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Salesforce LWC Development Workshops

Jan 16th, 2021



8:30PM IST

11:00AM EST | 8:00AM PST 


After completing the session you will be able to

  • What is Lightning Web Component framework?
  • Lightning Web Component Development
  • LWC and Aura interoperability
  • Testing Lightning Web Components


Prerequisite Course

  • Basic understanding of Salesforce Apex and SOQL.
  • Basic understanding of Javascript.


You will learn :

Session -1

  • Course Overview and Introduction to LWC
  • Set Up Development Environment
  • Create Developer Org and Setup Dev Hub
  • Create Scratch Org
  • Explore Salesforce CLI Commands

Session -2

  • Component Bundle/Component Library Overview
  • Basic :Hello World Component
  • Data Binding
  • Applying CSS
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Looping or Iteration
  • Demo – Simple Calculator


  • JavaScript-Basic
  • JavaScript-Properties
  • Private Properties – Reactive/Non Reactive
  • Getter Properties
  • Public Properties
  • Public Boolean Properties


  • LWC Component Lifecycle and Composition
  • Using Slots
  • Public Methods
  • Shadow DOM


  • Components Communication Using Event Introduction
  • Dispatching And Handling Events
  • Communication Between Independent Components


  • Working With Salesforce Data – An Overview
  • Lightning Data Service – Create Record / View Record
  • LDS – RecordViewForm and RecordEditForm
  • LDS – RecordForm Base Component
  • Call Apex Method Using Wire Adapter/Imperatively


  • Lightning Navigation Service Overview
  • Demo for Lightning Navigation Service
  • Display A Toast Notification
  • Get Record Id and Object Name From Framework
  • Meta File Configurations


  • Aura and LWC interoperability
  • Communicate In Same Component Hierarchy
  • Communicate In Different Components Hierarchy


  • Testing Lightning Web Components
  • Writing Tests For Your Lightning Web Components
  • Debugging Test Files – Using Chrome / Using VS Code

Salesforce Lightning Web Components is a fairly new programming model that has been helping Salesforce users leverage the recent web standards. Especially if you are new to the field of Salesforce development, it is important to learn LWC development.

This Salesforce training course stresses on the following key topics:

  • What is the Lightning Web Component framework?
  • Lightning Web Component development
  • LWC and Aura interoperability
  • Testing the Lightning Web Components
  • For applying to this course, you need to have the following two prerequisites:
  • Basic understanding of Salesforce Apex and SOQL
  • Basic understanding of Javascript

If you are willing to build a career in Salesforce development, you can opt for this course that is live from the 12th of September, 2020 (8:30 PM IST/11:00 AM PST), having 10 sessions.

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Your panelist for this webinar is:

Chitiz Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Rahul Gawale

Lead Salesforce Developer

Pratap Jadhavar

Lead Salesforce Developer

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Salesforce Admin Workshops

Jan 9th, 2021



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8:30PM IST

11:00AM EST | 8:00AM PST 


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