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Salesforce Vs ServiceNow | What Is The Difference?

In this business world, the significant aspect behind a famous business firm’s success is the customer experience. The keyword “experience” is not just limited to the incentives imparted to the customer. ...


Complete Guide to Dreamforce 2021

When you think of salesforce dreamforce, think about a beautiful place where all talented minds gather together and share their experiences. Salesforce dreamforce is a four-day event, where salesforce professio...


Top 7 Salesforce Acquisitions of All-Time

By the time you are done reading this article; salesforce has already acquired some new company. The Salesforce ecosystem cannot be stopped; it seems it is growing every day. In this digital piece, you will get...

What-is-workflow-in-Salesforce (1)

What is workflow in Salesforce?

The Workflow in Salesforce is not a small topic to cover rather it has gigantic proportions in Salesforce. In a simple sense, we can understand that workflow is one of the strategies that help in increasing the...


Explanation About Salesforce Architecture

Salesforce has been ruling the CRM market for more than two decades. It is widely used by businesses of all sizes and belonging to almost every industry for handling their customer database. The CRM plat...


Salesforce API Developer Guide

One of the biggest and most commonly used features of Salesforce is that it is effectively integrated with a variety of applications. The Prominence Of Salesforce Integrations Salesforce integrati...


Salesforce Premier Support Success Plans

Salesforce makes special considerations for its users when it comes to providing them with complete support and assistance. Salesforce support is widely known for its efficiency and tactfulness as the company i...


What Is Salesforce Metadata?

Salesforce is a pretty vast platform that involves several features and tools for performing specific processes. Almost every Salesforce process revolves around creating, recording, tracking, and assessing valu...


What Is An Opportunity In Salesforce?

Handling customers is never an easy task for a business. Right from reaching out to the prospects and encouraging them to engage with the business to making a sale and following up with the same, CRM activities...


Salesforce Joins Hands With Acumen Solutions To Provide Extensive Professional Services

There is literally nothing that Salesforce cannot do! The CRM platform is known across the globe for undertaking powerful integrations and acquisitions to leverage the functionality of the platform. Salesforce ...