Salesforce Pardot Services

Salesforce Pardot Services

Acquire and nurture your B2B sales leads in an automated and personalized way to leverage your sales processes and build lasting customer relations.

Techila Global Services helps manage your B2B transactions with the implementation and Salesforce Integration of Salesforce Pardot Services. We make sure that the leads you generate are serviced in the most efficient manner, helping you close maximum deals.

Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Our Salesforce Pardot services are aimed at keeping a track of your records and using them to provide the best services to your customers. Manage your high volume B2B transactions, communicate with your prospects, and analyze your performance with our Salesforce Pardot offerings.

Lead/Prospect Management

Lead management is the soul of all sales processes. Reach out to your target audience and acquire leads with the right messaging. You can only close more deals and generate more revenue if your leads are managed effectively. Score the leads you generate based on their response and the amount of interest shown towards your business. Qualify the high-scoring leads to prioritize your marketing and sales processes, doing your best to convert them into customers. Nurture your leads with Salesforce Pardot at every stage by scheduling triggers and sending Automated Emails to your contact for non-intrusive follow-ups, until your sales cycle is completed

Salesforce Pardot Services
Salesforce Pardot Services

Salesforce Integration

Connect Pardot with your Salesforce CRM through Pardot Salesforce Connector, syncing your leads, contacts, and opportunities across the two platforms. Integrate your Google Ads account with Pardot for keeping a track of the prospects discovering you through paid ads. Use this integration for determining the return on your search engine marketing for every lead generated. Connect Pardot with your social media accounts using Social Media Connector and make relevant posts for reaching out to your prospects using suitable platforms.

Automation Rules and Lead Scoring

Avoid going through the manual monotony of carrying out specific marketing and sales processes by using automation rules. Based on the activities you need to be carried out, create and employ automation rules for making your work easier. Use these rules for scoring your leads based on definite criteria, helping you save enough time that can be used in managing core business activities.

Salesforce Pardot Services
Salesforce Pardot Services

Email Marketing

Let Salesforce Pardot help you in creating and sending personalized emails to your existing, previous, and prospective customers. We help you in creating engaging content for drafting different mails for specific contacts. Also, make use of an array of templates and schedule the emails to be sent for more organized and efficient communication. No matter what the purpose of the email is, Pardot helps you segment your data for targeting the right contacts at the right time.

Landing Pages and Forms

Salesforce Pardot Services helps you in creating landing pages and online forms for tracking the activity of your prospects. Once you have created the page/form, the actions performed by the visitors are captures and recorded within your database to help you serve them better.

Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce

List Management

Segment your prospects into suitable lists based on specific criteria and your business requirements. Manage your list membership, archive or delete lists, and create test lists based on specific criteria using Salesforce Pardot.

Engagement Studio

You will always stand a chance to lose a lead or an opportunity if you are not able to engage your prospects. Engagement Studio is a specialized lead nurturing that helps you look after the leads you acquire. Create intelligent and automated programs for grabbing the attention of your lead and keeping them hooked on to your services at every stage of their buying journey.

Pardot Salesforce
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot

B2B Analytics

Analyzing your performance and make productive forecasts is always important to survive in the market for long. Use the Einstein Analytics app for making sense of your B2B transactions and using your data to obtain valuable insights. Create customized reports and predict the behavior of your prospects by finding patterns and trends in the market in general and your prospects in specific.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot
Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is the leading marketing automation solution empowering marketing and sales teams to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform. Pardot makes it simple for marketers to fuel their channel and empower deals reps to associate all the more successfully. If there's an opportunity within the organization to really blur the lines between Salesforce marketing and sales, then Salesforce Pardot is absolutely helping our clients do that. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot is a good choice for marketing.

Pardot, a Software as a Service (SAAS) marketing automation system enables you to boost your business sales by enhancement of teamwork and thereby augmenting the leads. It also supports the requirement of the B2B organization of different magnitudes.

Pardot Marketing Automation By Salesforce

Pardot transforms regular marketers into revenue producing superheros. Its easy to use Pardot as it offers the tools to create, deploy and manage online marketing campaigns.

  • Small scale level examination that track all touch points with a prospect including forms, page views, content downloads, messages, emails, social associations, and more.
  • Lead scoring and reviewing to help qualify and organize leads.
  • Wizards and devices that permit non-specialized clients to effectively make dynamic and customized online marketing campaigns and emails.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot
  • Automated lead supporting to send emails to prospects in view of predefined guidelines or time interims.
  • Closed-loop reporting for simple count of marketing ROI.
  • An intense Salesforce CRM coordination, permitting sales reps to see the greater part of their prospects exercises inside their CRM or the Salesforce1 mobile application.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot

Smarter Lead Generation

Keep your pipeline completely loaded with an unfaltering stream of excellent leads utilizing Pardots inbound marketing tools.

  • Attractive interface makes creating landing pages and forms a snap.
  • Increase transformations and gather better information with approval and dynamic profiling.
  • Comprehend the effect of your SEM and SEO endeavors.
  • Make online network marketing a simple and quantifiable task.

Insightful ROI Reporting

At last comprehend whats working and what needs some work.

  • See which campaigns are pouring the most new business.
  • Get a clear perspective of your sales cycles wellbeing.
  • Increase profound knowledge into your email activities.
  • Unite information from your most loved marketing tools.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot

Effortless Email Marketing

Pardot helps you make delightful email campaigns.

  • Make proficient looking email campaigns quickly.
  • Send now, plan for some other time, or set up emails to be activated automatically.
  • Customize the purchasers voyage and tailor your emails to prospects interests.
  • Streamline deliverability with inbuilt testing tools.

Streamlined Lead Management

Increase engagement and sell quicker by achieving the correct clients at the perfect time.

  • Consequently instruct early stage or dormant leads with lead supporting.
  • Effectively distinguish the best leads by utilizing scoring and reviewing.
  • Put critical yet tedious tasks on autopilot
  • Interface all the more successfully with cutting edge personalization.
Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce

Seamless Sales Alignment

When marketing and sales are in a state of harmony, you can sell all the more successfully.

  • Put the force of marketing in the hands of each sales rep.
  • React first with real-time cautions that make quick follow-up a sure bet.
  • Associate consistently with Salesforce CRM.
  • Point by point prospect movement history makes more significant discussions.

The department of sales is arguable the most important department in a business enterprise. Unlike any other department, it is the only business wing that brings in the precious revenue which forms the

spine of a business enterprise. Your sales team works really hard and performs an array of activities in order to sell your product or service to suitable customers and brings in the precious revenue.

This is the reason sales is also an integral part of a business marketing function as a whole. Every Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot activity should be devoted to drive the sales and bring in adequate revenue along with customer satisfaction. However, the activities performed by the marketing department as a whole are also immensely diverse and involve several complicated aspects.

One of such tedious aspects that marketing and sales department in specific need to deal with is that of handling the customer database. The data you have of your customers, be it the leads you generated, the leads you qualified and stored, the contact details you have regarding your customers, special dates such as their birthdays and anniversaries belonging to each of your regular customers and other similar data is extremely important for your marketing team to record and analyse to make important business decisions.

Marketing Automation

As mentioned earlier, the process of data collection and managing your customer database is one of the most difficult tasks performed by your marketing team. This along with a constant increase in the competition in the market has made it mandatory for every business enterprise (especially dealing with the field of digital marketing) to use software that helps them out with these crucial processes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot is therefore necessary in order to increase the efficiency of your marketing team and reducing the time and efforts they put into their work on a daily basis. There are several business CRM and market automation software that are used by business houses across the globes, but the one that has distinctively stood out is Salesforce.

Salesforce, since it was launched more than twenty years ago, has become extremely popular with businesses pertaining to any industry and has always been the first go-to option if an organisation needs to use software for offering personalised services to their customers.

Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce
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What is Salesforce Pardot?

Salesforce Pardot?

It is important to ask, What is Pardot? when it comes to market automation and analytics. Salesforce has its own platform called Salesforce Pardot Services, which is the software that takes care of extensive needs of business enterprises, especially if it follows the module of Business-to-business (B2B) in providing their services.

Salesforce Pardot provides you with highly automated software that gives you a common platform to centralise all your business activities. The software also does a great deal of marketing work for you by tracking all your prospects in order to manage your activities and reports. It makes the best use of all the marketing channels you use and helps you interact with your customers in an efficient manner.

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot the fact that it serves needs of varied business enterprises. Every business house is unique and so are their requirements. Marketing automation of Pardot is customisable and takes care of your needs irrespective of the industry you belong to, the extent to which you need to use the software and the requirements of your organisations.

Marketing automation is therefore necessary in order to increase the efficiency of your marketing team and reducing the time and efforts they put into their work on a daily basis. There are several business CRM and market automation software that are used by business houses across the globes, but the one that has distinctively stood out is Salesforce. Salesforce, since it was launched more than twenty years ago, has become extremely popular with businesses pertaining to any industry and has always been the first go-to option if an organisation needs to use software for offering personalised services to their customers.

Pardot Salesforce

Assistance Provided In Your Sales Funnel Stages

Sales funnel is nothing but the process that deals with your interaction with the customers from letting them know about your product/services to them making the final purchase. Pardot marketing automation tools extensively help you in every stage of sales funnel your business follows. Here is how the software helps you in individual stages of sales funnel:

Generating Relevant Demand

The first stage of a sales funnel is the one that deals with creating a demand for your product in the market. Simply letting your potential customers would not help them interact with you. You need to make them understand that you have exactly what they need. Salesforce Pardot Services helps you in this stage by offering you services pertaining to charting out marketing campaigns and extensively using email marketing. Depending on your database, the software helps you come up with strategic email strategies built separately for your ongoing all well as potential customers.

Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce

Converting Public Into Prospects

This is the stage in which a fraction of the people you reach out to respond to your messages in some way or another. They might directly provide you with their contacts or allow you to gather relevant information about them by visiting your websites and making certain interactions on the same. Pardot marketing software helps you gather this information in an effective way into your systems. It identifies once the general public is converted into potential customers and feeds relevant information in your database. This reduces the efforts and time taken otherwise taken by your sales team to a considerable aspect.

Nurturing Your Leads

Once you have successfully gathered your initial leads by converting some of the public into potential customers, you need to nurture these leads by making certain marketing efforts directed towards getting a favorable response from the leads generated. You need to focus on your marketing communication the most in this stage and Salesforce Pardot assists you in doing just the same. Whether it involves sending follow-up emails to customers who showed interests in your product, sending relevant information regarding offers you tailored specifically to a group of leads or responding to the queries sent for by the potential customers to get more information about your business, marketing automation of Pardot takes care of it all.

Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce

Qualifying Your Leads

Based on the responses received by the leads after nurturing them, you need to qualify the leads that may actually be interested to make the purchase and filter the ones out that are not showing any response. All your sales activities will then be diverted more towards the leads that are showing considerable interest in buying your products. Salesforce Pardot helps you organize the leads based on their responses and helps you deal with them in a personalized manner. Its high automation makes this otherwise highly tedious and complicated job way easier and brings you a step closer to closing your sales.

Use Of Prospect Score and Prospect Grade

Prospect Score and Prospect Grade are the metrics used by Salesforce Pardot for performing the function of qualifying your leads. Prospect Score scans through the actions and responses of the prospects you interacted with the gives them a numeric score, thereby helping you prioritize your marketing activities. On the other hand, Prospect Grade is an alphabetical score assigned to each of your prospects, letting you know how well they fit into the category of being your most desirable candidates.

Pardot Salesforce
Pardot Salesforce

Exclusive Email Marketing

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce Pardot is built to specialize in the field of email marketing. In the age of high digital marketing, emails have proven to be highly effective channels of communication, no matter what the purpose is. You may want to send emails to potential customers whose data was collected by you from relevant third parties, letting them know about your business and persuading them to buy your product. You may send emails to the prospects you qualified through lead nurturing and qualification, letting them know about the procedure to follow in order to take your sales cycle forward.

You may send emails to existing customers about the offers designed exclusively for them, or wishing them on certain special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc). You may send emails to your customers reminding of the payments they are supposed to make or any other specific action you require them to take. You may also send emails to the customers who are no longer interacting with your business with respect to certain offers and schemes they might want to look into, expecting to get them back in your sales funnel.

Salesforce Pardot comes with a system that can handle up to 10,000 email addresses, that too just with its basic package. This number goes way above when you upgrade to advanced packages. It allows the users to create persuasive emails from scratch as well as offer exclusive templates to choose from. Owing to high automation and efficiency, your marketing team can zero in on a concerned template, provide their subordinates with the required content to be mailed across the concerned platform and delegate the work of sending numerous emails with the click of a few buttons to as many leads as you wish to.

Salesforce Pardot thoroughly asses your customer database gives you several segregated lists of the leads based on their likes and interests. This would further help you create content and mail the same to them which is specific to their needs. This makes your existing and potential customers feel extra special and there are high chances for your deals to be successfully closed. You can also retain the customers who are likely to go away or are already extinct by letting them know through customized messages that you still have not forgotten them and you care for them as well!

Making The Most Of Triggers

As the name suggests, triggers are certain actions or steps taken by your leads that would require you to take prompt response. Triggers may be your customers finalizing their purchase of your products, your customers sending you a query or a complaint, your potential customers providing you with important information or your otherwise unresponsive leads starting to show interest in your business.

Pardot marketing automation allows you to deal with these triggers in the fastest and most effective manner. You can set up a custom email that serves as an auto-responder whenever a certain action is performed by your customers.

Pardot Salesforce

This is highly suitable for cases involving your customers making a payment and you sending them their receipts and a short note of gratitude via emails. You may also use auto-responders when a customer signs up for any of your services and you want to acknowledge the same by sending them a follow-up email. Certain festival greetings and periodic reminders of offers can also be handled by using this feature.

Salesforce Pardot will help you in making sure you are notified by every such trigger in real-time and would prompt you to take quick action. If you need to completely automate these services, you can also allow the software to send an auto-responsive email whenever a relevant activity is performed by your customers.

Pardot Salesforce

Who Is Salesforce Pardot Suitable For?

Though Salesforce Pardot can be used by business organizations that are seeking automation and accuracy in their marketing activities, the software is particularly suitable for businesses that deal with other businesses (B2B). If you are following the module of giving and taking bulk orders from other relevant business houses on a regular basis, this is the software you should look out for. Also, Salesforce Pardot is the best option to choose if your database is limited but the sales value is high. This means you are dealing with a relatively smaller base of customers but the price of the products or services you are dealing in is higher.

Pardot is designed in a way that would help you in taking extra care of the limited number of customers you are dealing with. Also, if you have a higher sales value, you would want your sales team to directly conduct deals without following a longer chain of marketing.

Salesforce Pardot is designed as a hardcore sales platform that would help you focus the most on the ‘selling part of marketing. It would make sure your sales funnel and sales pipeline is in place and helps you make productive assessments based on the sales your team conducted in the past. This would also help your team members match their activities to opportunities, ultimately motivating them if they have succeeded in achieving their targets!

Pardot Salesforce
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Why TECHILA Global Services ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pardot is a marketing and business analytics platform that helps businesses following the B2B approach reach out to their customers and streamline a number of marketing processes. From effective lead management to building personalized connections, Pardot helps organizations in getting the traction they desire.
How is Pardot different from Marketing Cloud?
Pardot is a marketing automation and business analytics platform designed for businesses following the B2B approach in carrying out their marketing processes. On the other hand, Marketing Cloud is a platform that helps users streamline their marketing processes to reach out to the end customers, following the B2C approach.
The highlight features of Pardot include automated lead management and email marketing tools. It helps users in capturing sales leads, add them into an automated sales pipeline, and nurture them until they convert into customers. The email marketing tools allow your sales reps to get in touch with leads, contacts, and accounts by providing them with pre-built templates, bulk messaging facilities, and many other features..
Pardot can be availed of in four different editions – Growth ($1,250/month), Plus ($2,500/month), Advanced ($4,000/month), and Premium ($15,000/month), all billed annually.

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