Salesforce Customer 360 : Overview and Features

A definite strategy is associated with each and every brand. The workable solutions and unique ways of working attract the customers and act as a major turning pointfor the Business enterprises. The major business decisions are executed, on recognizing the customers as the nucleus and so, the entire process revolves around them.

Salesforce customer 360 is one of the new platforms which is also called Customer 360 launched by Salesforce. It works in synchronization with many other applications that help in providing customer data from different sources. The information associated with the customer is the most promising aspect for the determination of relevant strategies and building sales.

Factors such as marketing, commerce, sales, communities, etc. Are clubbed up in a single view and they all revolve around the Salesforce customer 360 platform.

The following digital piece is going to cover-

1. What is Salesforce customer 360?

2. Features of Salesforce customer 360

3. Building connection between the customers and business

4. Parting tips

5. FAQs

What is Salesforce customer 360?

Salesforce 360 or Salesforce customer 360 is one of the customer management tools that help in connecting the applications of Salesforce with the unique IDs of the customers. This also helps in the generation of the unified customer IDs of the clients for building a single universal view of each and every client.

The tool was launched in the year 2018 at Dreamforce is embroidered with the popular aspect and functionalities of MuleSoft. This smart way of launching Customer 360 has allowed various business enterprises to build connections between the data source and other applications. Any device present in any part of the business world in the form of Cloud Service can be connected with the application with the help of Salesforce 360.

Nowadays, we can witness the extended form of Salesforce customer 360 that contains a wide variety of features. All the new features include the methods of bridging the gap between the customer and the business enterprises and enhances the productivity of the firms to end up in the successful delivery of all customer engagement services.


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Features of Salesforce Customer 360

The following features are ascertained by Salesforce customer 360–

1. Unification of data and management of the consent

The middle and big sized Enterprises are continuously trying to make unification all the gathered data for the creation of comprehensive profiles of the customers. The consent management includes the management of data of those customers which can be known or unknown just like in the form of cookies for the first party members. After receiving the consent of the framework of Salesforce, the management team allows easy access to the consent of the customers through various sources such as digital advertisements and marketing via email.

2. Advanced audience segmentation

Identification of the distinct groups of customers for the engagement on various platforms lies in the criteria of segmenting the demographic profiles and tracking the historical experiences of the deals opted by the buyers.

The habits of shopping done by female customers can easily be tracked with this tool on the basis of the web browsing activities captured in the past few months. This type of information can be collected with the help of Customer360 on various and emails.

3. Engagement of the customers

After the identification of the relevant customer, there is a need for activation of the data across the funnels of customer 360 Salesforce. They include service, commerce, and marketing that helps in allowing the Enterprises to extend the successful and healthy experience to the clients across various websites and channels.

4. Artificial intelligence Optimization

Artificial intelligence offers business enterprises more to analyze and comprehend the interests of the customers. In this way, the customers can help in the improvement of the relationships this tool assesses the performance of the business and improves customer loyalty.

This can be implemented by tracking the number of clicks on a particular ad or by tracking the details of the product bought in the past few years or months. Artificial intelligence also allows getting the information related to the customer profiles that help the seller organizations to provide the mix of a particular product across channels and finally optimizes the contentment level of customers of Salesforce.

5. Provision of Universal ID

A unique Universal ID is generated for a particular customer and is circulated across the various channels and websites with the help of Salesforce customer 360.

The circulation of Universal ID does not depend on the way of presentation of a particular customer. For example- here the customer is not identified by his or her email id or name. Service agents are the main stakeholders that are responsible for pulling up the information from a particular Commerce website with this Universal ID. You can finally track the list of brands and items bought by the customer and thus, reduces the duplication of data.

6. Data management in just a single click interface

Data management is basically related to the different kinds of Salesforce applications that revolve around the choice of the customers. The administrators are responsible for creating the connections between the client data and the various Salesforce 360 applications.

The business enterprise is ultimately relieved from the burden of creating the multiple numbers of API is for the sharing and collection of the data. Therefore, Customer 360 is a versatile tool that can implement each and every process in a few clicks.

7. Use cases of customer 360

This is one of the smarter options where a trigger is sent by customer 360 for those customers who are in a habit to fill up the cart and then reject it. The event that is triggered is added to the marketing cloud that helps in offering several incentives, attractive coupons, and discounts for attracting the customers to buy the particular product which they have abandoned.

Data Manager of Salesforce customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is considered as a data manager that helps in initiating the cross-cloud technology to build business and customer relationships stronger. All the services and marketing activities can work together in a better way when Customer 360 as a data manager helps in mapping the records of the customers from the marketing clouds. Finally, it delivers to the Commerce cloud which is responsible for tracking the profile for the customers. All these features give Salesforce 360 aunified view by bringing together Commerce cloud, sales cloud, marketing cloud, Analytics and Einstein under one roof.

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Parting tips

This digital peace has guided you in all the respects about the semantics of workforce in Salesforce customer 360, the customers of Salesforce and, the various tasks undertaken in a dynamic environment. These Salesforce administrator services benefit the customers in gigantic proportions and help in the creation of profiles of the clients comprehensively.
Hope the explanation is conveyed in an understandable manner. In case you have queries, you can definitely fix the consultation with our Salesforce Consultant to proceed ahead with the process evenly.


1. How Salesforce customer 360 helps in reduction of customer’s dissatisfaction?

After the successful launch of customer 360, Salesforce is trying to bring all the sales, activities, services, marketing, commerce, and community under a single roof for the benefit of the customer. You don’t have to worry about feeding any type of code demanded by the company and improve the interaction between the customer and the customer care organization.

Salesforce customer 360 helps in configuration customization of all the products and is responsible for the productivity e of the business form. This tool can easily pull out any amount of data from Salesforce and associated in the form of a single view of the customer.

Hence, the customer is relieved from the burden of calling the customer care services a repeated number of times and will get answered free of any hustle and bustle since the customer is saved from repeating the same information again and again.

2. What is the response of Salesforce towards the partnership between Apple and Customer 360?

Salesforce is utterly contented and happy after witnessing the alliance between Apple and customer 360. This synchronization will enable the website developers to create smarter applications for or iPads and iPhones on the platform of Salesforce. This is one of the lightning opportunities for Salesforce to outshine as one of the online learning platforms offering new content and applying interactive applications on the lightning platform.

One of the main features of 360 protrudes that it helps various kinds of business Enterprises to step beyond the imaginative level of app development and its management. Rather it offers many features in the single view where each customer can experience a seamless and easy way of connecting with his or her profile and the other attractive deals.

The various data management and user interface applications are just a click away from Salesforce customer 360. These user interfaces are helpful in guiding the administrators to build faithful connectivity between the clients and applications and finally, reconcile the information gathered across the cloud services.

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