7 Key Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits

If you ever wanted to do business, what do you think is the essential thing you should work on? Yes, monetary assets are crucial. However, business isn’t just about selling products or services. Having a good relationship with your clients is essential. Marketing is all about CRM. CRM is the core principle on which all businesses are based upon. CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management.’  Now, if you want the best CRM for your business, you’ll need the best tools for that too. That’s where the salesforce marketing cloud comes into play, it boosts your business via specially designed tools.

These tools are technologically advanced and assist you in having a better understanding of your customers, which, in return, boosts your profits. So, let’s discuss in detail about salesforce marketing cloud and salesforce marketing cloud benefits.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

To summarize what salesforce does, it can be said that it brings companies and their customers together. Salesforce has one integrated platform which helps you in managing marketing, sales, commerce, and services at one single time. ‘Salesforce Customer 360 Platform’ is something you can rely on. It delivers a personalized experience to your customers by which they attract other customers too. When you use Sales Cloud to manage sales activities and customer contacts, you’ll see an increment in  :

1. Win rates by 43%

2. Improvise rep productivity by 44%

3. 37% in revenue

That’s not all you can also:

1. Deliver exciting shopping experience to your customers

2. Respond quicker to customer support issues

3. Automate time-consuming tasks by using customized apps and so much more.

Why Choose Salesforce?

Before telling you the reason behind choosing salesforce and salesforce marketing cloud benefits. Firstly, it is necessary to introduce their values. Values inculcated in their platform and colleagues are the unique thing that separates them from other companies in digital marketing solutions.

Salesforce built a culture of trust in which they motivate each other and the industry through their values and principles. Salesforce believes in transparency and total integrity. They believe that profits can increase through honesty too.  When using Salesforce there are innumerable benefits that users have. It all depends on the user how they use the platform to optimize and improve their business and CRM. Here are some Salesforce Marketing Cloud help.

Some of them can be listed as follows:

It increases your power to grow more business across different markets by helping you connect to the bigger market. For example, you have integrated apps with AppExchange, which makes you connect to the world’s largest marketplace.

Salesforce also has a lighting platform. As the name suggests, it helps you in growing your sales by connecting directly to each customer. The employees working in your company in sales can easily access this platform to understand the needs of your customers better.

7 Benefits of Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

There are numerous salesforce marketing cloud benefits. However, seven salesforce marketing cloud benefitsare mentioned below.

1. Customization

Salesforce offers the power to customize online marketing tools according to your market base. By using customization tools, you can make a personal touch to each customer without any hassle.

You can also use integrated apps to know the various needs of your customers. The power to customize the platform for better understanding, helps you touch the different points of your customer and thus utilizing it for management and better functionality of your motives to increase the profits.

2. Understanding

One of the significant essential points why some businesses are more reliable than others is that they have a better understanding of the psychology of their customers. To grow your business, you must be adaptable to different changes that occur in the market. That’s where Salesforce comes into play.

It helps you make friends with change when it comes to the variability of your customers. It also helps you to understand the underlying shift in the pattern of customers. By using this platform, you can be invincible by making proper decisions at the right moment. This is one of the biggest Salesforce marketing cloud benefits.


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3. Security

Salesforce platform provides trust and protection against the misuse of data. By analyzing the data, you can protect your business from any harm being done by your business rivals. It also helps in the encryption of data between your company and the customer.

Moreover, Salesforce is all about having a secure platform via which you can use and protect your customers from any unfair loots. Also, the better your security will provide them, they’ll become accustomed to your business and thus will stick with you for the long term. Therefore, security is the most crucial role in customer and company management, and you can get it at its best only on Salesforce.

4. Sales

Without a doubt, when you have all of the salesforce marketing cloud features as mentioned above, the sales will increase too. The increase in sales varies directly proportionally to the understanding and security you provide to your customer.

Also, it has specially designed platforms and apps, too, which help you to connect to your customers through one touch. With this ease, sales are an easier task than ever. Moreover, by using data analytics that salesforce provides at such an affordable price, it’s easier to focus on big data to increment your sales by a significant percentage.

5. Innovation

When you’re not worried about sales and have plenty of time to engage with your customers, only then you can have innovation. That’s why Salesforce is the best-recommended source. By using this platform, you can have innovative ideas and implement them straight away to understand the optimal returns of ideas.

It is said that innovation can be born at any place in the hierarchy. By keeping that in mind, this platform gives opportunities at different levels to all the users. So that they can have innovation for the benefits of the overall community and business.

6. Decision Making

When all of the pre-steps are taken for any motive, the most crucial step takes place i.e., decision making. Now decision-making can be flawless only when you have curated information presented professionally.

Therefore, Salesforce helps you in better decision-making tools. This platform helps you by offering all the information gathered graphically. Also, it helps you in visualizing the future trends, thus making your choices more accurate.

Engagement Making and Customer Satisfaction

With all these features and your efforts and hard work, it’s guaranteed the happiness of your customer. Without any doubt, if your customer is satisfied and happy, you will be satisfied too.

So that’s what salesforce do: It prospers and makes others thrive also. This is the ultimate goal and benefit we want to reach through sharing our platform and connecting it to businesses across different parts of the world.

Final Words:

To conclude, we can say Salesforce isn’t just about buying or selling. It’s more about spreading happiness through connectivity and power to spread joy among everyone. Salesforce tools aren’t only materialistic assets, but they are just like angels spreading contentment and grace in different means while working hard behind the scenes.

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