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Complete Guide to Dreamforce 2021

By Chitiz Agarwal

Complete Guide to Dreamforce 2020

When you think of salesforce dreamforce, think about a beautiful place where all talented minds gather together and share their experiences. Salesforce dreamforce is a four day event, where salesforce professionals all round the world share idea, discuss the platform and enjoy their time.

For past several years salesforce dreamforce event have been taking place in San Francisco. Now due Covid -19 dreamforce was held virtually. Now you must be thinking? Ah all the fun missed? We will suggest you think otherwise

Not everybody has the opportunity attend the salesforce dreamforce event. Some maybe running little tight of their financial budget while other may have not have the suitable circumstances to attend the event.

If you are someone who already knows how salesforce dreamforce works, then this blog will let you know about the changes that happened for this year’s event. For the ones, who doesn’t have clue, stay with us and till the end and witness an event that you have never seen.


Understanding dreamforce 2020

Imagine a place where all the most industrial giants gather together and gives you keynotes on how to improve your performance and skill in the tech industry.

Sounds like a dream come true right? Well technically it is. There is no other event like dreamforce 2020 where you will get to know other professionals around the world.

For instance, you might be salesforce developer in India, but in the event you meet with salesforce depeveloper from USA, a salesforce consultant from Australia, a salesforce admin from Denmark. Getting our point?

Dreamforce 2020 is a place where a diverse group of meet together and attend workshops and the new information that you get to know about the tech world is massive.  There so many people in online platform that have vouched for this.

Everyone has said that being attendee in the salesforce dreamforce 2020 and have taught them so much. The workshops have helped them to use the platform better, and sharing of ideas has helped them to upskill.

After reading this information you might so excited, that you already planning to buy a ticket and asking yourself when is dreamforce? Wait! Hold up! Look what we have said earlier. The event this year has taken place virtually. So you don’t have spent any money this year. You can enemy for your respective place of residence.


Kick starting the event

Earlier there was planning that the event will happen in October 2020, but got pushed to November.  So salesforce began the even on November 9, 2020. During this event as a new customer you would get to know that salesforce can provide a 360 degree customer satisfaction and why salesforce has been winning the best CRM for 8 consecutive years.

In this year, dreamforce 2020 event dates will be same as dreamforce 2019 dates. Till now, we have seen the top management Bentley motors and AT&T send viral keynotes. This action took place in December 2, 2020 at around 10 am.

At around 1 am the show stopper was the salesforce own CEO known as Marc Benioff.  The man was brilliant explaining why salesforce will be the articheture of every industry available.

Listening to him, have let us know the new tech innovations that are coming this year and how salesforce has managed to pull up so many satisfied customers

Now from the period from Nov 10 to Dec 18, there will be various presentations, where various artists and leaders and authors will be featured. They would talk about wide range of things other technology like heath, wealth and climate. Same things happened in dreamforce San Francisco in 2019.

The ending of the event will be spectacular this year. The final days which is from December 14 to December 18?  The top rated salesforce professionals will be all at one place and will speak about on how to make the platform better. In addition, the ending of dreamforce 2020 would be same as dreamforce 2019 concert which with part off with a musical event.

In case you are wondering about the pricing and registration will be same as dreamforce 2019 registration, then let us tell you that it’s free for all. All you need to do is register with dreamforce following this link: click here to register

Why should people be interested in dreamforce?

You should be interested because it will help you in ways that you possibly can’t think off. First of all have you will have a great learning experience, second you will connect with professionals that does that same business as you. In addition, you will get know how charioty works through this event.

You will be a part of community that is really dedicated in ending global hunger starvation, racial discrimination and poverty.  Third you will have the party of your life. Trust us. One of the best musicians is invited in a dream force event. In salesforce dreamforce 2019 Metallica, Alicia keys and Bruno mars have performed in the event

If you are salesforce employer, there is guarantee that your productivity will spike. People who have attended the dreamforce event have all said that have increased their productivity by 20 percent after the event.


Things to keep in mind for attending then event

Now we have already listed that dream force will be virtual this year. This definitely mens that you don’t have book flights tickets and pack your bags. Here you will need these four things that will be discussed below:

  • Plan an office room: Now if you’re in home then that means you are with your family. Having a quite atmosphere in family can be difficult, if you don’t have separate room. This is reason , why we tell you that all the distractions need to go out before you sit for the dreamforce event
  • Plan ahead: If the event happened physically, then you would have planned things several days before. So why can’t it be done when things are virtual. Plan your things ahead. If you have personal errands to run, then you do that, if you have some household chores to be completed then do that. While watching dreamforce you will witnessing some azzing sessions that will keep you engaged
  • Make sure your intent connection stable: if you have a bad interent then you will loose the expeince of dreamforce. Nobody likes watching videos that is buffering continuously. So make sure that your intrent connection is stable.
  • Your phone should have all the apps: Your phone should have all the salesforce apps like quip, twitter, salesfroce events that is available in twitter.
  • Presnstation: By presentation we mean that there are chances that you might need a personal conversation with a salesforce professional. in that case , please be in your best from. Don’t overdo yourself by wearing too casual or formal.
  • Food: The event is going to be long. so we don’t want you to miss some important update while your run to your fridge to get some food


How to do networeking

In order to do networking, you need do some following:

  • Go for 1:1 Personalised talk. One to one communication is a great way a person can learn. In groups , there are crtain things that you want to ask, but get scared since you are talking infront of large number of audience
  • Advance meetings: You need plan ahead if you want learn massive in dreasmfroce. Let’s say that that you want to talk someone from dreamforce event. He may never be available after this event. So make sure that you plan ahead and do these meetings.
  • Be ready 24/7: There is nothing as business ready, for increasing business and productivity you should always be at your top form. You might be surprised of the kind odd behavior you meet in dreanmforce event, so always be ready

See what we recommend is good planning.  If things are not properly organized, trust us, dreamforce can be a messy ride. In the event, you should always have fun. Make sure that you attaned sessions, talk to people, learn more and always upskill.


How dreamforce will help the salesforce developer

Okay salesforce developer uses two languages one is apex and one is known as the virtual force. When once salesforce developer meets with another salesforce developer, then they discuss of new coding languages or how applications can be made faster with lightning

In last year most of the salesforce developer discussed how the transformation from classic to lightning have helped salesforce developers. Earlier apps used to take months to be made, now the constant update of the lightning made application making in matter of minutes. So this year as a salesforce developer you copula be associated with information that would improve your skills as a developer


Parting tips

Hope the information provided by us has provided you with a complete guide to Dreamforce 2020. If you have been impressed of what is presented, make sure that you follow us for latest updates.








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