with apps and solutions that are industry-specific and tailored to suit their requirements. Salesforce Vlocity developer helps companies develop scalable and enterprise-level applications to automate their processes and streamline a number of tasks undertaken by their employees. The goal of these professionals is to deliver rapid and value-driven solutions to clients with optimum customization.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Vlocity Developer

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Creating And Customizing Applications

A Salesforce Vlocity developer helps you in building and customizing industry-specific apps built natively on the Salesforce platform. These applications allow you to make the most of your CRM database and use the same to automate your business processes. Whether you want to reach out to your customers provide them with personalized support, your Vlocity developer will help you build apps that are tailored according to your specific needs.

Designing Personalized Solutions

A Hire Vlocity developer shoulders the responsibility of designing personalized solutions and requirements for their clients that are usable, scalable, maintainable, and extensible. These solutions are designed generally using the platforms of and Salesforce.

Analyzing Business Requirements

The professionals will interact with the clients and understand all necessary requirements behind availing of their services. They will then analyze these requirements and design solutions that meet the same in the best way possible.

Performing Peer Code Reviews

Apart from implementing Salesforce and solutions for your clients, your Salesforce Vlocity developer would undertake peer code reviews in order to ensure precise and error-free programming.

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Leading Development Work Streams

Vlocity salesforce developers are responsible for leading projects and activities that revolve around the development and deployment of applications. Right from preparing the initial designs to testing and deployment, they take an active part in building applications that cater to the personalized needs of all your clients.

Maintaining Client Relations

Apart from designing solutions and building applications, a Vlocity developer is also required to interact with the clients, understand their issues, and keep in touch with them throughout the duration of their project. This helps you build healthy and lasting relations with the clients you cater to.

Identifying And Reporting Project Risks

Vlocity developers Jobs are required to be vigilant in identifying project risks and reporting the same to the clients on an immediate basis. They help you analyze the risks in the project, remediate the same, and ensure that they are not repeated in the projects that are to follow.

Training Team Members In Using The Platform

A Hire Vlocity Developer is required to train their team members in designing solutions and creating robust applications (web and mobile) using the Salesforce platform and For users switching from different technologies, they are needed to help them adopt the new technology in a smooth and effective manner.

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Providing Omnichannel Support To The Clients

An ideal Vlocity Developer is expected to provide proactive omnichannel support to the clients. Also, they help the clients get in touch with their respective customers through multiple channels via the applications designed and developed by them.

Undertaking CRM Analytics

As the platform of Vlocity Developed natively on Salesforce, the developers are required to undertake extensive CRM analytics and help the clients make important data-driven decisions to attain their objectives.

Undertaking Suitable Integrations

A Vlocity salesforce is also required to help their clients undertake seamless integrations with third-party platforms. This provides them with a single unified platform and facilitates seamless data reconciliation without the need to switch between different applications.

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What Should You Look For In A Salesforce Vlocity Developer?

Salesforce Sales Cloud will give you an inside out and outside out perspective of your client, permitting you to maintain your business with proficiency, speed and performance, setting your clients up for a world class understanding.

Accelerate Productivity

Here are some of the key skills you should look for in a Salesforce Vlocity developer as we help you hire the best professionals:

  • Hands-on experience in implementing the platform across multiple industries
  • Thorough knowledge of the Vlocity Data Model
  • Hands-on experience with Vlocity Cards, Vlocity Data Raptor, VlocityOmniScript, Vlocity CPQ, Vlocity EPQ or Ratings Engine, and vlocity salesforce Integration Procedures
  • Hands-on experience in developing applications using and/or Salesforce platform and custom platform development
  • Experience in undertaking complex data migrations
  • Thorough knowledge of Vlocity development and implementation of flexible and scalable Data Raptors
  • Experience in undertaking integrations using REST and SOAP APIs
  • Certification in Vlocity or Salesforce development
  • Angular JS and Java skills (preferred)
  • In-depth knowledge of programming languages like APEX and Visualforce
  • Working knowledge of Salesforce APEX Data Loader
  • Experience in leading junior developers (in any domain)
  • Industry-specific knowledge pertaining to Salesforce implementation and Vlocity development
  • Good knowledge of multiple implementation standards and practices
  • Experience in working on other cloud-based applications
  • Experience of working in a pre-sales cycle

Major Industries For Hiring Salesforce Vlocity Developers

Major Industries

Organizations specializing in sales and marketing can make use of their CRM database for creating robust applications with the help of a Vlocity developer. They help the agencies to target their customers and keep a track of their activities on a centralized platform. Also, the applications created by vlocity salesforce developers help organizations in automating a range of sales and marketing processes such as lead management, sales forecasting, business analytics, etc.

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Vlocity developers help healthcare institutions in developing industry-specific applications for catering to the patients in a better way. Right from diagnosing diseases to scheduling appointments, a number of processes can be streamlined and automated through Salesforce Vlocity development.


Educational institutions across the board can hire vlocity salesforce to build applications for setting up Learning Management Systems (LMS), handling admissions, providing remote support, catering to alumni, handling staff activities, and much more. Efficient Vlocity development can help schools and colleges digitize their activities and reduce unwanted paperwork in the institutions.

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Financial Services

Organizations operating in the Finance sector can hire skilled Vlocity developers to build and maintain healthy relations with their clients. From document verification and making important assessments, industry-specific applications built by Vlocity developers can help financial institutions make their tasks a little less messy.

Energy And Utilities

Vlocity developers can help organizations operating under the Energy and Utilities sectors create highly responsive applications to streamline processes like sending/collecting bills, obtain energy consumption details, etc. This helps the providers and consumers of utilities get relieved of undertaking manual and traditional processes for getting their work done.

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