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Though the communication within a business house is extremely important, communication with your customers is what really decides your position in the market. Even an average performing company that has excelled in communicating with its customers last much longer in the market than a more competitive firm with poor communication.

There are several tools of communication that are used by the marketing and sales team of an organization to persuade the customers and interact with them on a daily basis. However, for the last one and a half decades, emails have become increasingly popular in every small, medium and large scale enterprise belonging to every sector of the industry. When it comes to the marketing and sales departments, the majority of the communication with the prospective and current customers is carried out via emails.

Features Of Mass Email Campaigns



An average business enterprise has to deal with hundreds (or even thousands) of customers on a daily basis. There are certain updates that need to be communicated to a huge bunch of customers at the same time, be it a message regarding a new scheme, discontinuation of service, a limited period offer or the introduction of a new product/service. In such situations, employees cannot rely on sending individual emails to every single customer. It is extremely tedious and time-consuming to take one customer at a time when you need to send similar messages to hundreds of receivers at once.

This is where the need for mass emailing emerges. If a business organization adopts the process of sending mass emails, it will be able to convey messages to a large bunch of receivers at the same time and would also save sufficient time for the team members that can be productively utilized elsewhere. This need is efficiently looked after by Salesforce through the service of mass email in Salesforce.


Salesforce is essentially a CRM platform that helps a business organization in automating the manner in which its CRM is handled. It helps the sales team to record, store and analyze valuable customer data that can be effectively used for marketing and sales purposes.

Salesforce is also a platform that is readily customizable and can be integrated with numerous third-party applications. Making use of this feature, you can integrate Salesforce with an appropriate mass emailing platform for allowing the users to send mass emails in Salesforce. One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce for mass emailing is the fact that all the details regarding a lead, contact or an Account are already stored in the CRM database. These details can be effectively used in generating and sending mass emails to a huge bulk of receivers.

You can choose to send mass emails in Salesforce for a number of reasons. You can send mass emails if you have launched a new product that suits the preferences of a bunch of your customers. You can select a bunch of contacts from your database that have not made certain payments and send them a payment reminder through mass emailing in Salesforce. You can chart out a new email marketing campaign and spread awareness regarding the same by sending out mass emails to all your prospective and current customers. You can also compose an email trying to get in touch with all your inactive customers and send them all a promotional message by generating a mass email in Salesforce.


The majority of the Salesforce users have now switched to using its newer version, Salesforce Lightning. On this platform, Salesforce mass email is known as “list email.” Here are the basic steps you need to follow if you are confused as to how to send mass emails in Salesforce using the platform of Salesforce Lightning.

If you want to send an email to all the contacts:

Go to the list of your contacts and select “All Contacts”.
Select all the recipients on the list, click on the arrow present on the top-right corner of the window and choose the option of “Send List Email” from the drop-down menu.
A standard email editor will appear where you can generate the email, add necessary attachments and send the mail to all your contacts.

If you want to send a mass email to some of your contacts:

Go to the Contacts page and select “All Contacts”. Select the settings options present on the top right corner of the page and select the option of “Edit List Filters”.
You will have one filter by default. In case you need more filters, select the option of “Add Filter” and choose the filter you need from the drop-down menu.
After getting your contacts filtered, you can generate a new list email by clicking the arrow on the top right corner of the window followed by choosing “Send List Email”.
Create or select an email template according to your requirements. You can choose a template by clicking on the option of “Insert Email Template” above the send button or create one yourself. You can also choose to insert merge fields if you need to do so.
Once you are ready with your email, check it once and click on “Send”.


There are many independent service providers in the market that provide specialized services pertaining to getting your Salesforce integrated with an ideal mass emailing platform. These companies will not only guide you in creating ideal email campaigns but will also help you in setting up a platform that allows you to utilize your Salesforce data for sending efficient mass emails.
It is important to consult a reliable mass email solutions provider for leveraging the platform of Salesforce for the purpose of efficient and wholesome marketing. These service providers will partner with you and help you in developing robust third party collaborations such as forming Salesforce SendGrid integration if you want to sync the email campaigns built on SendGrid with Salesforce. They would also help you in collaborating with applications that help you in improving the functionality of Salesforce, such as undertaking Salesforce Mailgun integration where the users can avail strong APIs that help them in using the data stored on Salesforce CRM for sending, receiving and tracking mass emails in an efficient manner.

However, you need to make sure that the mass email solutions provider is a reliable company and provides services that are in sync with your requirements. Here are some of the key services an ideal mass email solutions provider should offer: Undertaking native Salesforce email integration to ensure a seamless user experience
Providing services regarding sending mass emails to any of the standard or custom objects on the platform of Salesforce
Helping you track all the opens, spam reports, clicks, bounces and unsubscribed customers for the emails you send
Helping you leverage the native email templates available on Salesforce
Helping you create suitable email templates by using convenient drag and drop tools pertaining to the email template builder
Providing the ease of point-and-click actions through simplified email creation wizard
Providing you with in-depth metrics and updates on a continuous basis to keep you in the loop
Helping you in scheduling emails that are to be sent on a specific date to a specific bunch of contacts
Providing you with competent email deliverability and verification tools that ensure the fact that your emails have successfully reached the recipients

Helping you in integrating with a platform that can be customized according to your specific business requirements and preferences with the help of developer APIs
Carrying out the efficient IP address and email authentication to ensure greater and more efficient delivery of mass emails
Allowing you to send emails from different domains and email addresses
Integrating with the platform of Salesforce Process Builder to send suitable workflow email alerts and tracking email activities pertaining to any of the standard or custom Salesforce objects
Providing you with the option of adding an “unsubscribe” link to the mass emails you send to your contacts and keeping the track of the contacts that unsubscribed to the emails
Using the integration with Salesforce Process Builder for sending suitable Drip campaigns for efficient lead management
Allowing you to send mass emails to any field belonging to a current object, a parent object or a child object on the platform of Salesforce

If you are certain that a mass email solutions provider is offering you the majority of these services along with other personalized services, you can go ahead with the company to leverage the process of sending mass emails in Salesforce.
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