Salesforce Vs ServiceNow | What Is The Difference?

In this business world, the significant aspect behind a famous business firm’s success is the customer experience. The keyword “experience” is not just limited to the incentives imparted to the customer.

Still, they share a relationship with the customer’s entire life cycle with a particular service or a brand. The discussion of Salesforce Vs ServiceNow will explain the false phases behind the myths and bring us close to business ethics.

The two most popular customer service engines are ServiceNow and Salesforce that have proved best in serving the customers in all respects. We should keep ourselves in the loop of their best practices and outstanding features of ServiceNow Vs Salesforce.

We will share the information associated with the features of these customer relationships management systems that ascertain a variety of solutions.

The following digital piece is going to cover-

1. What is Salesforce?

2. What are the features of Salesforce?

3. What is ServiceNow?

4. What are the features of Service Now?

5. Salesforce vs. ServiceNow

6. Pros and cons of Salesforce and Service Now

7. Parting tips

8. FAQs

What is Salesforce?

CRM stands for customer relationship management system. Salesforce is one of the cloud-based customer relationship management applications. This CRM emphasizes the tasks related to managing all the criteria lying under the relationship between the customers and the business enterprises.

The dynamic factors are handled with the help of CRM. They include- funneling out the customers’ days, contact details of the clients, requests made by the customers, etc.

The primary task of storing the details of the customers and the details of the particular seller office is handled by Salesforce CRM. Global customer-related businesses benefit from the servicenow CRM applications that make their regular-based pitches the utmost easy and straightforward. This relationship strengthens the level of trust in the business firm and increases the business firm’s productivity.

There are four platforms supported under is service now a CRM namely- Android, iPhone, web-based, and windows. We can see that Salesforce service cloud vs ServiceNow has a multi-platform support system that can be applied to ground reality without caring about its size. There are wide ranges of services that you can explore about Salesforce. The service-now offer a wide variety of choices for customer relationship management software.

These services include-

1. Sales

These sales services allow a company and its team to choose the required pitches and handle them with a high accuracy level. It will enable a company to produce products and support and increase the chances of errorless distribution of service-now. This ultimately helps out in managing the contacts and a healthy relationship with the clients.

2. Service

Customer support can be well maintained with a self-service portal where the different sorts of queries are invited to the desk portal using the service solutions. These services can be offered in the form of two ways-

2.1 Service cloud– it is a support platform for team members and customers. It offers more straightforward and faster customer support.

2.2 Field Service lightning enables the company to deliver practical and smart onsite support with the help of connections developed among the various levels of agents and members.

3. Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce data management platform, and Pardot work synchronize to improve the customer’s interaction through the cross-channeling Journeys. They also enhance the customer’s experience in a unique method taking advantage of advertisement and social business.

The salesforce service cloud vs ServiceNow DMP helps in activating the data for the provision of a healthy customer experience. Pardot is one of the market automation features that support the lead scoring and nurturing of email marketing.

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What are the features of Salesforce?

1. Interaction management

This feature assesses the type of preferences of the buyers. It generalizes the trends using the history of the experiences of the customers.  All the activities under data management are covered under this feature.

2. Appointment

This feature is supported by the marketing team, whose members are responsible for handling numerous kinds of campaigns to fix various contact and sales alarms. The primary purpose of setting sales alarms is to uplift the appointment level with the customer in reality.

3. Collaboration in sales

Once the customer queries are resolved, the collaboration in sales enables a contract to be signed based on the problems of the customer and finally responds to the concerned authorities. It is one of the supportive efforts to include every distinct semantics of the work in the customer relationship or organization. Moreover, it finally transforms into action.

4. Management of occasion

With the help of the particulars of the product that can differ from place to place and location to experience, the agreements involve citation, etc. Every statistic is reasonably analyzed with the help of tracking and recognition of a particular transaction. This takes the transaction to the concluding level.

5. Performance management

The modification made for the enhancement in the sale’s presentation is the main aim of the performance management feature. It also ensures the successful delivery of a metric based on setting and tracks the successes of responses.


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What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is one of the platforms that work on the principle of its Service Management. Its Service Management tool consolidates the different fragments and legacies along with the automation services under the Service Management process. It is one of the facilities that work in coordination with the service software. Moreover, it helps concentrate the services administration, such as supervision of the different grades of tasks.

There are varieties of ServiceNow CRM functions that include its applicability in the big and Middle-sized companies with different business requirements. what is service now,  ServiceNow is a cloud-based that provides smarter solutions and enhances software development and a security system.

ServiceNow offers various solutions such as –

1. IT operations management

2. IT business management

3. IT Service Management

4. Security

What are the features of ServiceNow?

1. Program testing

The mechanized authentication trials are used to allow the customers to track their requests while improving the functionality of refuting the novel applications’ risks. It also helps exclude the separate test files that are one of the indispensable requirements and enhance the maximum number of rollbacks.

2. Scripting

There are several tests conducted for the reflection of user activities that are is initialized by a form. Finally, it is sent for authentication. Once the authentication processes of the field values are over, a form is submitted. The complex operations using JavaScript can be accomplished with the help of an extra server-side scripting application.

3. No integration

It is one of the integral tools that work as a solitary. Basically, it is not a simple collection of many platforms. Moreover, it maintains several other integrations that work on browser and mobile versions. So this indicates that the applications that are manufactured by service now are tested, tried, and rolled out free of bugs and glitches.

Salesforce Vs ServiceNow

Here, we have a few points of Salesforce Vs ServiceNow given below-

1. Salesforce is cloud-based relationship management software that is helpful in the tracking of customer activities. Whereas, ServiceNow is an IT platform responsible for empowering the building applications and democratic the process of expanding the systematic approaches.

2. The business firms that handle the multiple departments can choose Salesforce according to the appropriateness. Servicenow is appropriate for managing events that have queues of ordering and involves customization and building of applications to eliminate the ordering queues.

3Salesforce supportsvarious platforms such as Web, Android, and iPhone. In ServiceNow, the supported platforms are windows, online support, and video tutorials ServiceNow Salesforce.

4. Salesforce basically begins at $75 for each month, whereas, for ServiceNow, the starting amount is $100 per month.

5. Sales courses popular than ServiceNow in terms of using data inputting and accessing of data. ServiceNow salesforce
is highly suitable for the building of applications for the support of customers.

6. Accessibility management is provided in Salesforce, whereas this particular feature is not offered in ServiceNow.

7. Audit trails are also supported in Salesforce only.

8. There are a restricted number of integrations in ServiceNow, whereas Salesforce allows more than thousands of integrations.

Pros and cons of Salesforce and ServiceNow

1. After discussing the difference between Salesforce and ServiceNow is, we need to choose the better option between ServiceNow or Salesforce.

2. Difference between ServiceNow and salesforce, The platform named ServiceNow is reasonably suitable for use on Android or iPhone. Furthermore, its usage is limited to Windows while working in favor of app building and customization. Salesforce is mostly famous for small-sized businesses and can be carried out on any mode of the platform that ranges from a web-based platform, Android, and iPhones.

3. After going through the above discussion of Salesforce Vs ServiceNow, another reason for the outstanding popularity of Salesforce provokes that it is embedded with the alloying features that no other customer relationship management software has. The features are dangers from contact management, task management up to the collaboration of tools. It is also considered a mobile-ready dashboard.

4. It is quite tricky in critical situations to update the process of the ServiceNow CRM system. Also, while talking about the pricing structure, ServiceNow is considered less transparent and not cost-effective. Also, there is a lack of multi-tenancy that can contribute to hampering the deployments in critical situations.

Is ServiceNow a CRM?

It is also one of the customer relationship management systems that offer management Solutions for different business firms’ sizes. These firms are especially middle-sized and significant business Enterprises. This CRM system offers several features, such as Asset Management, and prioritizes real-time activity, is ServiceNow a CRM.

Parting tips

When people think of CRM they think of salesforce ServiceNow. Note that these two different CRM, one is service now and the other is salesforce. This digital peace has guided you in all respects about ServiceNow Vs Salesforce and their way of working. Now we can address the synchronization of both Salesforce and ServiceNow that helps in offering many business merits. This way of unique Salesforce ServiceNow integration helps in facilitating the users in syncing the data with just a single click.

Hope the explanation is conveyed understandably. In case you have queries, you can definitely fix the consultation with our Salesforce Consultant to proceed ahead with the process evenly. So now it’s up to you to decide which is better ServiceNow or salesforce?


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1. What is the pricing structure of Salesforce and ServiceNow?

One of the contributing factors in consideration of the best practices and productivity is pricing. This particular feature cannot be avoided while talking about the different models of subscription.

Salesforce offers Three Types of pricing structure models.

2. Lighting professional

This is one of the Sales force’s essential services but is applicable for all businesses irrespective of the sizes. The initializing cost is rupees $75 monthly.

3. Lighting Enterprise

This edition offers enterprise-level support where all the services are initialized with a rupees’ subscription cost of 150 for every month.

4. Lighting performance

This edition reveals that we can align the customer relationship management for different sales and support services. Also, we can scale them up to our appropriateness. The subscription cost is relatively high, which is $300 per month.

Suppose you want to know about the pricing structure for ServiceNow. In that case, you should be aware that it is quite different from Salesforce. The subscription edition starts from $100 monthly. Moreover, you can grab attractive discounts based on the model opted for.

1. What are the best practices of customer services in Salesforce?

2. We can create high-performing knowledge bases to provide the best services to the customers.

3. It helps manage the customer’s expectations and control the excessive number of queries of the clients.

4. It helps transform the negative experiences into positive ones for the client with the help of smart stakeholders who build strong customer relationships.

5. It helps collect data and statistics continuously from time to time and establish an effective dialogue between the customers and the organization.

6. It also helps to personalize the interactions with the customers and gather the data related to them.

7. We can also track the histories and preferences of the customer.

8. After that, we can finally coordinate with the help of multiple devices to work in favor of the business’s productivity.

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